Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 — So That’s Why

Kang Zhong called Qin Jiran to inform him about the press conference. Qin Jiran needed to be there.

The details were left out, so Qin Jiran only knew that Su Yanyi was the one who gave the instructions and that the press conference would more or less be about their relationship. Towards this, he was a bit skeptical but not too surprised.

For people like them, who spend most of their time mingling in the entertainment circle, countering rumors with a press conference wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. However, it was rare for Su Yanyi to do this. She was a prominent yet lowkey person.

Most of the time, she held enough power to control the public opinion; and yet, she seldom exposed herself to the public. It could be said that the name “Su Yanyi” was renowned, but only a few people knew about the woman herself.

Qin Jiran happened to be the opposite. He had a lowkey personality, but his activities were highkey, and he often appeared before the masses. Though, as a celebrity, this was inevitable.

Because he would often go online at home, he wasn’t oblivious to the discussions that were taking place. The speculations about him being kept by Su Yanyi and the whatnot really made him frown. However, Qin Jiran wasn’t easily fooled either.

He was quick to discover that someone was purposely manipulating behind the scenes, and he had already sent his own people to investigate. For the time being, nothing useful had come up yet.

He hadn’t expected Su Yanyi to act so quickly.

Afternoon rolled around. Lunch break happened to be an hour and a half before the start of the press conference. Qin Jiran headed for Su Yanyi’s office, holding two lunchboxes in his hands.

This was something Kang Zhong had told him to do on the phone earlier, and unsurprisingly, it was by Su Yanyi’s command.

Once again, he asked Kang Zhong to notify her first before he entered. Except, this time Kang Zhong told him that Su Yanyi had given instructions to just directly let him in from now on. Qin Jiran was surprised, but in the end, he still decided to knock first. His expression was stiff.

“Come in.”

With considerable seriousness, he straightened out his clothes and steadily walked in.

Moments ago when she heard someone knock on her door, Su Yanyi had already gotten up from her chair. Seeing that it was Qin Jiran, she pointed to the lounge area of her office and said, “I’ll go wash my hands, you can set the meal first.”

This was Qin Jiran’s first time stepping into the president’s lounge. The dark blue color scheme clearly reflected Su Yanyi’s own style: Cold, yet exquisite and elegant.

In a corner towards the left, there was a small table for four. Su Yanyi appeared soon after Qin Jiran finished setting the table, and the two quietly began to enjoy lunch.

Lunch consisted of braised eggplant with minced pork, steamed bass, sweet and sour ribs, spinach with shrimp, and mixed mushroom soup. The meal was simple, homemade, and very delicious.

Su Yanyi couldn’t be more satisfied with it. Since the day she got married, she had always chosen take-out from big restaurants over home-cooked meals. Therefore, she was especially fond of Qin Jiran’s cooking. It contained the taste of “home.”

She had been very wise in choosing this man to be her contractual husband. It was a pity that she hadn’t known to cherish him. That didn’t matter anymore, though. The past was in the past, and from now on, she would work hard to make up for it.

“Jiran, let’s disclose our relationship.” Since they were no longer divorcing, they could take this opportunity to reveal their relationship to the public. Doing so would also force Wang Zhilin to eat a heavy loss.

Su Yanyi wanted to see if that woman would still be able to stay calm when she and Qin Jiran flaunt their conjugal love in front of her. Hmph!

The word “love” flashed across her mind, but she didn’t pay much attention to it. Most likely, she wasn’t even aware that she had thought it.

The level of tacit understanding between her and Qin Jiran would determine if he would be able to figure out her unique form of “love” or not.

Disclose their relationship, don’t disclose their relationship, or leave it ambiguous. Qin Jiran had considered all of them before. He’d even analyzed the benefits and consequences that each one would bring, and he’d also considered what Su Yanyi might choose.

Of course, he’d thought about what he wanted, too. Su Yanyi’s choice did not come as a surprise to him. After all, based on his understanding of her, she was very disdainful of liars.

“Alright, I’ll cooperate with you.” Qin Jiran said calmly, without even a ripple in his expression.

Su Yanyi was dissatisfied with his reaction!

She said she wanted to disclose their relationship to the public! Why was he so calm? Shouldn’t he be ecstatic? How could he reply so expressionlessly? How disappointing!

Dear, you should at least give me a genuine smile!

Even though she was filling with frustration and disappointment, and she had a stomachful of discontentment and complaint, her expression remained as rigid as always. She gave a small nod.

It must be mentioned that people who appear cold on the outside were often times fervent on the inside, and people with loft identities were capable of feeling discomposed too.

“The press conference is in another hour and a half, do you want to take a break before it starts?” Seeing Su Yanyi’s indifference and how she didn’t seem to want to talk anymore, Qin Jiran assumed she was silently hinting for him to leave.

Hearing this, she became even more unhappy. This man wanted to run after eating? Did he not like her company? That shouldn’t be!

Once again, it must be mentioned that these two people share no tacit understanding of each other’s thoughts. Ah, so infuriating.

Su Yanyi felt that making Qin Jiran smile was her most important task. To make him smile, she had to interact with him, so of course she wouldn’t just let him go like that.

After a moment of serious contemplation, she came up with, “What’s for dinner?”

“…” Qin Jiran decided that it was about time he did some research on auditory hallucinations.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Su Yanyi prompted impatiently.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.” Curing his auditory hallucinations would have to wait. He was convinced that for now, boosting his culinary skills was more important!

All of a sudden, he felt like he had gained enlightenment. So it turned out that her recent changes were due to his cooking! That explained why she started treating him differently after they had breakfast that one morning.

So that’s why!

After being “enlightened,” Qin Jiran decided that he must learn to cook well. Even if it was just so he could stay by her side for a bit longer, it was definitely worth it!

As the ancients once said, if you want to capture a woman, you must capture her stomach first. The ancients would not lie to me!

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