Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 100.1

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Chapter 100.1 — New Year Eve’s Dinner

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“Mr. Qin, I can give you 2,000,000. Can you not mention the fact you’re related by blood in the future? Or you can give me a price? How much do you want for you to disappear from before me forever?” Qin Jiran suddenly thought that his father was that stupid. At this time, he was actually saying such immature words!

The moment he heard Qin Jiran say this, Qin Zhenyi’s face turned incredibly unwell. His words were like a slap to his face. Qin Jiran ended up denying the Qin Family which he had always proudly regarded.

Su Yanyi smiled softly, however. She liked how he lit fire with fire. Regarding people like Qin Zhenyi who were overly confident, they should give him a reality slap. He needed to understand that not everyone was as selfish and greedy for power like him!

“You really don’t want the status of the Qin Family and the inheritance?” Qin Zhenyi asked coldly. He was unable to conceal the shocked expression on his face. After all, to Qin Zhenyi, he would never believe that he didn’t care about Qin Family’s vast inheritance.

“Mr. Qin, I was unfamiliar with the Qin Family in the past but now, I find it disgusting. So, don’t daydream anymore! To me, your words are a joke while you are a pathetic existence to the world!”

If only Qin Jiran had cared about their relationship in the past and hadn’t spoken overly harsh words to Qin Zhenyi, now that he came and spoke such uncomfortable words to them, Qin Jiran felt like he didn’t need to give him face anymore. Each action and movement in his eyes was as pathetic as a clown’s!

“You — you’re presumptuous! Qin Jiran, you, you…” This time, due to anger, Qin Zhenyi couldn’t even formulate his words. His aging face was completely red and looked incredulously at Qin Jiran. He seemed to find it unfathomable that the person in front of him had actually said what he did!

Even if he didn’t want this kid, this kid couldn’t reject him. He was his father! Shouldn’t this kid be eager for a father? No matter what, shouldn’t he try to do everything to return to this affluent family? He thought that all illegitimate sons were like this! But why didn’t the same apply for Qin Jiran? He dared to talk to like this! Did he really not place the Qin Family in his eyes?

When he thought of this, Qin Zhenyi suddenly looked at Su Yanyi. There was an obvious gloomy and sinister tint in his eyes. It was all because of this woman! Without her, how would his son dare to speak to him in this tone?!

“Don’t think that you’re outstanding just because you’re a part of the Su Family. Either way, you have become their live-in Son-in-Law. Do you not even have a man’s self-respect?!” Qin Zhenyi whose anger took over his mind only wanted to vent his anger right now. Of course, these were the truest feelings in his heart. From his knowledge, Qin Jiran must not be having a good time living in the Su Family. They cared most about finding suitable matches and spouses coming from the same affluent background. Qin Jiran was an illegitimate son and also an actor. How could the Su Family treat him well there?!

This was the bargaining chip Qin Zhenyi wanted to use for negotiating with Qin Jiran. He wanted to use him and together with the Su Family’s powers beat down his two useless brothers. After he claimed the position of the Chairman, he could reverse the method and work with Qin Jiran to scheme against the Su Family. If in the end he succeeded, owing to their relationship, he could give Qin Jiran some inheritance but not much. Albeit, it was much better than being a live-in Son-in-Law!

From Qin Zhenyi’s perspective, although he wanted to use and cooperate with Qin Jiran, there was also a feeling of charity involved. After all, in his knowledge, Qin Jiran was not living well!

Know yourself and your enemy in order to emerge unscathed through a hundred battles. Qin Zhenyi had tried to lure Qin Jiran with what the latter despised the most. He was really incomparably stupid!

“Mr. Qin, we don’t welcome you. Can you have the conscious to leave?” Su Yanyi made him leave. Although she knew that Qin Zhenyi had said this due to his over confidence, she was really uncomfortable still!

What does he mean by not having a man’s self-respect? Is it tragic to be her husband? What nonsense is Qin Zhenyi spouting?!

Qin Zhenyi left the Su Residence with a belly full of anger. But after leaving, Qin Zhenyi concealed his feelings. It was hard to tell that he was angry. He ordered the driver to drive while he pondered over some things.

