Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 76.1

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Chapter 76.1 — Support of the Fan Squad

Qin Jiran walked over a bit nervous when he saw that Yanyi had laid on the bed, waiting for him. He hesitated before sitting by the bed. Then, he started to massage Su Yanyi according to the method from his memory. Although the technique was a bit out of practice, she felt quite comfortable still.

This was the first time Qin Jiran was on Su Yanyi’s bed. To be accurate, the first time he was on Su Yanyi’s bed within their home. This feeling was different from the time they were on the same bed during the time at Su family or Tianxiu villa. They had no choice the two times before. Although this time, they weren’t sharing the bed, there was a subtle change in their feelings. It seemed as though they were much closer now. What belonged to Su Yanyi’s bedroom wasn’t a restricted area for Qin Jiran anymore.

She felt Qin Jiran’s strength. Su Yanyi slightly squinted her eyes, like a lazy kitten. She was very comfortable right now but then she suddenly inquired: “When did you start to like me?”

Actually, when she was a human vegetable in her past life, she had hazily listened to Qin Jiran’s numerous confessions. To be exact, it was Qin Jiran’s mumblings. This man probably thought that she hadn’t heard this. Therefore, he had talked a lot, about his childhood experiences and his feelings for her. It also included some interesting or sorrowful matters.  

She had remembered some of his comments after listening to all this. But some of her memories were blurry. She wanted to take this chance and ask him about it. No matter whether she knew in her past life, she had no idea in this life. She could consider it as just interacting with him. Although Qin Jiran said that he liked her, he hadn’t declared this often. Plus, he was always shy when saying this. She couldn’t help to tease him a bit. Qin Jiran froze for a second, clearly surprised by Su Yanyi’s question. Even the ear tips turned red secretively.

“About four years ago, you were giving a lecture in A-College. I was very impressed after hearing it.” Qin Jiran couldn’t help to think of Su Yanyi from four years ago. She was icily arrogant and abnormal. Although she hadn’t spoken much, each word was worth a gem. People didn’t dare to speak against her, the words are incomparably sharp. It was to a heart’s content and at the same time, their admiration towards her grew.

At that time, he was attracted by Su Yanyi’s elegant manner. He was unable to tolerate any other women and felt that only Su Yanyi could make him feel moved to this extent. At the same time, he abandoned the thought of developing within the business field. He threw himself into the entertainment circle, thus his title as the Film Emperor today.

“This is considered to be love at first sight?” Su Yanyi also recalled back to the events four years ago. During that period of time, she was still in college but had taken over the Resplendent Entertainment. She had brought the company to the whole country’s attention and considered as a successful CEO within the entertainment circle. A-College’s principal was her father’s friend and it was also her alma mater. It was hard to reject the invitation to speak at the college so she casually spoke. Who knew she had attracted Qin Jiran, this pursuer? In the end, it was noted as a destiny.

“Yes, love at first sight.” Qin Jiran exclaimed this with utter seriousness, like accepting his fate. He felt that this was destiny’s plans, letting him find a solution to the whereabouts for his feelings. Although there were little setbacks on the road to pursue Su Yanyi, the result was still satisfying to him. After all, he could be very close with Yanyi right now.

“Then what do you like about me?” This seemed to be the frequent question that many dating couples would ask. Su Yanyi inevitably inquired this too.

Right now, Qin Jiran was a bit confused about how to answer this. Why did Yanyi ask this type of question all of a sudden?

What did he like about Yanyi? Then, that was definitely everything about her. He liked it all!

He liked Yanyi’s arrogant imposing manner and her magnificent style in which no one could exceed. He enjoyed Yanyi’s straightforward, intelligent, and sharp personality. He liked Yanyi’s cuteness when she was being gluttonous. He liked Yanyi’s gentleness when she held a poker face. He liked Yanyi’s occasional adorkableness. He also liked Yanyi’s undisguised frankness and calmness. He liked the comfort of being with her and the mutual understanding when they placed a play on when they faced a common enemy. He liked every bit about Yanyi, her expressions, actions, and each of the scenes together.

This type of fondness was love at first sight as well as an unflagging effort, more so deep love accumulated over time.

This type of fondness was a feeling, a story. It’s many different images, the ones that had Yanyi in it. There was no exception. He liked it all!

The first time he saw Yanyi, he already placed his love on her. He even presented affection to her. As time progressed, this feeling had grown deeper and deeper. It was even carved in his bones and engraved in his heart.

He was really speechless when she asked him what he liked about her.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Qin Jiran’s silence led Su Yanyi to be curious. Yet, she was unable to see his expression, so she pressed on.

“I’m thinking of how to answer you. I have a clumsy mouth so I’m not sure what to say. But I like you a lot. I like everything about you.” Qin Jiran didn’t know how to respond so he answered honestly.

Su Yanyi who laid on the bed couldn’t help but smile. As expected, there was some logic to what the book had written. They talked about how one would like everything about a person if they truly liked them. Qin Jiran, without a doubt, was like this too.

However, she like Qin Jiran back. But, what did she like about him?

Su Yanyi stopped questioning Qin Jiran. Instead, she reflected on herself.

