Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 — Invitation

The thought of Wang Zhilin brought a displeased expression to Qin Jiran’s face. He was really annoyed by the Wang family’s repeated attempts to cause trouble for him and Su Yanyi. He would not hesitate to be merciless and release all of the dirt he had gathered on them if they tried to stir things up again.

Rich and influential families were never without secrets. As a powerful and deep-rooted family, the Wang family had way too many secrets that couldn’t be disclosed to the public.

Moreover, the current generation of the Wang family was filled with arrogant people who didn’t know how to be cautious or how to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. There were traces of their misdeeds everywhere, and Qin Jiran had been investigating them ever since Su Yanyi warned him that Wang Zhilin was a bad person. By now, he had accumulated quite a bit of their dirty laundry.

However, he didn’t plan on releasing anything. There were two reasons why. One, because Su Yanmo was better suited for doing that, and two, because although he had enough dirt to deal the Wang family a heavy blow, he wouldn’t be able to completely ruin them. Unless he had information that could destroy the Wang family by the roots, he would not make a move.

“Jiran? Are you listening?” Zhao Ling asked worriedly when he noticed that Qin Jiran had stopped talking.

“I am.” He was listening, but should he go or not? He was sure that if he went, he would bump into Wang Zhilin, a woman who he’d promised Yanyi to not have any interaction with.

“So will you come or not? Everyone’s looking forward to it, you’d better not reject. Tut-tut, of course, what they want more is see sister-in-law too. We’ve all seen the news. Sister-in-law isn’t an ordinary person, you know. Bring her along so we can meet her. ” Zhai Lingyu sounded envious.

After all, Su Yanyi was beautiful, talented, powerful, and she had a strong family background. Not to mention, she seemed like she was very much in love with Qin Jiran. That in itself was very rare. To be able to marry a woman like this was a great blessing.

When he heard that Su Yanyi was also invited, Qin swallowed back his refusal. His eyes lit up, and his expression shifted slightly. It would be his first time attending an event like this with Su Yanyi, and in front of his friends at that. If he could go with her, he’d really look forward to it.

But the question was, would Su Yanyi agree?

Imagining him and Su Yanyi surrounded by a group of people and regarded as a pair of rare animals, or a group of people pestering them with questions about their relationship, Qin Jiran suddenly didn’t feel as excited as before. He wouldn’t mind it, but it might make Su Yanyi unhappy, and he didn’t want that.

She had always been lowkey and rarely attended her own class reunions. When his thoughts reached this point, he wiped away all of his hopes of her attending.

He finally decided to refuse, saying, “I’m busier than usual these days because the filming for my new film is about to start.”

“No way, you’re actually refusing? Boss, I’ll call you boss, okay? Is it because you can’t bear to bring sister-in-law out for us to see? I promised our brothers that I’ll convince you to come. If you don’t come, they’ll eat me up!” Zhao Lingyu exclaimed. His words were so exaggerated, and his tone was so plaintive that Qin Jiran couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

“Eat you? Aren’t they afraid of getting diarrhea?”

“Ah, boss, you know how to tell cold jokes now? Is this a result of sister-in-law’s training? Impressive!” Zhao Lingyu didn’t care about Qin Jiran’s attitude at all. Instead, he started to ridicule Qin Jiran.

Hearing that, Qin Jiran raised an eyebrow and suddenly recalled the time Su Yanyi entered his study and started to tell him jokes. Her expression had been cold, and she’d looked so cute that just thinking about it made him want to laugh again.

“I’ll try, but if I can’t, we can get together next time. The class reunion involves too many people,” he explained, avoiding Zhao Lingyu’s request for Su Yanyi to attend.

“If you come, you have to bring sister-in-law along too. I know there’ll be a lot of people attending, and you probably don’t want to go, but everyone wants to see you. That’s why I have to at least ask…”

The two said a few more words to each other before hanging up, and immediately after, Qin Jiran received a call from Su Yanyi.

“My call wouldn’t connect. Who were you talking to?” Su Yanyi sounded a bit unhappy, but she didn’t intend to interrogate him. She just wanted to know because several of her calls had gone straight to voicemail.

“I was going to call you, but then a classmate called first. It’s late, have you had dinner?” Qin Jian hurriedly explained.

At the same time, a thread of sweetness wound around his heart. He felt like a husband who was being cared for by his wife. It was a very wonderful feeling.

A lot of men hate being checked on and questioned, but what do they know? Women ask questions because they care. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t ask at all.

“Classmate? Wang Zhilin?”

She hadn’t planned to interrogate him, but hearing the word “classmate” made her even more unhappy.

Wasn’t that woman acting a bit too carefree? Despite knowing that Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were married, she was still trying to get close to Qin Jiran. How vexing!

“No, it was a former roommate called Zhao Lingyu. He wants me to attend the class reunion, but I’m sure Wang Zhilin will also be there, so I declined,” Qin Jiran answered honestly, as he didn’t want her to misunderstand.

Her eyes narrowed and flashed coldly. To his surprise, she said, “Since he wants you to go, you should go. Why should you decline because of her? That makes it seem as if you’re scared of her! I’ll go too, let’s see if she’ll still dare to put her greedy eyes on you!”

The domineering Su Yanyi refused to accommodate for others. The social circle of City A was big. What, were they supposed to avoid Wang Zhilin every time? Ridiculous!  

Her irritated and domineering tone shocked him, but soon after, he revealed a smile. Heavens knew how much he wanted to attend the class reunion with Su Yanyi. He had assumed that she would reject and didn’t expect her to actually bring it up herself. Of course, he wasn’t going to say no.

“Okay, I’ll go tell him right now!”

VIN: The chapters leading up to the class reunion (which doesn’t happen until chapters after the countdown ends) get a bit boring but don’t worry, there’s still fluff.

Countdown: 11

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