Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 — Confession Practice

A group of anxious but excited reporters was crowding around the entrance of Resplendent Entertainment. Although most of the reporters knew that they were probably waiting for nothing, none of them were willing to give up. Talk of Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi was everywhere, both inside and outside of the entertainment circle.

Reporters from multiple different media companies were gathered together. They talked among themselves and kept an eye on their surroundings at all times.

“Old Liu, do you think President Su and Film Emperor Qin are really just together for their own personal interests? I can’t see it. When I see them together, they look well-matched and deeply in love,” an aged reporter asked the reporter next to him as he smoked a cigarette. The two reporters were not from the same company, but it was evident that they were old friends.

“Who knows? But I can tell that most of the information is just slander. Why else would the people who released the articles know about President Su’s family affairs? That’s just how the entertainment industry is. Either you slander me, or I slander you. I wonder who Film Emperor Qin was unfortunate enough to offend this time,” Old Liu sighed.

“Seriously, the elites of the upper-class are all like this. For them, marriage is always tied together with their personal interests. It’s not a big deal, but the masses eat up this kind of drama. No matter how poorly written it is, a story about the precious daughter of a rich family and the famous Film Emperor will sell,” another reporter chimed.

“Speaking of, don’t you think the Su family has been involved in a lot of drama lately? They’ve always been relatively lowkey, I never would’ve expected them to come out with one marriage problem after another. What if the family rule thing is true?”

Every reporter was engaged in fervent discussion. Some guessed the truth, and others pitched in with wild guesses.

When Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran appeared, the discussion immediately ended, and all of the reporters flocked to them. A group of bodyguards hurried over to surround Su Yanyi and Qin Jian in a circle.

There were a lot of reporters, but they could not break through the wall of bodyguards. Therefore, instead, they formed their own circle around them as they yelled out a medley of questions.

Honestly, being a reporter for the entertainment industry was quite a painstakingly difficult job.

“President Su, can you give an explanation on your marriage with Mr. Qin?”

“President Su, rumors say that you and Film Emperor Qin are in a contractual marriage. Is that true?”

“Mr. Qin, did you marry President Su for love? Rumors say that you pursued her with your own motives in mind. Is that true?”

“President Su, it is rumored that you married Mr. Qin to escape family constraints. Does the Su family really have a traditional family rule like this?”

“Film Emperor Qin, are you and Miss Su pretending to be a couple? If so, will the two of you stay married?”

The reporters bombarded them with questions, but ultimately, they were all asking the same thing—what was the nature of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s marriage?

Last time, the two were also besieged and intercepted because of their marriage. However, that had been about whether or not they were really married. This time, it was about the circumstances behind their marriage.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi looked down at the reporters from the steps of the company entrance. The handsome, arrogant, and reserved Qin Jiran, standing together with the cold, elegant, and proud Su Yanyi, looked like a match made in heaven. They emanated an air of chilling indifference that made their onlookers feel a strong sense of intimidation and alienation.

“Exactly how stupid are you all? And what does my relationship with my husband have to do with any of you? I suppose this scandal was created because someone out there is jealous of how close my husband and I are. Jealous of what, I ask? That I married a handsome and gentle man who loves me deeply, or that my man married such an intelligent, beautiful, and successful woman like me?”

As she spoke, she grabbed Qin Jiran’s hand. The contempt and provocation in her cold voice were unmistakable. Although she sounded overly arrogant and narcissistic, she was also overbearing enough to make the audience feel offended and awed at the same time.

Su Yanyi had always lived a life of ease. From childhood to adulthood, aside from marriage, she had never been chagrined. Therefore, even though she was facing the media and the public, she showed no signs of courtesy.

Qin Jiran was standing beside her, and he was living up to his title as the Film Emperor. In his ice-cold expression, there was a hint of softness, and the way he looked at her seemed especially tender.

Inside, his heart was in a knot. He knew better than anyone else that everything Su Yanyi had said was for the purpose of appeasing the public, and he knew exactly what the real state of their marriage was… but even so, he couldn’t help but be affected by her words. His heart was racing.

If only those words were the truth!

Inwardly, he sighed. Their marriage was a contractual marriage from the beginning, and even if it wasn’t, it was unlikely she would talk about him like she just did. A handsome and gentle man who loves her deeply? If only her opinion of him was really like that.

Emotions aside, Qin Jiran felt slightly amused by what she’d said. He’d always known that she was a prideful person, but this time she was proudly bordering on narcissism. It was cute.

Intelligent, beautiful, and successful? He chuckled to himself, thinking that technically, it couldn’t be considered narcissism. After all, Su Yanyi was indeed a perfect woman. As a matter of fact, she was a hundred times better than she had described herself.

“I am a public figure. Although I’ve always hoped that I would only receive attention for my acting and works, and not my private affairs, I am left with no choice but to respond to your persistence. I will say this: I am very content with my marriage, and I married Yanyi because I love her. She is beautiful and cute. She is perfect. In my heart, she is irreplaceable, and I am the most fortunate to have her as my wife.”

The words he had bottled up for years finally came out. He doubted that Su Yanyi would realize he was genuinely confessing, but he didn’t mind. At least he was able to get his feelings out. It could be considered a practice run.

He was determined to close the distance between them so that eventually, he would be confident enough to give her a serious confession. He would tell her that even if her answer was rejection, he would not give up. In his heart, she was the only woman he would accept as his wife.

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