Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 84.2

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Chapter 84.2 — The black gift 

Edited by: Larkspur

At the same time, Qin Jiran who’d just arrived at the set received Jiang Xiaobin’s report. In reality, it couldn’t be considered a report. Even so, Jiang Xiaobin placed the tablet computer in front of Qin Jiran. The page that was open was of a photo.

“Brother Qin, everyone’s calling you over. Are you going over later on?” Jiang Xiaobin said in a wretched tone.

“Where are they?” When he came out, they were still at home. They were clearly outside, but it was unclear where.

“Amusement park ah. Are you going? Bring me too! My biggest dream, when I was young, was to play in the amusement park!” To Jiang Xiaobin, an orphan, it was like a luxurious wish to go to an amusement park. After he grew up, he actually still had this thought but didn’t feel like going anymore. This is because he was a grown-up.

When heard that it was his dream when he was young, Qin Jiran knew what Jiang Xiaobin said was right.

“After I finish shooting these two scenes, we can go.”

Qin Jiran and Jiang Xiaobin had grown up together and although Jiang Xiaobin was his assistant, it was in name only. In reality, they were like brothers. Most of the time, Qin Jiran treated Jiang Xiaobin as his brother. If there was someone that had given him warmth and affection when he was young, it was this special and outspoken man.

“Yay, Brother Qin, you’re awesome!” Jiang Xiaobin cheered happily, attracting other people’s attention, like Liuliu who was walking over and about to put makeup on for Qin Jiran.

“Stupid Binbin, why are you acting dumb again?”

If someone had a poisonous mouth in this crew, it had to be Liuliu. Moreover, his two biggest hobbies were following Film Emperor Qin and Queen Su’s gossip and bullying Jiang Xiaobin.

“You’re the stupid one. Your whole neighborhood is stupid!” Jiang Xiaobin retorted angrily, without looking back. He believed that Liuliu was his nemesis and was always talking bad about him. He was too annoying!

“Tomorrow, I will move to your neighborhood. Help me move my house when the time comes. Liuliu continued to tease uncaringly.

“If you dare to come, I will help you move your things!” Jiang Xiaobin retorted without thinking.

Yet, Liuliu just laughed and changed the topic. “What were you talking about before?” As Liuliu said this he picked up his makeup brush and started putting makeup on Qin Jiran.

“I won’t tell you.”

He wasn’t stupid. Why would he say this? Jiang Xiaobin swore that if he were to repeat himself to Liuliu, he would definitely be laughed at by the venomous tongue!

Liuliu seemed to be used to an infuriated Jiang Xiaobin. He swept a glance over to see the tablet computer which Qin Jiran had placed to the side. He obviously didn’t miss the picture of Su Yanyi.

“Eh? Is this newly uploaded? I haven’t seen it. Ah, they’re at an amusement park. Heh. President Su knows how to have fun but why didn’t she bring Film Emperor Qin with her?” Liuliu’s poisonous tongue clearly didn’t care who he was teasing. He even joked about Qin Jiran.

“I’ll be going after I finish shooting my scenes.” Qin Jiran cared a whit and instead thought this was a pretty good question. This was a testimony to how everyone viewed him and Yany in their hearts. Wherever Yanyi was, he would be there too. The tightly intertwined relationship was the relationship he’d hoped for.

Liuliu’s eyes brightened and he said eagerly. “Then how about bringing me too? I haven’t been to an amusement park for a very long time.”

“No! Brother Qin promised to take me so he can’t take you!” The unhappy Jiang Xiaobin immediately jumped in protest. If they brought this poisonous tongue to an amusement park, then he’d probably never want to visit again in the future. It would definitely be a very pitiful and sad memory.

“Then how can he bring you but not me? I don’t mind you coming along.”

“You, you…just can’t!”

The two continued bickering while Qin Jiran had already changed and was going to shoot his scenes. He hoped to successfully wrap up the two scenes so he could quickly go find Yanyi. When he was very young, he’d looked forward to amusement parks and whatnot too.