Although the meeting ended unhappily, this didn’t stop him from attracting more people to his side using the Su Family’s name. The shareholders in the Qin Company were easily swayed. They were on the most powerful side. At a critical moment in the Qin Family’s internal strife, even if he was going to deceive them, he needed to bring them to his side!

At the Sus right now, Su Yanyi stared at Qin Jiran. Although she was indifferent like usual, there seemed to be something different.

“I’m angry!” Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran as she spoke. Qin Jiran’s demeanour immediately changed and he hugged Su Yanyi, feeling bad. “Sorry, I made you angry again.”

“Tell me, am I good to you or not?” Su Yanyi didn’t react to his apology. In reality, she felt like there was no need. She was clearly angry over something else.

Qin Jiran was stunned before he reacted and understood what Yanyi was probably angry over. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He soothed her. “Good, of course you’re good. No one else could be as good to me as you. Yanyi, it’s completely not worth it to be angry over this. What he was saying was based on his conjectures. We don’t need to care about this!”

“I know that I shouldn’t care about his words and I don’t. But, I care about your feelings!” Su Yanyi reluctantly explained. She wasn’t used to explaining, but she would make an exception for Qin Jiran a lot. Plus, she wasn’t used to caring about other people’s feelings. It was because she knew her own personality that she’d asked him in a serious manner.

If Qin Jiran thought that she wasn’t good enough, she might consider being better for him. She had already promised in her past life that she would protect him her whole life. This naturally included trying hard to be better for him. Although she didn’t know how exactly to be better for him, she would learn.

Qin Jiran hugged Su Yanyi tightly. Who said that Yanyi didn’t know how to talk smoothly? He’s listening to the sweetest words now!

“Yanyi, whenever you’re happy, I’m happy. When you feel blessed, I’m blessed. Do you understand what I’m saying?” He had simple feelings. Yanyi was top priority. As long as she was good, he was fine!

“If that’s really the case, then it’s good.” Su Yanyi said,arrogantly as she slightly raised her head.

Right now, Su Yanyi was really a bit proud. See how good her taste was? She was able to choose a man who brought her pride and satisfaction.

“This is naturally true. Why would I lie?” Qin Jiran enjoyed seeing Su Yanyi’s proud look. His heart softened and couldn’t help but kiss the corner of Yanyi’s lips. He loved Yanyi, deeper and deeper.

Su Yanyi naturally believed Qin Jiran’s words. But she said something else. “If you have any other thoughts, tell me. If you feel wronged, tell me too. If someone bullies you, tell me too…”

Su Yanyi wasn’t able to finish her words as Qin Jiran deeply kissed her. Yanyi’s words had touched him deeply. If he continued to listen to her, he was afraid he might cry. Since a child, this was the first time someone had said such things to him. He finally understood that he wasn’t alone anymore, based on this feeling of warmth, treasure, and protection.

On New Year’s Eve, Qin Jiran wore the red Tang suit Yanyi had especially made for him, as expected. He had also given Yanyi a gift that morning.

“Yanyi, wear this today. I spent a long time choosing and thought this would suit you very well.” After Su Yanyi had finished washing up, she saw Qin Jiran smiling and trying to appease her. There was a red Tang suit in his hands and it seemed to be livelier than the one Qin Jiran had.

Su Yanyi was just like Qin Jiran. She rarely wore red clothes but this Tang suit was clearly a gift in return. If she didn’t accept it, there would be no point added to the mission. Even if it had nothing to do with the mission, she felt kind of bad rejecting his gift when she saw his eager smile.

When the two donned their suits, it seemed like they wore a couple outfit. Of course, they looked like newly-weds.

At the same time, the system rang.

<blockquote> Congratulations to Master for completing Level 3 Mission once. Another point will be added. You now have 25 points. Master, please continue to work hard! </blockquote>

Su Yanyi suddenly wondered why the system required her to send Qin Jiran gifts that he liked but it didn’t do the same for her. This was unfair! Did the system discriminate against her?

Oh, fine! This Tang suit was quite beautiful. She’ll bear with it and wear it. Who let this to be this stupid man’s token of thoughts.

“Woah, Aunty and Uncle, you guys are wearing the same thing as Nuo Nuo.” Little Su Nuo had run over to play with the two early in the morning. Seeing their clothes, he immediately broke into a smile. He seemed to be ecstatic that someone was wearing the same style of clothes as him.

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