Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 92.1

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Chapter 92.1 — I Missed You Too 

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After another two days without a lovely breakfast and dinner made by Qin Jiran, Su Yanyi decided to visit him at work. Matters regarding the Wangs and Qins were handed over to Su Yanmo as well as Kang Zhong who served as the assistant. She took only Pan Yan along to where Qin Jiran was filming.

Before going, Su Yanyi had made some preparations. Thinking of how remote the place was, she had Pan Yan prepare the daily essential items since food and the conditions there might not be the best. She even brought a large amount of cooked food and fruits. It filled up the entire car. Then, they set out.

Pan Yan was pretty good at driving, which was one of the important qualifications when picking an assistant in the past. On the way there, Su Yanyi didn’t feel uncomfortable or anything of the sort. Yet, when the car drove to the remote forest outside, the conditions of the roads were terrible. Not only were the roads bumpy and uneven, there was snow and sleet. It made it hard to drive and Pan Yi had no choice but to carefully reduce their speed. Su Yanyi knitted her brows tightly.

“President Su, according to the map that Kang Zhong gave me, we will arrive at Mr. Qin’s destination in about 20 minutes. Are we not going to notify Mr. Qin beforehand?” Needless to say, Pan Yan was very intelligent. This was her first time here and she was able to find the place based on the map. Of course, this is also because Kang Zhong had furnished meticulous information.

Su Yanyi hesitated and looked at the vast whiteness. This was different from A City’s winter. They had driven for almost the whole day and passed by provinces. The winter here was clearly colder than A City’s. How was Qin Jiran now? Because she wanted to surprise Qin Jiran, she hadn’t notified him. Since she was already here, there was naturally no point in informing him.

“No need.” She didn’t want to disturb his work either. If Qin Jiran was filming right now and she notified him, she would probably delay their progress. She was sure that if he knew she was here, he would come and welcome her in the first moments. To that man, she was more important than work!

Thus, although Su Yanyi was dominant and overbearing, she considered things as a whole or rather she was reasonable. Just like the promise she had made when she was reborn, she promised to protect Qin Jiran for the rest of her life. Her protection might not be gentle and considerate, but it was practical because she would use her abilities to help this man evolve his career. Perhaps, for Su Yanyi, this was love.

Perhaps, one could have similar feelings when loving someone, but there were many different ways to love someone. Perhaps, Su Yanyi didn’t love him as ardently, but she loved him in an imposing manner.

Of course, right now, Su Yanyi wasn’t sure if she loved him for sure. But her actions told everyone who was familiar with her that she was in love with this man, loving more deeply by the moment. Otherwise, why would she have come all the way to visit him in a place like this?

Pan Yan didn’t say much and continued to pay attention to her driving. Snowflakes fluttered outside the window and the silhouette of the car on the road became more and more hazy.

“Cut! Yu Tao, you’re the head of the criminal underworld. Your expression needs to be nasty and cruel. Do you know what it means to be nasty and cruel? You can’t be a coward. Even if you’re cold, you can’t show this. Again!” Guo Zekai held the megaphone and yelled with all his strength. It’s not that he didn’t know everyone was cold, but this was the job of actors. Even if they were cold, they had to endure it. Even if they were frozen, as long as it wasn’t the type of reaction the movie required, they couldn’t express it at all!

In reality, the 50 or so people present right now were all freezing. They were shivering, their lips were turning purple. The unconcealed ears were fresh red. Many of the girls were crying at how cold it was. But despite how cold they were, no one complained about it. Who let someone else to be even more tragic than them?!

The actors who were shooting a combat scene in the snow were the coldest, especially Qin Jiran. He only wore a police officer’s uniform and rolled around in the snow. Don’t mention his body covered in snow, but excessive exercise leads to sweat and it would quickly freeze. That meant that he was hot and cold, incredibly hard to endure. Despite this, Qin Jiran did not utter a word. He was acting completely in accordance with Gu Zekai’s directions and the script. Everyone admired the degree of dedication he had towards his work and naturally no one dared to complain.

The people who were in charge of filming the interesting highlights captured this scene and took all sorts of close up pictures. They planned to use this scene for promotion.

When Su Yanyi followed the person in the set over and arrived, she witnessed the scene where Qin Jiran followed down from the snow slope. She was in an extremely foul mood and emitted a cold aura. The surrounding temperature became even colder!

Su Yanyi first arrived at the village but the crew had already moved to the forest to shoot the scene. She found the person who stayed in the village and came over to see this scene.

In the past, she’d heard that Qin Jiran was extremely dedicated and never used a body double when shooting scenes. He would shoot the scenes at all costs, and that was where the many scars on his body came from. But she had only heard about this. Now that she’d actually witnessed this serious scene, she had complicated feelings.

She clearly admired him. This was a praise to a man’s degree of dedication and his deft skills. A person’s success depended on their sacrifice. This was the price to become successful and where the charm of a successful person came from. She admired him and was attracted as well. The moment she saw him, she couldn’t shift her gaze away. Her heart and eyes were filled with that man’s silhouette. Even if she stared afar and couldn’t see the man’s appearance clearly, it was enough to move her emotionally!

Besides the fact that she admired and was emotionally moved by him, she learned how it felt to have a heartache. It was sour and bitter. She was a bit upset and couldn’t bear to let him go. It was as though a person whom she valued greatly was being bullied. She really wanted to go over and hug that man and tell him that he didn’t need to work that hard. She could give him whatever he wanted!

Right, he didn’t need to be so tired. I can give you whatever you want…Su Yanyi really wanted to rush over and say that. Whether she was dominant or overbearing, but in the end, she was unwilling to see how tired the man would be. But, Su Yanyi knew that she wouldn’t, couldn’t, and was unwilling to see this through!

Despite how dominant and overbearing she was, she was clear on one thing. Qin Jiran was a man who had his own ideas. So, it was impossible for her to let this man live under her control and ideas. He had his own career and his own stubbornness. She couldn’t wipe out everything for him because of her own heartache. If she really did this, she wasn’t guarding the man but rather looking at him in disdain and beating him down!

Su Yanyi thought of her childhood; wasn’t she in such an exhausting state like him too? But she had asked for it. Training. Constant training. She trained at the same level as boys and even gave herself extra missions to complete. All of this was so she could work harder and beat up everyone who dared to challenge her. At that time, Grandfather, Mother, Father, and Brother probably looked at her the same way she was looking at Qin Jiran. It was a complicated look of pride and heartache.

At that time, her elders not only didn’t advise against her decision, but they also gave her lots of support and encouragement. If this was Qin Jiran’s decision, then she would respect and support him!

Because they were shooting scenes in the hills of the forest, cars couldn’t be driven over. So Su Yanyi and Pan Yan had to walk over. The ground was covered with white snow and everyone’s attention was on filming. No one noticed Su Yanyi and Pan Yan’s arrival, so they naturally didn’t stop the filming. Su Yanyi stood there, silently, watching Qin Jiran in a fight with several people after rolling down. He fell on the snow and got back up and fought with the others with all his might. Then he fell down and got up again…

Although she knew that they were shooting scenes, Su Yanyi felt that it was very realistic. It’s like when people watched TV shows or movies and knew that it was fake, but their emotions would still be touched by it. It wasn’t just because of the people within the scenes but without as well.

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