Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 93.1

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Chapter 93.1 — The Romantic Snow

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 The next morning, after the two woke up, they originally planned to train. Before they left the room, however, the cold air assaulted them. Yanyi knitted her eyebrows.

“How about we don’t train today? I’ll go cook some food for you.” Qin Jiran suggested in a considerate manner.

“Eat what?” When she heard there was food, Su Yanyi stopped debating and immediately abandoned the thought of training.

“Roasted potato. Although it isn’t exquisite enough, it’s quite new to me. I learned this from a fellow villager.” As Qin Jiran explained this, he walked towards the kitchen. He had prepared the potatoes already. All along the two days he’d spent learning this dish, he couldn’t stop thinking of Yanyi’s ravenous face. Although roasted potato wasn’t some delicious food, Yanyi had never tried this before. Since she never had, he thought of letting her.

When he’d first found out that Yanyi liked his cooking, he had considered learning to cook more dishes and making varieties for her.

“Hurry up! I want to taste it.” Although it didn’t taste special, people were usually eager to taste the food that they had never tried before.

Roasted potato was really simple. It was just throwing the potatoes on the stove and roasting it. By now, Su Yanyi was already standing by the kitchen door. She watched Qin Jiran bustling about, like when they were home.

Breakfast was quickly prepared. The roasted potato smelled great and Yanyi ate two in a row. She closed her eyes in satisfaction.

“Yanyi, it’s cold outside. How about you rest here?” After breakfast, he needed to film, and the location was about 20 or so minutes walk. He was worried about Yanyi coming along with him. It was too cold outside.

“I am prepared for this.” Su Yanyi pointed at the luggage nearby. She knew that it would be cold here, so she’d brought along a lot of clothes to protect her against the cold. She wouldn’t freeze.

Qin Jiran immediately helped Su Yanyi find her clothes. He looked left and right, feeling a bit displeased.

“You’ll still be cold and there aren’t enough clothes. You need hats and shoes too.” Qin Jiran said, knitting his eyebrows.

Su Yanyi’s eyes sparkled and walked to the other luggage. With her back facing Qin Jiran, she rummaged through, taking out the hat and shoes that she’d prepared. She brought it over for Qin Jiran to see and only then was he satisfied. He helped Su Yanyi wear her clothes and hat in a serious manner. Then he pulled Su Yanyi’s hand and walked out with her. As they walked out, he was issuing reminders. “Now you can watch. But if you become cold, come back first. You must not freeze yourself.”

Although Su Yanyi felt Qin Jiran was quite verbose, she didn’t argue for she knew he meant well. She couldn’t help but think back to her past life, when she was a human vegetable and how the man would talk to her about random things by her ears. When he massaged her, he said that he hoped for her to exercise some more and looked forward to when she woke up. He would bring her to do whatever she wanted. In reality, it didn’t hold any meaning. Yet, this fully expressed this man’s love for her.

The two linked their hands and walked towards the filming location. On their way, they had noticed some members of the crew looking at them from a distance, afraid of being too close. The two stepped on the vast white snow and breathed in the chilly air. Although the temperature was extremely low, they were clearly in a great mood.

Suddenly, Su Yanyi thought of the word ‘romantic’. It was holding hands with someone she liked and walking on the snow. Wasn’t this a scene from romantic dramas?

Unsure whether it was her luck or EQ that had suddenly burst, Su Yanyi suddenly had a great idea. She felt like she knew what to give him for the second gift.

In the end, before he left, Qin Jiran not only reminded her again, but also called Jiang Xiaobin and Pan Yan over to take good care of Su Yanyi. She thought it was funny. She was an adult. Did he really think she couldn’t take care of herself? Did he take her for a child?!

“Ever since I grew up, this is the first time that I have seen Brother Qin care for someone so deeply and speak so much nonsense. It feels like he has changed.” While Jiang Xiaobin spoke to Pan Yan, he didn’t bother to tone down his volume. Su Yanyi who was in the distance heard him. She casually glanced at Jiang Xiaobin who immediately shut his mouth.

