Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 85.4

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Chapter 85.4 — Change and Check 

Edited by: Larkspur and Reading Rainbow

At this point, Qin Jiran wondered if he was imagining things again. Otherwise, why would he be seeing such a strange and special gift?!

Qin Jiran stared blankly for a long time before placing the thing back into the box, with a stiff face. Although he really wanted to say that he was imagining things, the truth was staring him in the face… He couldn’t even lie to himself. He could only, helplessly, accept this fact. Su Yanyi did give him black underwear as a gift!

Could it be that Yanyi had seen him wear something like this before, so she thought he liked this style? Which was why she had gifted him this? But even if she knew that he liked this style, it wouldn’t be good to give him something like this. He felt that there was something strange about it and felt uncomfortable. His face was on fire.

Qin Jiran hesitated for a while before he picked up the box and slowly walked to Su Yanyi’s bedroom. He walked right to the door and stopped. He didn’t knock. Instead, he stood there for a long time before bringing the box back to his room.

At the same time, Su Yanyi was glaring at the virtual image of 001 in displeasure and asked, “Why hasn’t the system declared that I’ve completed the upgrading mission? I’ve even given him the gift!”

The mission to upgrade from Level Two to Three is for you to personally make a black underwear for Mr. Master and make sure it fits him. You also need to receive his praise. But you’ve only completed half the mission. Although Mr. Master has received the black underwear, he hasn’t worn it so who knows if it fits him? He hasn’t commented on it either, so the mission is obviously incomplete.

001 innocently explained.

“Whether it’s suitable or not? Are you saying I need to watch him wear it?!” Because she was too angry, Su Yanyi stopped communicating with 001 in her heart. Instead, she exclaimed it aloud.

001 shrunk its neck vividly and nodded its head meekly.

This should be the case.

At this moment, Su Yanyi felt like everything collapsed. What was wrong with this system? It wasn’t like a virtuous wife system but more like a prank system.

Su Yanyi was angry and the air around her tense and serious. 001 had taken it to heart and shrunk its neck in fear. Yet, the eyes kept spinning around and seemingly thinking of something.

Master, it’s pretty nice to personally take a look too. Think about it. Mr. Master has a great physique and it’s a fetching sight as well. You had caught a glimpse last time and thought it was great.

As the perv 001 spoke and it seemed like it was about to drool.

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and asked coldly. “You have seen him before?”

Right then, the timid 001 swallowed hard and fiercely shook its head. Master is too scary and won’t even let itself take a look at all! Even if it had seen it before, it definitely couldn’t admit to it!

“Humph!” Su Yanyi naturally didn’t believe 001. Even so, she wouldn’t be bothered with arguing with a system. But when 001 said those words, Su Yanyi couldn’t help but reminisce the scene from before…

Bronze skin, well-toned, sultry body, and the jet black…Oh, forget the black thing… The moment she thought of it, she felt a headache arising!

Hm, she could take a look at other things. After all, she needed to complete the system’s upgrading mission. Why not take a look as well?

When Su Yanyi opened the door to Qin Jiran’s room, she found him staring at the black underwear in confusion. When he saw her, he instinctively wanted to hide the underwear behind him but realized that it was unnecessary. Since Yanyi had already seen it, he would just be overdoing it.

“You…’re…. you’re here.” Qin Jiran was still a bit slow and felt awkward as he held the underwear in his hand.

“Do you like the gift I gave you?”

Perhaps she had prepared her heart when she came here, compared to Qin Jiran’s unnaturalness, Su Yanyi looked quite casual. Didn’t she just make black underwear for Qin Jiran? It’s nothing big.

Qin Jiran could feel the redness on his face. Truthfully, he thought it was quite embarrassing that his beloved had gifted him underwear.

“Pretty.. pretty good. Thank you.” Qin Jiran responded, even though the tips of his ears were flushed.

When he heard ‘gift’, Qin Jiran suddenly thought of the gifts he’d bought for Su Yanyi. Although he hadn’t given her any of those, they paled in comparison to Su Yanyi’s.

When he thought of this, Qin Jiran felt a headache arising. What sort of random and irrelevant things had he been thinking of? He was really shocked by Su Yanyi’s gift.

