Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 103.1

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Chapter 103.2 — Fight Together 

Edited by: Larkspur

It was already mentioned in the past that Su Yanyi had learned her moves from an assassin. If she was just fighting people, she might be restrained. But if she was killing someone, she posed a huge threat towards them. Since Su Yanyi was lacking in stamina, she couldn’t attend to showing mercy. She changed her moves and started a series of fierce attacks. Moreover, each strike was fatal. Compared to her round with Su Yun, it was even harsher and weirder! 


Pang Zhongwen noticed the change in Su Yanyi. A bitter smile surfaced on his face. It seems like he’d really aggravated this Elder Miss and left her no choice! 


Pang Zhongwen had a valiant and strong defense, but compared to Su Yanyi lacked in speed. As Su Yanyi’s attacks got more bizarre and tricky, he really struggled to deal with her attacks. Quickly, he suffered two kicks by Su Yanyi. But she had paid a price for this too. One needed to know that many of her moves right now would hurt herself as she did the same to her opponent. Not only did assassins teach her these moves, but also Su Family’s most elite and secret team. They were considered secret warriors but also warriors who were fearless of death! 


The distinctive trait amongst this group of people was that no matter what methods they used, even if they sacrificed themselves, they swore to complete their missions. Therefore, hurting themselves in order to defeat their enemies became their best weapon. When Su Yanyi had only just started to learn this from others, she just found it to be fun. But the more she learned from them, her fighting style unconsciously became akin to them. Whenever she was competitive, this style was activated, making it harder for her opponents to fight back!


When Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran went for morning training, although it was not a serious matter, their main priority were training their strength and familiarizing themselves with moves. They hadn’t revealed their special tricks and secret moves. Therefore, when Qin Jiran saw this scene, he was really caught by surprise. His entire heart seemed to be clutched! 


Will this woman die from not being competitive? Didn’t she know that his heart would ache for her if she injured herself? Qin Jiran murmured in her heart, wanting to rush over and take the punches for Yanyi, or land a few punches of his own!


Pang Zhongwen felt restrained by his moves when Su Yanyi resorted to self-detrimental attacks. In reality, there was barely a difference between their strengths. But after a few strikes, he ended up being at a disadvantage. It was only a matter of time before one distinguished the winner. 


“Your heart aches for her?” Su Zhixin stared at Qin Jiran’s cold face and said in an empathetic tone, as if he had experienced this too. 


“Was she like this in the past too?” Qin Jiran asked in a cold voice. 


“Often.” Without a thought, Su Zhixin had immediately betrayed Su Yanyi. This Elder Miss had used the same moves in the past to beat them up terribly. He had kept this in his heart for a long time! 


Qin Jiran said nothing. He had seen Su Zhixin’s face full of anger and knew why he had revealed this himself. But even if he knew, what could he do? Could he rush over and pull that fearless woman back? Or maybe teach her a lesson? Don’t mention whether or not he dared to in the first place. But even if he did, that woman may not even listen to him!


Thinking up to here, Qin Jiran felt he was quite a miserable person. He only dared to think about teaching her a lesson, but couldn’t see it through.. He should go home and prepare some ointments to help Su Yanyi relax her muscles. Sigh.


The battle was nearing its end and Su Yanyi’s final attack was with her head. Unsure if it was the modern iron head, she knocked her head hard against her opponent. The people around watching this could feel the pain! 


“Elder Miss really doesn’t care for her life.” Su Zhixin spoke with deep emotions, in the process, speaking for everybody.


Qin Jiran thought it was painful too. But his heart had ached for her! Right now, the person in most pain was clearly Pang Zhongwen. While his head was still dizzy, Su Yanyi had kicked him out of the arena, ending this battle. 


“Yanyi, are you fine?” Qin Jiran anxiously asked, unable to hold it in anymore, he rushed over.

Su Yanyi was a bit dizzy, but gestured that she was fine. However, she didn’t dare move her head, waiting for the dizziness to pass. She hadn’t used that move for so long a time that she wasn’t used to it now. 


Qin Jiran’s heart ached even more. He wanted to hold Yanyi but he didn’t quite dare. He gently held her hand, afraid of hurting her. 


After a while, Su Yanyi gradually said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. There’s another round and after I’m done with that, I’ll take you out to play.”


Another round? If she continued, it wouldn’t be a massage anymore. He’d want to send Yanyi straight to the hospital! Qin Jiran was mad, but didn’t dare to voice his thoughts. He wore an upset face nevertheless, kept silent. He wondered if he should explode all of a sudden and just carry Su Yanyi back home. 


Chu Xiaowen felt a headache rising too. He stared at Su Yanyi who was adjusting into her best state and considered how he would feel had he been the recipient of that attack. 


By now, Pang Zhongwen had somewhat recovered.. He helplessly looked at Su Yanyi and made a rare joke. “Elder Miss, if you were any harsher, you would probably have to visit me in the hospital.”


“I’ll take care of your medical expenses. Xiaowen, let’s go. It’s the last round so let’s not waste anymore time.” Su Yanyi had rested a bit before she spoke to Chen Xiaowen. 


He smiled bitterly and walked across of Su Yanyi, preparing himself. 


Qin Jiran held his fists tightly and moved a few steps back, giving them some room. He really wanted to find someone to fight right now!


The last battle had begun. It was Su Yanyi against Chu Xiaowen. She had attacked first and the places she punched were all fatal spots. Chu Xiaowen was very valiant too. He countered all her moves and one could hear the breeze as they punched one another. Everyone felt their blood surge with passion. Of course, those who cared about them were scared witless! 


When Su Yanyi’s punch landed on Chu Xiaowen’s stomach, his punch landed on her left shoulder. That spot happened to be the place of a minor injury in the past. Now that she’d suffered this punch, a minor injury immediately became a major one. Su Yanyi clenched her teeth but showed no signs of softening up. With that punch, she exerted all her strength and charged towards Chu Xiaowen!


He stumbled a few feet back, unable to endure the impact of the force. He took the opportunity to somersault and dodged the kick. In the next moment, however, Su Yanyi pounced and knocked him down. Before Chu Xiaowen could stand up, he rolled on the ground again. Su Yanyi rolled on her side and kicked Chu Xiaowen’s legs when she landed on the ground…


The two went back and forth at each other for many rounds and it was obvious Su Yanyi was losing stamina. However, her speed became more and more fierce and her moves were even crazier. She was really self-destructive. Not only did she badly batter Chu Xiaowen, but was also about to become a semi disabled person. 


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