Actually, now that she thought about it, Qin Jiran had a lot of strengths too. She already made a conclusion. He was handsome and had a nice figure. His was talented, with great acting skills. He had a nice personality too and good cooking skills. The most important thing was that he was good to her. She believed that all these points were not bad. In regards to Qin Jiran’s weaknesses, he was slow-witted and easily moved. He didn’t know how to pursue women or understand what romance is. But in reality, she liked it all. Maybe it had to do with their personalities. She was emphatic and liked to take initiative and the person she liked would have to be gentle and understand how to tolerate her. That way, she would feel comfortable being together with him.

Su Yanyi thought that no matter what Qin Jiran’s strengths or weaknesses were, she liked them. That was the same as liking everything about a person since they truly liked them.  

“Then, keep on liking me,” Yanyi replied with an indifferent tone. However, she was thinking whether or not they were each other’s sunshine in her heart. Should she tell Qin Jiran that she like him too? And it’s the type of “like” where she liked everything about him?

Su Yanyi pondered over this and a glimpse of mischievousness flashed within her eyes. But, she didn’t have the intentions of speaking. Let this stupid man slowly experience this. The future is long. He will find out one day.

Today, they arrived at the company and the crew later than usual. There was no problem with Su Yanyi’s side. Being the President, if she’s late, she’s late. Even if she didn’t come, no one would say anything. But with Qin Jiran, everyone would ask about him if he’s late. Qin Jiran wouldn’t explain. He would just say that he had some matters to attend to before going to change his clothes.

Jiang Xiaobin, Qin Jiran’s assistant, naturally followed along. Plus, he keenly saw a mark by the corner of Qin Jiran’s lip. When he helped him change clothes with the wardrobe attendant, he revealed an “as expected” look.

“Brother Qin, sister-in-law ¹ also arrived at the company late. Are you happy with your romantic couple’s world?”

Qin Jiran coldly stared at Jiang Xiaobin. He continued to wear his clothes, not planning on answering him.

Jiang Xiaobin pursed his lips. He understood Qin Jiran very well. Don’t look at how he is expressionless right now, but maybe he had a huge reaction within his heart. He just acted indifferent out of habit. However, he stopped teasing Qin Jiran and instead, arranged his collar so that it covered the mark on his neck.

Qin Jiran looked at Jiang Xiaobin again. He knew that this boy probably misunderstood but he wasn’t going to explain. He couldn’t say that he fought with Su Yanyi and was threatened because he couldn’t win her. It was better to just let him misunderstand. After all, it was a misunderstanding he looked forward to.

It was rare for Qin Jiran to become black-bellied. In other words, maybe Film Emperor Qin was a black-bellied person from the start and just acted too purely in front of the Queen.

When the makeup artist, Liuliu, came over to put makeup on him, he naturally noticed the bite mark on the corner of Qin Jiran’s lip. His eyes brightened right then.

“President Su is very passionate. I really couldn’t see this before.” Liuliu thought of Su Yanyi’s cold expression and felt that she was an indifferent type of person. Who knew she would be that affectionate? No need to say anything more. This was another misunderstanding.

Qin Jiran was speechless, letting Liuliu tease him, however. He thought about Yanyi know of everyone’s reactions when he went back home.

“Film Emperor Qin, why don’t you take a picture to keep as a souvenir?” Besides doing someone’s makeup, Liuliu took pleasure in photography. Recently, he was enchanted with taking pictures for Film Emperor Qin and Queen Su. Who let their pictures to be so popular? The number of fans on his web had grown quite a bit.

Film Emperor didn’t say anything but he moved into a position. The meaning was obvious.

Liuliu happily smiled. He took a picture of the handsome Film Emperor Qin from many different perspectives.

[Sharing Film Emperor Qin’s picture of affection, letting chose single people be jealous of this!]

Liuliu commented below the picture and just within the span of him refreshing the page, numerous comments popped out.

[Picture of affection? What type of picture of affection is this! There’s only Film Emperor Qin ok! Blogger, please don’t say random things!]

[Right, the audiences’ eyes are bright as snow. Making up things will be criticized by everyone!]

[Although I didn’t find the feeling of affection, Film Emperor Qin is still good-looking. I can give him a like!]

[People above, are you guys blind? You guys actually can’t see this? How can you guys not see it when it’s so swollen? It’s so obvious. The single people squad says that the more you show off affection for someone, the quicker you guys will die! Humph! This lady definitely won’t tell you that this is a picture of affection!]

[Person above, you’re too arrogant. If you know, then tell everyone this. How did the Film Emperor show off his affection? There is no sight of the Queen!]

[Right, yes. Thumbs down for the person above!]

[Subjects ah, you guys aren’t good enough. Where are your IQs? I am very worried for you guys!]

[Mouth, look at the mouth! There is a little mark. Is that a love bite? Wu, wu…The wolf is coming!]

[I want the truth. I want an explanation. I want to know the whole process. Please be specific!]

Ri: Thank you for reading <3 Please comment below if you spot any mistakes.

Sister in law 1 – Jiang Xiaobin refers to Qin Jiran as his “brother” so he calls Su Yanyi his sister-in-law since they are a couple.

Note – Algebra 2 Regents tomorrow. Wish me luck <3


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