Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 90.3

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Chapter 90.3 — Goodnight, Sweetheart 

Edited by: Larkspur

Su Yanyi felt that her grandfather was too mean! Why must he mention having grandchildren? Could she casually just give birth to one?!

“Then grandfather can keep looking forward to it. I’m going to eat breakfast.”

“Hahah. Girl, you’re being shy.” Grandfather Su laughed and followed her. The whole family went to the main residence for breakfast. In the meanwhile, Little Su Nuo had woken up as well. He wore a shirt with a sunflower design on it and walked down under the servant’s escort. He was extremely adorable.

“Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Grandmother, Uncle and Aunt, good morning.” Little Su Nuo’s soft voice sweetened everyone’s hearts.

After breakfast, Qin Jiran went to the set while Su Yanyi called Kang Zhong. She told him that she was going to the company in the afternoon and instructed him to pay attention to the Qins. At the same time, she began the plan to handle the Wang Family.

From monitoring the Wang Family these days, Su Yanyi had obtained a large amount of evidence against the Wang Family. They wouldn’t be able to clarify this as though it was some scandal or rumor. Instead, it was hardcore evidence, enough to consign the entire Wang Family to eternal damnation!

Under Su Yanyi’s orders, these pieces of evidence were sent to all sorts of places through numerous connections. Some went to media and the internet while the others went to the police prosecutor’s office. Even some officials had obtained the evidence. Wang Family wouldn’t be able to flip the tables for sure!

One might be able to escape from natural occurrences but what goes around comes around. All the information that she had gathered were all results of the Wang Family’s own doings. She didn’t need to accuse or conjure evidence. This really saved a lot of time for her!

“President Su, don’t worry. I will arrange everything!”

She hung up and took out the magical seed as well as the plant growth liquid from her storage. The magic seed was green and was about the same size as a normal seed. Su Yanyi observed it for a while but didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. The plant growth liquid was similar to antidote liquid, however. Though, the liquid was green which matched the color of plants.

Su Yanyi brought these two items to the back garden. There was a large field of grassland and the field of view was vast enough. It should be enough to satisfy the planting condition for this magical seed.

001, how should I plant this kind of seed?

She found a place but she didn’t really know what to do. After all, she was from a wealthy family who’d never planted a seed before.

It’s very easy to plant the magical seed. You just need to dig a hole and bury the seed inside!

001 was happy that Master was able to think of this. It jumped and hopped around while explaining.

Dig a hole? Use what to dig a hole?

Su Yanyi suddenly remembered that she’d brought only the seed and plant growth liquid over. Would she need to go back and grab a shovel?

Master, you can just dig with your hands. A small hole is enough.

The magic seed was very magical and its vitality, very strong!

Use her hand? Su Yanyi stared at her white and delicate fingers then looked around. She found a small rock in a distance before she kneeled on the ground and started to dig.

Digging a hole was easy. After she’d finished, Su Yanyi threw the seed in and she was left with only the plant growth liquid.

How do I use this?

Because the plant growth liquid didn’t have a manual with it, she could only ask 001.

Just pour it on the seed then bury it.

Su Yanyi followed the steps and quickly finished. At this time, the servants who took care of the back garden came over. They asked out of curiosity. “Elder Miss, do you need help?”

Do I need to specially take care of it?

Su Yanyi inquired 001 in her heart.

There’s no need. As long as you don’t take the seed out, it will grow healthy and strong.

“I grew something here and you guys don’t need to specially take care of it. But if there’s some sort of changes, notify me.” If 001 didn’t say it, she would’ve neglected it. The servants took care of the back garden’s plants every moment. If they found something strange growing, it probably would’ve been removed by them within a day.

“Ok, we will remember this.” Although the servants were curious, they were embarrassed to continue asking. They looked around them and wanted to see what the Elder Miss would want to plant. After all, it was the winter and normal things wouldn’t survive. But did Elder Miss know?…

For a moment, the servants were in a dilemma. Should they tell Elder Miss? While the servants were conflicted, Su Yanyi had already walked away.

The servants thought about it before deciding against. Elder Miss probably wouldn’t place this in her heart.

When Su Yanyi walked back, she passed by the edge of the lawn and saw a small shovel about the height of her calf. She thought about it before bringing it back to the villa and while no one was around, she placed it in her storage. Since there’s such a convenient item, she should use it to the best of her ability.

Then, Su Yanyi used about two or three hours to gather all the materials. It was a bit of an exaggeration to say materials but she prepared a lot of daily items. She prepared toothbrushes, towels, and rinsing items, as well as scissors, cutting paper-knife, rubber tape, and other things. She also prepared some clothes and wilderness items. Besides this, were a few household electric appliances and electronic devices. Everything that she needed was there and it was like a treasure chest of items.

In the afternoon, Su Yanyi went to the company. Before that, all the news regarding the Wang Family was trending. It’d even surpassed the popularity of the Qin Family being unfilial, at the top of major forums.

The dark luxurious family became the topic that people were most interested in. Star King Entertainment’s many celebrities became hot topics… Many fans began to hoot at the news!

Some believed it while others clearly didn’t. But these public opinions were obviously important. Under Su Yanyi’s control, although she’d exposed a lot of evidence against the Wang Family, in reality, a lot of the evidence against the higher-ups were saved. She’d just delivered it to people but hadn’t made it public yet. She didn’t want the higher-ups to feel like they didn’t care about anything because of Wang Family’s matters.

This might be a mutual understanding. The media likes to make things big, but they know what to report and what not to. The reason why Long Media was able to expand into this size was due to this acknowledgment. Su Yanyi, being the future successor, naturally understood this.

Within half a day’s time, Wang Family got caught in an enormous crisis. The Wang Family’s Master, Wang Pinde, didn’t even have the chance to escape when he was blocked by the police in his office. He was directly taken back to the police station and placed in custody. Wang Zhirou and Wang Zhilin had participated in some events as well, so they were both taken away too. It was rumored that one person was taken away from a certain official’s home. The other was naturally taken away from the hospital.

According to people, when Wang Zhilin was taken away from the hospital, she was with a certain man. The reporter had even managed to take intimate pictures of them. People sighed and concluded that the hospital was a place to date too. No wonder Wang Zhilin was rumored to be a mistress. She was quite good at this.

However, the audience knew some of this but didn’t know the other things. If they were smart enough, they could come up with the conclusion that the Wang Family was done for!

Just how many luxurious families could maintain their innocence and purity? Like Su Family, didn’t they have a lot of underhand businesses? So, those who got caught weren’t necessarily innocent, but they just didn’t know how to conceal themselves. Who let them offend someone they shouldn’t have?

Seeing the frightened and shocked faces of the Wang Family in the newspaper, Su Yanyi sneered. She had allowed the Wang Family to let them wander for such a long time. Now was the time to kill them off!




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