Qin Jiran only took about two hours to finish shooting the two scenes. Then, he called Su Yanyi, she was playing whack-a-mole with little Su Nuo. Of course, it was she who was playing while the bun just stood staring by the side. Who lets him be too young to play?

Even though this was the case, little Su Nuo looked happily at her from the side. Whenever Su Yanyi made a good hit, he would clap for her, very enthusiastically. Su Yanyi’s heart was about to shatter from his cuteness – his red face and the soft voice calling her Aunty.

When Qin Jiran arrived, Su Yanyi and little Su Nuo were already at the aquarium. After all, it was winter, so they were a bit cold from playing outside for about three hours. Su Yanyi led little Su Nuo into the aquarium while Su Yanmo, this father, quietly protected the two people along the way. He tried his best to be an outstanding sister and son complex. He also discovered that his sister and son were playing happily together.

Seeing that the two most important people in his life were happy, Su Yanmo was also happy.

When Qin Jiran and the others walked over, little Su Nuo immediately called ‘Uncle’ and blinked his eyes, curiously eyeing the new arrivals. He seemed to be asking who these two uncles were.

“Heh, this is little Su Nuo. You’re so cute. I am Brother Liuliu. How about you call me that?” Liuliu greeted him first and lowered his status. However, he was clearly willing to do so.

“Brother Liuliu, I am Su Nuo. You can call me Nuo Nuo.” How did little Su Nuo understand his thoughts? He naturally called him as he wished and placed his gaze on Jiang Xiaobin, seemingly waiting for him to introduce himself.

“Hello Nuo Nuo, you can call me Uncle Jiang. That Brother Liuliu is a bad guy and we need to stay away from him. Do you understand? Otherwise, you will be going on the wrong path.” Jiang Xiaobin didn’t like acting young. It’s best for this kid to call him Uncle. That way, he would be absolutely higher in seniority than Liuliu by a generation!

Little Su Nuo was in a difficult position. He looked at Liuliu then at Jiang Xiaobin and eventually his father. Unsure, he asked, “Don’t you call the older person the ‘Uncle’ and the younger person the ‘Brother’? How come Uncle is younger than Brother?”

Jiang Xiaobin was very handsome but had a baby face. Plus, he was young anyway. Comparing the two, he was more suitable as the ‘brother’ than Liuliu.

Jiang Xiaobin hung his head dispiritedly while Liuliu’s face was red from choking. Seeing little Su Nuo blinking his eyes, he tried his best to comfort himself still. He shouldn’t make a big deal out of this since he was just a kid. He really couldn’t provoke him, especially when his Father and Aunty were that powerful!

Jiang Xiaobin instantly recovered when he saw how Liuliu didn’t dare to speak out of anger. It’s better to be called young than old. Seeing a defeated Liuliu, he was extremely happy.

Thus, another trio joined the group for the amusement park. When these two groups met with each other, the first thing they did was to take a few pictures together. Though, the calls for Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were the highest. Then, they took one with little Su Nuo. Lastly, it was a picture of everyone together. Once they finished, they uploaded the pictures to their Weibos.

Thanks to these pictures, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s fans instantly recovered… All the fans indicated that they had been waiting for a long time for this. The cheer for them to be together almost immediately drowned the pictures out.

Jiang Xiaobin and Liuliu had shared pictures on their own Weibos too. They gathered a group of fans’ cheers as well. Of course, the cheers represented the fans’ jealousy for the duo. The fact that they were able to be in close contact with their Film Emperor and the Queen. They were extremely blessed!

Now the fans too wanted to be assistants and makeup artists. This time, many children had set this as their future goal.
They strolled around in order. Liuliu who was a professional photographer took many amazing pictures. Besides Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s pictures together, there were also pictures of Su Yanmo and his son. Although Su Yanmo didn’t smile in the pictures, one could easily see how he looked at Su Nuo – kind and loving. Likewise, little Su Nuo looked at his father with admiration.

