Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 92.2

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Chapter 92.2 — I Missed You Too

Edited by: Larkspur

The entertainment circle was filled with filth, just like the Star King Entertainment that she controlled and exposed. The plotting and scheming were just trivial matters. It was really dirty and cruel using illegal means to make their way up the ladder and gain limelight. But even so, one couldn’t deny the demands of the entertainment industry and the dedication and hard work of many actors!

The more one dazzled on screen, the more assiduous one was behind the scenes. The fame one garnered in the entertainment circle was in exchange for their tears and hard work. To every dedicated actor, one needed to show respect.

“Ok, pass. Prepare for the next scene!” Guo Zekai finally said pass, and everybody sighed. Jiang Xiaobin bought a towel and hot water pot over.

“Brother Qin, quickly wipe off the snow and drink some warm water. Don’t get a cold!”

A deadpan Qin Jiran started to dry his head. Within moments, the towel was extremely wet. It was cold and icy, almost frozen. The hot water was poured out and it seemed to have become cold already. Qin Jiran slowly drank a sip and squinted his eyes.

At this time, Su Yanyi was walking slowly towards Qin Jiran. She wore a black jacket, very eye-catching in the snow. All the people on the set suddenly noticed her existence, their incomparable shocks evident through their gazes.

Qin Jiran finally noticed her existence too. His eyes were as wide as a saucer, he looked incredibly cute. The photographer in charge of taking pictures of interesting highlights captured this scene. He admired his foresight for keeping his camera on the whole time, otherwise, he would’ve missed the moment Film Emperor changed his expression. That would’ve been tragic!

“Yanyi? Why are you here?!” When Qin Jiran called out, his tone held a degree of uncertainty, as though he’d recognized the wrong person. But he reacted and believed that this woman was really the one he had been thinking about. He asked in surprise.

Before Su Yanyi could respond, the surprise on her face turned to worry. “It’s so cold here. Why are you here? Did you drive over? Did you bring extra clothes?” His tone was quite harsh.

As he spoke, Qin Jiran took quick strides towards Su Yanyi. He seemed to want to take off his clothes and give them to Su Yanyi, but once he thought of the snow on his freezing clothes, he pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand instead. He wanted to bring Su Yanyi away.

He had shot his scenes for a few days here already. He was really cold and about to be frozen. When he saw Su Yanyi coming, his first thought was to prevent her from freezing.

Su Yanyi shivered as Qin Jiran held her hand. It was akin to holding an ice cube. Once Qin Jiran realized how abrupt his actions were, he immediately wanted to let go of Su Yanyi’s hand. But Su Yanyi quickly held his hand.

“It’s ok.” Su Yanyi was persistent in holding onto his hand.

Su Yanyi’s hand was quite small but warm. Qin Jiran felt like he wasn’t that cold anymore, despite the cold snow.

Guo Zekai ran over at this point too. He greeted Su Yanyi and said, “President Su, you’re here. You didn’t notify me, otherwise, I would’ve come to visit you.”

Perhaps, because he had interacted with her more often, Guo Zekai wasn’t intimidated by her as much anymore. Yet, he spoke with respect.

Su Yanyi glanced coldly at Guo Zekai. Although she knew that she shouldn’t be angry at him, she was still unhappy. Who let Guo Zekai be the Director?

“There’s no need.” Although she was unhappy, she still responded.

Guo Zekai laughed awkwardly and stole a furtive glance at Su Yanyi’s demeanor. He couldn’t help mumbling. Why did President Su look unhappy? Could it be because Film Emperor Qin hasn’t been home these days?

“Um, cough, cough, there’s another scene to shoot. After that, it’s dinner. Um, Jiran, want to rest for a while?” In reality, Guo Zekai really wanted to say: quickly shoot the scenes. Everyone was prepared but since Queen Su was here, even if someone gave him the guts to, he wouldn’t dare to say it.

Qin Jiran scrunched his eyebrows, he naturally understood Guo Zekai. There was another combat scene, but seeing how Su Yanyi was barely wearing anything, he was worried that she might be too cold. He thought about it and was about to reject it. But Su Yanyi beat him to it.

“Go shoot your scenes. I will wait here for you.” Qin Jiran understood, so Su Yanyi naturally did too. Although she was unhappy, she wouldn’t delay the progress of the filming because of her mood. After all, even if he didn’t shoot it now, he would have to in the future.