“Good? Does that mean you like it?” Su Yanyi retorted, not at all considering that they’re discussing underwear.

Qin Jiran nodded his head speechlessly. Could he say no? Of course, it’s not that he didn’t like it. This was the first time he’d received a gift like this. He was just flabbergasted.

Actually, Qin Jiran was quite skeptical. He was ill at ease with Su Yanyi’s line of thought. Why did she give him black underwear?! No wonder she wouldn’t let him take it out in public. If people had found out…cough, cough. It’s better not to think of that scenario.

“Then change into it in front of me.” Su Yanyi said this unnaturally. It felt like she was having Qin Jiran change into new clothes instead of underwear.

Qin Jiran really couldn’t control his rigid countenance. His eyes twitched as he looked at Su Yanyi wordlessly. He was trying to ascertain if she was simply teasing him or really wanted a look.

If it was the former, he would just admit defeat and beg for mercy. So what if Yanyi would see him make a fool out of himself? As long as Yanyi was happy, he would be too. But if it was the latter…Qin Jiran had no idea if he would really change into this underwear for Yanyi to see!

“Yanyi… um.. you gave me a really good gift. I plan on treasuring it. How could I bear to wear it?” Qin Jiran let out an awkward laugh. As he said this, he wanted to place the underwear back into the box. Don’t mention that this is a gift Yanyi personally made for him. Even if it wasn’t, he was embarrassed to change into his underwear in front of Yanyi…

Ah! A thought suddenly lit up in Qin Jiran’s head. He recalled a problem that he had been ignoring!

This was something that Yanyi had personally made for him? Personally made for him?!

Suddenly, Qin Jiran looked strangely at the black underwear in the box. The needlework indeed looked different. If he looked carefully, he would notice that it wasn’t that neat.

Had Yanyi really, personally, made this underwear for him? Qin Jiran’s face changed at the thought!

In reality, no matter what gift it was, as long as Yanyi was the one who gave it, he liked it all. Despite the strangeness of the gift, Qin Jiran was extremely happy. At this time, he noticed that she hadn’t just given him a present. She’d personally made it for him. It held a significant meaning.

Besides the awkwardness and embarrassment in his eyes, Qin Jiran suddenly felt touched. Before she could say anything, he spoke in an unsteady tone. “Yanyi… you.. you made this?”

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and there was a change in expression for a moment. She seemed to be shocked but also shy. But this was just for a moment. She quickly collected herself and answered. “Naturally.”

Qin Jiran blinked his eyes and suddenly laughed. The last trace of awkwardness disappeared and he looked at Su Yanyi with incredible gentleness.

“Thank you. You have great craftsmanship.” Qin Jiran thanked her genuinely.

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows and she detected Qin Jiran’s change in attitude. Nonetheless, she didn’t mind much. No matter how this man was, she didn’t feel pressured around him.

“Then change into it and let me see.” Su Yanyi urged. Whether she wanted to see or not was secondary. It was the system that wanted to see it!


This time, Qin Jiran didn’t hesitate either. Yanyi didn’t even mind so why should he act coy and bashful? Since Yanyi wanted to see, he would let her.

“I will go change in the bathroom.” But though he’s allowing her to see, he couldn’t really change in front of her. Qin Jiran took the underwear to the bathroom.

Su Yanyi was shocked that the man had straightforwardly agreed to this yet looked forward to this. She walked to the bed and sat on the side, waiting to admire the sight.

Qin Jiran quickly came out but was a bit reserved. He wore a bathrobe that concealed the ‘view’. When he noticed Su Yanyi eyeing him in anticipation, he helplessly said, “It’s a good fit. Cough… um.. you want to see it?”

Being an artiste, whenever he didn’t wear underwear on camera, he still wore swimming trunks. In reality, the underwear and the trunks were about the same. But in front of Yanyi, he felt uncomfortable.

“Of course!” Su Yanyi answered as a matter of factly.

Qin Jiran looked on profoundly, with an odd glint in his eyes. He thought of something and stared at Yanyi, serenely.

At the same time that Qin Jiran’s expression changed, the atmosphere in the room changed as well. As Qin Jiran’s fingers slowly moved, the air became even more ambiguous. Likewise, Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran differently.

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