Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 89.3

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Chapter 89.3 — Begin the Plan 

Edited by: Larkspur

“The public relations department has been doing its best but because the Long Media and Resplendent have joined hands, and there has help from other media companies; we really couldn’t do much.” The person in charge of the public relations department wiped his sweat and tried his best to explain.

“The media? Is the Wang Family dead? Don’t they have control over the different media houses? Didn’t you get in touch with them?” Qin Zhenren had been busy with the fight for power and profits with his family and hadn’t been able to keep tabs with the Wang Family. However, ever since the media had exposed the Qin Family, he had the public relations department contact the Wang Family.

“I contacted Chairman Wang in the first moment but he didn’t seem to be in a good situation either. One of the media houses under his family, the Tiansheng Media, was purchased by Qin Jiran. Although Wang Media is still in his control, there seem to be problems as well. In the beginning, there were some comments that were in favor of us, but quickly, the public’s pressure and the internal dilemma in decision making suppressed the comments. They really couldn’t do anything for us.”

“Couldn’t do anything? Stupid Wang Pinde!” By now, Qin Zhenren was incensed. Now that this happened, he couldn’t even explain it to the public!

At the same time, Qin Zhenli was in the Vice Chairman’s office. A similar situation had happened in there as well. There were about seven or eight employees and all of the high ranks of the company. Zhang Yuanzhuo, the assistant, was in attendance as well. Now, as the Assistant Manager of the Planning Department, he was able to stand by Qin Zhenli’s side in public.

“Tell me, did my second brother join hands with the Su Family?” Qin Zhenli asked, with a gloomy face to no one is specific. Yet, he was clearly asking a specific person, Zhang Yuanzhuo.

“It’s very hard to say. Based on my understanding of Qin Jiran, he disliked the entire Qin Family. The likelihood of him working with them isn’t big. But I’m not certain that he might work with Qin Zhenyi for benefits. Su Family is one of the four big influential families in the A City and probably not satisfied with the current situation either. This time, the Su Company has made the largest contributions towards the state the Qin Company is in right now.” Zhang Yuanzhuo analyzed simply. Yet, his mind thought of the time when Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had visited old man Qin in the hospital. These two figures weren’t simple.

“Then what should we do?” Qin Zhenli wasn’t satisfied with Zhang Yuanzhuo’s explanation because it was obvious. He was only concerned about untangling himself from this knotty situation he was in. He didn’t want to go out and be called an ‘unfilial’!

Originally, the Qin Family had invited the reporters over to convene a press conference so as to clear the rumors. However, because of the exposé that morning, not only had it caught the Qin Family unprepared but also messed up all their plans. The Qin Family who had originally wanted to work together against their enemies immediately had different thoughts. The biggest change was Qin Zhenyi. Who let today’s news help clear Qin Zhenyi’s name in disguise? So, Qin Zhenyi might not show up to the afternoon’s press conference.

“The press conference must go on. With regard to other people, I think you should contact them. Now is not the time for an internal discord. The Su Family is eyeing them covetously. As long as the other two employ brains, they should know to work against their common enemies!” Zhang Yuanzhuo explained his reasons.

“Work against the common enemies? Elder Brother and I can do it, but Second Brother clearly won’t. As far as he goes, it’s hard to say whether he’s part of us or not. Plus, Qin Jiran is his son. I don’t believe that this pair of father and son won’t join hands under the preconditions of shared benefits. There is also the Su Family. Humph!” Qin Zhenli was reasonable and thought from another perspective. If he were Qin Zhenyi, he would definitely rope Qin Jiran to his side. After all, he was his son. Naturally, if he could use him, he wouldn’t let that go!

In reality, Qin Zhenli had actually guessed Qin Zhenyi’s thoughts, but not Qin Jiran’s. Not everyone would betray everything they had for profits. For Qin Jiran, it was definitely impossible to work with Qin Zhenyi.

Regarding today’s news, Su Yanyi was definitely behind it. The possibility of working with Su Yanyi was zero, however, there was no one who dismissed the possibility of the Su Company and Qin Zhenyi to do so. Su Yanyi had done this to precisely ruin the possibility of working with the Qin Family. She was determined to cause endless battles within the Qin Family. She’d indeed achieved her motive as well. As for the oldest and third son of the Qin Family, they had started to be suspicious of Qin Zhenyi.

“This is quite possible. If Qin Zhenyi and the Su Family really join forces, our best bet would be to join hands with Qin Zhenren. President Qin, you need to be patient and go chat with Mr. Qin Zhenyi as well.” Zhang Yuanzhuo quickly surmised the current situation and advised him pertinently.

Zhang Yuanzhuo had been in the Qin Family for many years and understood the old man Qin’s three sons the most. He might even know more than the three brothers themselves. So, he chose to stand by Qin Zhenli’s side in the end. The oldest son of the Qin Family was self-opinionated and violent. He didn’t like to hear people’s suggestions and also lacked intelligence. If the Qin Company came under his command, it would end up going downhill at top speed. What a pity that old man Qin had been wise and clever his whole life, yet had made this sort of will on his deathbed. He’d actually given most of the shares to Qin Zhengren, a stupid move.

The second son of the Qin Family was the typical hypocrite. He was old-fashioned and paid attention to his face. Although he would listen to people’s suggestions, he was too cautious and a coward. Someone like him could only reluctantly be an eligible Chairman. Although he was slightly better than Qin Zhengren, he wasn’t someone that he wanted to assist because he wouldn’t have a future.

On the other hand, the third son of the Qin Family was a flexible person who knew how to expand his connections and endure the grievances. Moreover, he was young and had the heart to succeed. He was the most outstanding of the three sons. Of course, there was a limit to being outstanding. But compared to the rest, he was the best choice. After all, he didn’t have the intention of leaving the Qin Company yet.

“Join hands with Big Brother? Humph! Even if I’m willing to, Big Brother probably wouldn’t. He’s arrogant and full of himself. How could he think of siding with me?” Qin Zhenli wasn’t against this idea but he didn’t think the idea would work out. Zhang Yuanzhuo understood the Qin Brothers, so how could Qin Zhenli not understand his own brother?

Zhang Yuanzhuo and the rest of the people remained silent because they knew what Qin Zhenli meant. In the end, he agreed to chat with Qin Zhenren and as for the result, it would depend on their talk.

At the same time, there was a group of people in Qin Zhenyi’s office. There weren’t as many people in the office as the two others but they were quite old and shareholders in the company. Likewise, the atmosphere in the office was heavy and gloomy.

“What is the matter with you and the Su Family?” An old man asked, pointing at the newspaper. This was the newspaper under the Long Media but it cleared the reputation for Qin Zhenyi. It naturally would raise other people’s suspicion.

“…I contacted Qin Jiran and wanted to work with him. However, I didn’t talk to him about the specifics. I don’t know what their motives are.” In truth, Qin Zhenyi was a bit confused too. When Qin Jiran had hung up on him, he thought there was no possibility for them to work together. But because of this news, he couldn’t help but rethink his ideas. Perhaps, the Su Family was trying to be on good terms with him.

If this was really the case, it was extremely likely for him to work with the Su Family.

“If you’re not certain about what they’re trying to do, then ask them. If we can really work with them, we need to be quick. While the oldest and third son hasn’t reacted to this yet, we need to make the first move!” He was old but his words were sharp and straightforward.

“…Ok, I understand. I will go ask right now!”




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