“Young Master Su, if you don’t mind, how about uploading these pictures to Weibo too? Nuo Nuo is very cute.” Liuliu looked eagerly at Su Yanmo and asked. Not only were father and son alike in appearance, but they were also similar in temperament as well. Most importantly, the two were very handsome. If he uploaded the pictures, it would gather more cheers.

“No need. Nuo Nuo is still young and unsuited for too much attention.” Su Yanmo rejected Liuliu’s suggestion without hesitation. To him, the most important thing was to let the kid grow up in a healthy environment. His age was inappropriate for public exposure.

Although Liuliu was a bit disappointed at being rejected, he didn’t nag about it since he knew Su Yanmo’s words were reasonable. But to Su Nuo, who was a part of the Su Family and the eldest grandson, inevitably the public would pay attention. He hoped that the Su Family could protect him while he grew up.

In the afternoon, the group ate quite authentic Western foods. Children were usually interested in steaks and pizzas, and especially all sorts of sweets. Little Su Nuo was beaming with joy and Liuliu took several more pictures of him.

In the afternoon, they continued to play in the amusement park. Because it was winter, a section of the rides couldn’t be played. Therefore, they chose rides that were mostly indoors. They also brought little Su Nuo to watch all sorts of performances in the aquarium. Amongst them, little Su Nuo liked the white whale’s performance the most. A wide-eyed little Su Nuo cutely watched the extremely beautiful creature which was as pure as a child.

“Do you like it?” Seeing his son staring intensely and looking cute, Su Yamno asked with a smile on.

“I like it. It’s so beautiful and magical.” To a five-year-old child, perhaps a white whale was the most magical living creature. It was beautiful and smart. Not only could it spurt water, but it could also send signals. They could even help people walk on water. They were amazing!

“If you like it, then this Father will give you one. Ok?” Su Yanmo said.

Of course, he wasn’t speaking without thinking or lying to kids. He was serious. To him, there was really no problem in giving a white whale to his son as a gift.

Just like when Qin Jiran had gotten a young tiger in order to please Su Yanyi. Now it was Su Yanmo’s turn and how difficult would it be to obtain a white whale? In this world, a lot of the things depended on individuals. Of course, the precondition was that you must possess the power too.

Little Su Nuo blinked his big eyes, a bit confused. What did father just say? Give him a gift? Give him what? Oh, heaven. Father said he’ll give him a white whale! Is he joking?!

An incredulous little Su Nuo looked at his father then turned his head stiffly to look at the white whale who was still performing in the distance. Was the ‘white whale’ that his father spoke of really this creature? White? Beautiful? Could swim? Also, alive?

“Father, are you gifting Nuo Nuo a stuffed animal?” Little Su Nuo racked his brains before finally coming up with a correct answer.

At this moment, the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips twitched. She started to worry about her nephew’s IQ. After a moment of shock, Qin Jiran and the others calmed down. The Su Family was worthy of being called the Su Family. Even the gifts for a child were that shocking.

“It’s not a stuffed animal. It’s a big fish that can really swim. It’s the one you have seen before.” Su Yanmo pointed at the white whale in the water. He tried his best to explain with words that a child could understand.

Little Su Nuo was a bit conflicted. Although he was five, he was a clever child. He knew that not everyone could have a big fish like that. Although he really wanted one and Father had said he would gift him one, would it put Father in a difficult situation?

Right now, little Su Nuo had forgotten that he wasn’t the one who suggested gifting himself a fish. It was his father who had taken the initiative to ask. Since this was the case, why would he be in a difficult situation?

“Father, will be too expensive?” Little Su Nuo thought about it and asked with concern. If it was too expensive, he wouldn’t want it. Mother said it’s not good to waste money.

Su Yanmo patted little Su Nuo’s head. “Not much,” he responded calmly.

To the Su Family, it really wasn’t that much.



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