Although Guo Zekai sighed at her words, Qin Jiran knitted his eyebrows even more. He persisted. “Yanyi, go back to the village. It’s too cold here. You don’t need to wait for me.”

Su Yanyi knitted her eyebrows too, her exquisite and indifferent appearance even more evident under the snow. She looked at Qin Jiran with a tint of unhappiness and spoke with equal persistence. “I will wait here. I’m not cold.”

The cold Film Emperor against the cold Queen. All those nearby took a few steps back as they watched the two stare coldly at each other. Many thought the same thing: so scary!

Guo Zekai, this Director, even imagined a scene where these two battled it out at the peak of the mountain. No words or movement, just gazes, and imposing aura; enough to kill each other! Oh, this was basically a typical wuxia film plot! He must quickly capture this scene!

Guo Zekai looked around for a few photographers. He glanced at them and gestured for them to record this scene.

The staredown ended with Qin Jiran’s defeat, as expected. Qin Jiran gave the thermos to Su Yanyi and said, “Drink some warm water. I will quickly finish.”

At that moment, Qin Jiran didn’t feel helpless but rather persistent. As he turned around, his eyes swept over the actors who were shooting scenes with him. He had a cold gaze, as though threatening them. The actors trembled in fear. So terrifying!

Film Emperor’s imposing demeanor was extraordinary!

They started to resume the shoot. Everybody on the set was prepared and didn’t dare to make any mistakes. In the past, Director Guo was looking over them so they could occasionally commit small mistakes and beg for his forgiveness. But not only did they have to deal with Film Emperor’s imposing manner, Queen Su was watching them on the side. Whoever dared to make a mistake at this time, oh, will have a terrible ending!

Qin Jiran was in combat with three people in the snow. While fighting, he rolled a few times in the snow and spent 20 or so seconds chasing after them. The warm breath lingered around his nose.

Everyone held their breaths, not daring to even breathe. When Guo Zekai finally said ‘pass’, everyone let out a secret sigh. Everyone could feel the pressure just standing next to the two.

“Everyone take a break. We’re going to eat dinner now so don’t walk off. Remember to stay safe.” Guo Zekai ordered, and the exhausted set finally packed up.

Su Yanyi walked towards Qin Jiran and took the towel that Jiang Xiaobin had prepared, throwing it on Qin Jiran’s head. Although she was a bit rough, it was obvious that she intended care.

Qin Jiran dried his hair with the towel, while Su Yanyi stood by the side and slightly raised her head to stare at him. Many recorded this scene again.

Before dinner started, Jiang Xiaobin held the phone around, trying to find a signal. Much to his chagrin, the signal was just too unstable.

“What are you doing?” In the kitchen, Qin Jiran was about to personally cook. Originally, this wasn’t planned, since he ate with the crew. Now that Yanyi came, even if she didn’t say it, he couldn’t bear to have her eat with others.

Jiang Xiaobin ended up walking into the kitchen while trying to find a signal. He stared at Qin Jiran who was skillfully cooking and praised him in his heart.

“Brother Qin, I’m trying to look for a signal. What did you cook tonight? Can I eat with you as well? I haven’t eaten food that you cooked in such a long time.” As Jiang Xiaobin said this, he took quick pictures. Since there was no signal here, he could only upload them when he got back. He would upload them to Brother Qin’s Weibo and let the fans see how virtuous Film Emperor Qin was. He was basically the new generation’s house husband.

Qin Jiran was silent and coldly glanced at Jiang Xiaobin. He immediately dropped his head and said, “Ok, ok. I know. I won’t be the third wheel. Brother Qin, why do you prioritize President Su? That’s rude.”

This time, Qin Jiran didn’t even look at him anymore. Jiang Xiaobin took a few more pictures and left silently. He got out of the kitchen and his eyes sparkled. He went over to Su Yanyi’s place bravely.

The place they were at right now was where he and Qin Jiran lived. The entire house was rented by the set. There were three bedrooms and because Su Yanyi came over, they had to do an emergency changing of rooms. They moved Jiang Xiaobin to Liu Liu’s room and this wasn’t intentional either. Only Liu Liu lived in a room by himself on the entire set. Originally, they wanted Jiang Xiaobin and Liu Liu in one room and Qin Jiran in a room by himself. But Jiang Xiaobin would rather die than submit to this. So, he ended up with Qin Jiran in one room. Now that Su Yanyi was here, Jiang Xiaobin had no choice but to move. Pan Yan ended up squeezing in a room with a female actress from the set.

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