Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 — Family

“Jiran, I know how my little sister is, and I’m sure you do too. Since the two of you have decided to spend your lives together, you have to cherish each other and be understanding of each other. Even though she’s never said it out loud, my sister actually admires our parents’ marriage quite a bit. I hope that the two of you can also enjoy a happy life together.”

Naturally, Su Yanmo cared about his sister’s happiness more than anything else.

“Su Yanyi is a wonderful woman. I will take care of her to the best of my ability. Don’t worry, Brother.”

Her happiness… he couldn’t promise that.

He didn’t dare to, because he believed that happiness could only be attained by those in mutual love.

Obviously, he and Su Yanyi were still far from that; but even so, he wanted to do his best on accomplishing everything he should do and could do for her. He refused to let Yanyi suffer any grievances, though that was easier said than done.

After all, she wasn’t the type of person to let herself be wronged. In his mind, she had always been a strong woman who sat up so high in a lofty position that other people just couldn’t help but surrender to her. Provoking her was equivalent to having a death wish.

When his thoughts reached this point, a faint smile appeared on Qin Jiran’s face. It was a smile reserved for Su Yanyi, and Su Yanyi only.

Su Yanmo had been paying attention to Qin Jiran’s expressions. When he saw the extremely gentle smile on the actor’s face, Su Yanmo finally set down his worries.

Since he had confirmed this man’s deep feelings for his sister, he could only hope that his sister would also realize her own feelings soon. He wasn’t very sensitive to the feelings of others, but he understood his sister too well.

Very few people were capable of getting the attention of someone as cold and self-centered as her, and the ones who were capable of gaining her acknowledgment could be counted on one hand. It was as if she only had her family in her heart. Now, Qin Jiran had joined their ranks.

To Su Yanmo, her concern for Qin Jiran, as well as the ways she had changed, couldn’t be more obvious. He just wasn’t sure if his sister knew how much she cared about Qin Jiran.

The expression in Su Yanmo’s eyes softened. Both men cared about the same woman, one due to familial love, and the other due to romantic love.

No matter how cold or indifferent a person was, they were prone to having a soft spot in their heart. That spot could be filled by anything, from another person to an object, or even an occasion. Whatever it was, they would cherish it and believe it was worth every effort to protect.

“I’m very busy abroad. From now on, you will have to watch over the Su family. Mom and Dad are both too busy to visit. Grandpa is very fond of my little sister, so he will be very happy if the two of you return to visit him often,” Su Yanmo advised. This was the highest form of recognition that he could give to Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran was both shocked and delighted.

“Brother, don’t worry. I will,” Qin Jiran promised. Because Su Yanmo was Su Yanyi’s older brother, Qin Jiran was very respectful towards him. However, unlike how obsequious and nervous he usually was in front of Su Yanyi, he displayed a confident and decisive attitude when he faced Su Yanmo.

In reality, the Su family was strong and didn’t need his supervision, but he kept in mind to visit Su Manor often. Having Su Yanyi accompany him would be the best. He hoped for the happiness of the entire family.

Qin Jiran had never experienced the warmth of a family, so he didn’t know the feeling of having one. Even after three years of marriage, the number of times he had visited the Su family was small. They treated him kindly but still kept a sense of distance. At home with Su Yanyi, it used to be worse. The wall of ice had seemed impossible to break.

However, everything had changed, and Qin Jiran was now working to steer the change in a positive direction.

He wanted a real family of his own!

Before he left the company, Su Yanmo asked him for some signed photographs, which he agreed to give. On that same day, many of his fans squealed when they learned that one of the year-end welfare awards for the most hardworking employees would be a signed photograph of Qin Jiran.

That afternoon, he went to the filming set. It was almost time to start filming, so there was a lot of work to be done. He was busy for several hours until he realized that dinner time was about to be over, and right after he took out of his phone, intending to give Su Yanyi a call, his phone rang.

He looked expectantly at the screen, but it wasn’t Su Yanyi. A look of disappointment came over his face as he swiped to answer the call.


Zhao Lingyu, a classmate and roommate of his from university, was also one of the few friends he had. Although they didn’t really keep in touch, their relationship wasn’t too bad.

“Great Film Emperor Qin, it is most fortunate that your royal highness still remembers this little one,” Zhao Lingyu immediately mocked him, but his tone suggested that he didn’t actually mind. He understood that after university, everyone had gone their separate ways and was busy with their own lives.

“Do you need something?” Qin Jiran responded indifferently, ignoring the jab. Zhao Lingyu was used to his temperament.

“Tut-tut. With that personality, how did you even make it this big in the entertainment circle? I thought cold guys were already out of fashion? Ai, I really don’t get why all those little girls scream when they hear your name mentioned…” Zhao Lingyu lamented sourly.

Well, who told him to be such a loner?

“Get to the point,” Qin Jiran said impatiently.

He wanted to hang up and call Su Yanyi already, okay? He didn’t want to listen to a grown man prattle!

“Okay, I’ll get to the point. Actually, there are two. One, how could you keep your marriage from your buddies like this? Do you even consider us your friends? Two, you have to come to our class reunion, our university class reunion. Right now, you’re the most famous one out of all of us. If you don’t come, everyone will gather at the entrance of your company and hound you!” As a matter of fact, Zhao Lingyu had actually been forced by everyone else to make this call.

Qin Jiran had no interest in reunions, so he rarely attended them. At most, he would meet up with a friend once in a while. He didn’t have that many friends, and he didn’t like to socialize in the first place.

However, this reunion was different because it really had been too long since he last saw his friends, and the timing for this call was a bit suspicious. He still remembered that Wang Zhilin had called and talked about this class reunion.

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