Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 79.2

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Chapter 79.2 — It’s Okay to be Stupid

Edited by: Larkspur

“Mister, are you here to pick out rings? These are the newest models. Your girlfriend will definitely like it.” The very eager salesgirl was smiling from ear to ear as she walked over.

Proposals during Christmas had a high success rate. Hence, selling wedding rings and whatnot was the top choice!

Qin Jiran was silent for a while. In the end, he shook his head. With a cold voice, “I don’t want rings. Let me look at something else.”

Wait for a bit more. Gifting a ring had too deep a meaning. He didn’t want to excessively pressure Yanyi. He had plenty of patience. Once Yanyi liked him or liked him even more, he would personally put a ring on her.

Qin Jiran held a determined look. He was able to become an actor within the entertainment circle for Yanyi and accept the marriage under a contract. He had waited in silence for three years. He would continue to wait for her. This was a type of security in itself. He wasn’t worried.

“Ok. Besides rings, there is a lot of jewelry in the store. There’s necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, stud earrings… gold, silver, diamond accessories, all sorts of jadeite and pearl accessories. Mister, what do you want to see first?”

Qin Jiran was expressionless. In reality, he was a bit confused. Women, are indeed very complicated creatures.

“Bracelets. Let me see it first.” Qin Jiran thought about it.

Then, Qin Jiran spent about two hours in the jewelry store. With the salesgirl shooting him strange looks, he finally left.

Of course, Qin Jiran was well aware of that look following him. He also knew it wasn’t because he’d been discovered, but because he had bought one too many items.

Qin Jiran seemed to have bought one of each item except the rings. Some were expensive while others exquisite. There were gold and silver jewelry as well as jadeite and pearl. There were many varieties. It was the same as buying clothes. If he felt there was something Yanyi was bound to like, he’d pick it.

“Hehe, if I were to have such a rich boyfriend, I would definitely marry him.” The moment Qin Jiran left, the salesgirl excitedly announced to her colleagues close by.

“I would marry too. Look at how generous he is. However, I think he looks pretty familiar.” Another salesgirl was equally excited. They were envious of the rich man’s girlfriend.

It seemed like these salesgirls had never thought of who the gifts might’ve been for. His wife perhaps?

“He is a bit familiar. Have I seen him before? However, that handsome man never took off his scarf. The temperature inside the store is quite high. Did he do this on purpose?”

“Ah? Is he some celebrity then? Otherwise, why would he cover himself so tightly…”

Qin Jiran bought a bunch of gifts home. Going back and forth, he was finally done on his fourth trip. These gifts were naturally brought back to his bedroom. He then remembered how Su Yanyi would walk in without knocking on the door from time to time. Then, he placed the gifts in the drawers, thinking that Yanyi had best not see them.

Because Qin Jiran was busy with this, by the time he started cooking, it was late. When Su Yanyi returned home, she noticed the man who was busy inside the kitchen. She was unsure when it had started, but she had developed a penchant for staring at the man hustling around the kitchen. She wanted to walk in and see. She kept thinking that this scene was very warm. The feeling of a family made itself known.

This man probably loves his family a lot? Probably because he had no home since a young age so he particularly longed for one?

However, this was not just due to the feeling of family. Whenever she thought of how deeply in love the man was with her, Su Yanyi thought that his longing for a family was because the home had her!

Su Yanyi’s pride and confidence was all over. However, wasn’t this a man’s hard-work in order for a woman to be so confident? Only when a man is truly in love, the woman would feel extremely secure. This belonged to a man’s pride too!

“What did you make? It smells tasty.” Su Yanyi walked up a few steps, watching the busy man. She couldn’t help but think of what she had coincidentally heard that afternoon. She thought about it and wanted to ask. However, in the end, she said something else.

So, what had Su Yanyi heard?

Earlier in the day she was tired and had decided to walk around when she heard Kang Zhong on the phone. Originally, she didn’t mind it. But then, she heard him say, “Jiran is gifting President Su a Christmas present. Let’s keep this a secret.”

That’s when, Su Yanyi had found out. As it turned out, someone wanted to give her a gift. What type of gift would it be? Would he be giving it today or tomorrow? Should she pretend to not know? Otherwise, would there be a surprise?

Lately, Su Yanyi had been reading many books on relationships and feelings. Although her emotional IQ had obviously improved, she had no idea if she would ruin the surprise or not.

“Garlic chicken, spinach with shrimps, and Chinese yam with spare-rib soup. Are you hungry? It’s almost done.”

“Hm. I’ll wait for you.” Su Yanyi found a seat nearby and sat down. She really waited for him.

At this time, the invisible 001 couldn’t help but speak up.

[Master. Cooking with the Mr. Master is the easiest way to enhance your relationship with him!] The soft voice looked forward to this.

[I don’t know how to cook.] Su Yanyi answered, without a hint of bashfulness.

[You can learn if you don’t know. There are a lot of cookbooks in the system. Many of them are extremely rare. As long as Master is willing to learn, there will definitely be no problems!] 001 looked at Su Yanyi with utmost hope.

[But the problem is I am not willing to!] Su Yanyi retorted faintly. She never held expectations for cooking food.

Two black lines appeared on 001’s virtual image. Did Master need to be this straightforward? This really wasted the system’s functions!

[Master, the functions in the system are easy to use. There are all sorts of advanced medical knowledge, extremely valuable and rare cooking recipes, as well as many assisting functions. But Master, you’ve never used them before. The system functions that you are using now are only one-thousandth of the complete system functions there are. Master, do you dislike me? Otherwise, why would you not use the functions more often?] 001 had been holding the words in for quite a long time. Its Master’s coldness led it into thinking that she disliked itself. It was really upset.

[I do dislike you a bit!]

001 did look a bit miserable but its soft look clearly didn’t sway Su Yanyi’s heart. Therefore, she continued to strike.

001’s stuffed bun like face immediately scrunched up. Tears welled up, threatening to fall. It looked extremely pitiful.

[Master, do you not want me anymore? I am very useful. I have been trying my best to help you pursue the Mr. Master. You can’t just abandon me!] 001 exclaimed pitifully.

[Speak normally!]

Su Yanyi still remained unmoved. She was unsatisfied with 001’s words in her heart. What did it mean by ‘she was trying to pursue Qin Jiran’? Wasn’t it the other way around? This was a stupid system. It only knew how to act cute!

[Oh!] I have been speaking normally!

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