Su Yanyi averted her eyes from Qin Jiran who’s filming then looked over and found an empty space by a tree not far from here. There was a thick layer of snow on top and it had yet to be tainted.

Once she found the place, Su Yanyi walked over. Jiang Xiaobin and Pan Yan naturally followed her. At the very beginning, they had no idea what Su Yanyi wanted to do. They looked at each other strangely, especially Pan Yan. Although she hadn’t been Su Yanyi’s assistant for that long, she had a certain amount of understanding regarding this President. Because she understood her, she knew that President Su had a really cold personality. Who knew that President Su would’ve a childlike side?

What was Su Yanyi doing? One would know simply by looking because she was focused on building something, or rather a snowman!

“Um, President Su, do you need help?” Jiang Xiaobin asked, a bit unsure of what to do. According to logic, building a snowman was a form of entertainment, or rather a form of pleasure. Yet, he couldn’t connect the word ‘entertainment’ to what President Su was doing.

Su Yanyi thought about it and said, “Go find some carrots and potatoes.”

The system mission required her to personally make at least 50% of something. Yet, there should be no problem in letting Jiang Xiaobin run errands for her.

Jiang Xiaobin stood there, momentarily speechless before he silently walked back to the village to request for carrots and potatoes.

Pan Yan stood by the side and wore a strange look too. She thought about it before running back to the village with Jiang Xiaobin. After some time, the two came back. One held carrots and other items while the other two shovels.

Su Yanyi liked Pan Yan. She was very meticulous and knew her well. Although she didn’t talk much, she did her job perfectly well saving her a lot of trouble.

With the shovel in her hand, it made things easier for her. Jiang Xiaobin and Pan Yan offered to help but Su Yanyi rejected it. It was just building a snowman. Although she hadn’t built one for a long time, she had done this when she was young. She remembered the time when her parents brought her to northeastern China. That was the first time she had seen so much snow, even Elder Brother came to play with her.

AdvertisementBuilding a snowman required a lot of strength. While Su Yanyi considered this, she tried her best to roll the snow. Before she could roll a figure out, Qin Jiran finished filming his first scene. He directly came for her and when he saw what Su Yanyi was doing, he was stunned. He was definitely more shocked than Jiang Xiaobin and Pan Yan.

“Yanyi, what are you doing?” Qin Jiran asked, unsure. He couldn’t believe that Yanyi was building a snowman right now unless she told him so!

Su Yanyi heard Qin Jiran’s voice and suddenly stood up. She looked back at him and blinked her eyes, then again. She spit out, “Come and play with me.”

Jiang Xiaobin immediately laughed and although Pan Yan was still holding it in, the smile on her face was evident.

Qin Jiran stunned silly. Then he walked over and asked, “You want me to play with you?”

This time, it was Su Yanyi’s turn to be stunned. Play together? She’s not playing, ok!

“Go film. Come back later.” Su Yanyi naturally rejected him. If she didn’t meet the requirements, wouldn’t she end up doing this for no reason?

Qin Jiran was in a dilemma. He didn’t need to film the next scene…

Qin Jiran walked over and hugged Su Yanyi. In a low voice he said, “Yanyi, you don’t want to build it with me?”

Though Yanyi asked him to continue filming, why did he feel like he was dismissed by her?

This time, Pan Yan couldn’t hold her smile anymore. Who knew Film Emperor could be this childish?! Shouldn’t kids be asking this?!

Not really! Su Yanyi thought about it but didn’t say it out loud. She hesitated and then reluctantly said, “Then let’s build it together.”

Oh yay! She finally agreed to build it with him! So happy!

The two linked hands and went to build a snowman. By now, Su Yanyi had already rolled two piles of snow. With Qin Jiran joining in, quickly, there were two more.

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