Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 65.2

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Chapter 65.2 — Black Is a Good Color

Wang Zhilin woke up two days later. When she learned that she would be confined in bed for a very long time, she went a little crazy and smashed everything around her.

Su Yanyi was pleased to hear it.

While all of that was happening, Qin Jiran’s film crew finally finished their preparations and began to film. As the leading actor and the assistant director, Qin Jiran was almost over his head with work. He felt like he had to watch the crew day in and day out. However, he did learn and benefit a great deal under the tutelage of the director Guo Zekai.

At around four o’clock in the afternoon, Qin Jiran glanced at his watch. Guo Zekai had just finished directing a scene when he looked over and caught him in the act. The director rolled his eyes helplessly and joked, “Are you going home to cook again? Don’t you have servants in your house? Will President Su be sad if she doesn’t eat the food that you cooked? You don’t have to be so attentive, you know? President Su knows that you’re very busy.”

“My scenes are all finished. I can rest assured with you here, so I’ll be leaving first.” Qin Jiran packed up his things and left with a wave of his hand, paying no heed to Guo Zekai’s teasing.

He was very busy, but since he had some time today, he naturally had to spend it on making food for Yanyi.

When Su Yanyi came home from work and saw him coming out of the kitchen with cooked dishes in his hands, her heart immediately warmed.

“If you’re really busy, you don’t need to go out of your way to come back and cook.” She’d assumed that he would be too busy to come back and cook, but to her surprise, he managed.

“It’s okay. Zekai is holding the fort,” he responded casually.

Su Yanyi didn’t refute and began to eat heartily. Then she suddenly said, ”Tomorrow, I’ll go to the filming site and bring you food.”

Surprised, he looked up and his eyes brightened.

Although plenty of people had visited him at his filming sites over the years, they were all fans. He’d never had the luxury of seeing Su Yanyi at one of his filming sites, so this would be the first time.


After dinner, he was trying to decide whether or not he should invite her out for a walk when he suddenly heard his phone ring. He was not unfamiliar with the number, but that didn’t mean he liked the caller.

“Why aren’t you answering? Is it from the Qin family?” She had guessed from his expression and sounded a little concerned for him.

“Fourth time now,” he confirmed. The Qin family was really starting to bore him.

For a moment, Su Yanyi wondered if she should help him take the call, but she didn’t because she believed the man would be able to handle it himself.

”I thought I’ve already made myself clear,” he said immediately after picking up.

“Mr. Qin, Old Master Qin’s days are numbered. Will you really not go and see him? He just wants to see you, that’s all.” It was Old Master Qin’s assistant, Zhang Yuanzhuo, again.

“He had plenty of opportunities to see me in the past, but he didn’t. Now, I don’t want to see him. There’s no point.” Qin Jiran didn’t regard the old man as his grandfather at all. So what if his days were numbered?

Furthermore, Qin Jiran had a feeling that the matter was much more complicated than just going to visit a sick elderly. There was definitely something else, and it most likely had to do with the Qin family’s inheritance.

“Even if it’s a stranger’s wish, can’t you satisfy it? Moreover, it was your father’s decision to leave you and not Old Master Qin’s, so you shouldn’t blame Old Master Qin. Old Master Qin isn’t without fault either, of course, but he’s on his deathbed now and just wants to see you at least once,” Zhang Yuanzhou persisted.

“Are you done? I’ll be hanging up if you are.” Qin Jiran was not swayed, and he wasn’t blaming anyone or mad at anyone either; to him, Mr. Qin Zhenyi and Old Master Qin were complete strangers.

“Wait, I’m not done. Alright, I guess neither compassion nor reason are of use. Then what about the opportunity to get money? Mr. Qin, you also have a share in the Qin family inheritance. Wouldn’t you like to know the contents of Old Master Qin’s will? I know you may not be lacking in money right now, but one can never have too much money. Moreover, your surname is also ‘Qin,’ and your blood ties are undeniable. You also have the right to accept the inheritance, no?”

This time the assitant sounded confident that he had convinced Qin Jiran, believing that no one would be able to resist the temptation. The Qin family was a prestigious family, after all. Old Master Qin’s inheritance was worth tens of billions of dollars; who wouldn’t be interested? Old Master Qin’s sons and granddaughters were already fighting nail and tooth for it, creating a spectacle so impressive that even Zhang Yuanzhou, an outsider, was entertained.

“Not interested. Please don’t bother me again.” Qin Jiran hung up right after he said that. Then he blacklisted the number.

“What’d they say?” Su Yanyi also thought the Qin family was annoying and that there was something more to the situation. The other members of the Qin family were probably staying low because they were waiting to see what stance she would take. Who knew what they might try to pull in the future?

“They asked me to meet again, but this time the inheritance was brought up.” Qin Jiran answered honestly.

“Inheritance? Qin family’s inheritance? Are you interested?” Her tone changed slightly as a thoughtful expression came over her face.

“I’m not. It has nothing to do with me,” he responded without hesitation. While it was true that his assets came nowhere near the amount the Qin family had, he was confident that the gap could be closed with time.

And since he was able to start up his own company without their help, why should he take their inheritance? Moreover, he didn’t think he was related to that inheritance in any way.

Su Yanyi fell silent as she mulled over something. As expected, Qin Jiran held no interest toward the inheritance.

But she did.

Although Qin Jiran felt that he was unrelated to the Qin family, his blood ties were indeed undeniable. The Qin family was ruthless and irresponsible enough to have left a child who’d lost his mother at a random orphanage, and they’d cold-heartedly ignored his existence for the several years that followed.

She didn’t know before, but now she did and she was furious. How could she not be? It was her man, the man she had sworn to protect for a lifetime, that they’d treated so cruelly. She was determined to show them the consequences of their past actions.

If they hadn’t been so insistent about contacting Qin Jiran, reminding her again and again about what they’d done to him, she probably wouldn’t have bothered.

“Jiran. You’re not interested in the Qin family’s inheritance… but I am,” she looked at him and said seriously.

Surprise and confusion appeared on his face, but more so the latter. ”What do you mean?”

“Qin Zhenyi is your biological father. You’re magnanimous enough to not hate him after he abandoned you, but I’m not. The Qin family will pay,” she spat coldly.

It was about time the four great families of City A changed a little!

When he heard her words, Qin Jiran couldn’t help but feel touched. Involuntarily, he reached out and grasped her hand. It was his greatest fortune that Yanyi would treat him like this.

“Yanyi, thank you.” He personally didn’t feel that he should hate or feel any grievance toward the Qin family. Maybe it was because he had been hurt too much as a child and the fact that the current him had grown up and was strong enough to support himself.

But faced with Yanyi’s concern and aggrievance on his behalf, he suddenly did feel like he had been wronged. However, he was still more touched than anything else. Having someone worry about him… was a very nice feeling.

“Don’t thank me. It’s what I should do.” Since her man was always so self-determined, it was naturally her duty to guard and protect him. The warmth on her hand further convinced her that she had said the right thing. See, the man was so excited that he even took the initiative to hold her hand. It felt nice.

These days, she had been feeling a little distressed over her lack of progress in the System mission. She was at sixteen points and only needed four more to upgrade, but what other habits had she not dug up yet?

Looking up, she took a moment to scan him from head to toe. The man was rather introverted with several good points and few flaws. He seldom revealed his personal preferences, so they were hard to figure out.

“Ah, sorry.” The bluntness of her gaze struck him, and he immediately pulled back his hand before apologizing.

Right then, Su Yanyi wanted to curse at him: You idiot!


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