Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 82.3

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Chapter 82.3 — Little bun: Su Nuo

Edited by: Larkspur

Su Yanyi couldn’t help but poke the little bun’s head. This time – she was careful and didn’t poke with too much strength. She’d really not expected the little bun’s skin to be that delicate.

“This is Elder Brother’s kid, right?” Su Yanyi asked. Although she knew the answer in her heart, she still wanted to make sure.

“Although we haven’t ascertained, he should be.” Father Su answered solemnly. But what he meant by ‘ascertain’ was a DNA test.

“Are we going to do it? Where’s the kid’s mother?” Su Yanyi continued asking.

“Whether we are doing it or not is your brother’s decision. The child’s mother died not long ago due to cancer. This child was brought over by his mother’s friend. According to what they said, the child’s mother had entrusted the matter to them.” Father Su continued.

He’d never imagined that something like this would happen in his family. Su Yanmo actually had a forsaken child out there and he was already five years old. This was longer than the time he had been married for!

“What’s your name and how old are you? Do you know who I am?” Su Yanyi’s questions didn’t cease, only this time they were directed at the child.

The little bun blinked his eyes but was all seriousness. He replied in a clear voice, “My name is Su Nuo; Su as in Su Shi, and Nuo as in Nuo Yan. I am five years old and four full years…” The little bun paused seemingly considering the last question. No one rushed him and he answered after pondering, “Should I be calling you aunty? If you are aunty, does that mean you’re my father’s sister?”

The little bun was clearly extremely smart. He had inferred quite a lot from listening to all the talk around him. Su Yanyi was very satisfied.

“Do you know who your dad is?” Su Yanyi asked.

The little bun nodded his head and spoke eagerly, “My father is Su Yanmo, a very powerful and outstanding person. I have seen father’s picture…He looks similar to aunty.”

He spoke the last bit softly and secretly snuck a peek at Su Yanyi, checking if his words had piqued her.

“Do you want to see your father?” Because of the little bun’s words, Su Yanyi’s tone was gentler.

He was worthy of being Su Family’s child; smart and sensible. His mother had taught him well too. They just didn’t know why she’d never contacted the Su Family. However, this wasn’t the time to ask this question. Despite how young the child was, he understood things. She, naturally, had to be mindful of this.

“Yes!” The little bun’s voice was louder this time, answering without hesitation. His eyes were full of anticipation.

When the Su Family, including Su Yanyi, saw this, their hearts softened. Their hearts felt sour; for this child, since his birth, lacked his father’s care. He must surely miss it. Qin Jiran could especially empathize the pain of not having parents, for he was an orphan too. He cherished little Su Nuo even more.

By this time, Su Yanyi had calmed down. Whether it was the child’s sudden appearance or the upgrade mission of the system that had made her speechless, nevertheless, she felt this Christmas was extremely exciting!

“Your father will be back soon. When the time arrives, little Su Nuo can see his father.” Obviously, Su Yanyi wasn’t the one who spoke in such a gentle tone. It was Mother Su who took over the little bun from the old man’s hands and tended to him in her arms.

As compared to the rest of the Su Family who’re happy and contradicted, Mother Su wasn’t perturbed at all. She loved this sudden gift, and this was basically her dream come true. She felt that her life was halfway accomplished.

Of course, she would feel fully accomplished with Su Yanyi’s child. These two were handsome and beautiful, so their kids would definitely be adorable. When the time comes, she would have a group of little buns surrounding her. What a happy scene it would be!

“Hm!” Little Su Nuo nodded his head hard. His lips moved, wanting to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth in the end.

Actually, little Su Nuo wanted to ask if his father would like him. But he thought that he shouldn’t say too much, so in the end, didn’t say anything.

He needed to be good, obedient, and sensible. He couldn’t be naughty and mischievous. Mother had said that that way, father and his family would like him.

Little Su Nuo lowered his head slightly, looking clever and lovable, even so, the family felt sorry for the child.

The Su Family had taken this scene to their hearts and Mother Su patted little Su Nuo’s head. She gently asked, “What else does little Su Nuo want to say? Tell grandmother. This grandmother wants to know.”

Su Nuo raised his head and looked at Mother Su, or rather Grandmother Su. He hesitated before he said in a low voice, “Will father like Nuo Nuo?”

At these words, Grandmother Su who was also Mother Su felt that someone had clutched her heart. Such a clever and obedient little grandson really made her love him dearly.

“Definitely! Nuo Nuo is such a great kid. Your father will definitely like you.”

If that boy dared not like her grandson, she would kick him out the family! Humph!

AdvertisementThis Mother Su’s also someone proud!

“Hm, Nuo Nuo is good.” Little Su Nuo nodded his head seriously, even holding up his small fists. In order to let his father like him, he would do everything that he could.

Actually, the older generation of the Su Family didn’t celebrate Christmas. That being the case, they hadn’t prepared anything. But with the sudden appearance of the little bun who was also the youngest member of the family, the Su Residence was transformed in under two hours. This was thanks to Uncle Fang and the efforts of numerous servants.

There was a Christmas tree adorned with many decorations and a furry Santa who was about two meters tall. There was also a sleigh full of gifts following the Santa. Little Su Nuo’s eyes brightened at the sight and he kept looking around, unable to take in everything.

Despite this, little Su Nuo sat obediently on the sofa, not saying anything or even moving. He was like a little gentleman but the face full of desire couldn’t conceal his emotions.

“Nuo Nuo, hurry here. Help Grandma hang the ornaments, okay?” This newly upgraded Grandmother Su loved her little grandson dearly.

“Okay!” Little Su Nuo nodded his head obediently. Although he stood up steadily from the sofa, he kind of rushed over.

“Grandmother, what can I do?” Little Su Nuo asked cleverly, staring at Grandma and seemed to be learning from her.

Mother Su placed a few ornaments in little Su Nuo’s hands and taught him how to step by step. Little Su Nuo was indeed smart and learned quickly. He helped Mother Su hang small ornaments in the lower parts of the Christmas tree. The little bun’s face wore a cute smile.

The other members of the Su Family were busy arranging the rooms but, every now and then they would cast little Su Nuo furtive glances. Their words expressed their concerns. When the Su Family saw little Su Nuo’s smile, there was a collective sigh of relief.

No matter the reasons this child was forsaken, he was still the Su Family’s child. Although it was only their first day together, he had already obtained the approval of the Su Family. Su Nuo was very clever and sensible and it was due to this that the Su Family loved him dearly and worried about him. At such a young age, they didn’t wish the child be engulfed in too many thoughts. They didn’t wish for this child to repress his emotions because of his experiences this far, depriving him of a happy childhood.

However, the situation didn’t seem too bad right now. Although the child was strangely clever and seemed to be repressing his feelings, in fact, he was a cute little bun. The Su Family thought that he liked to laugh and play, was innocent and cute. As long as they treated this child genuinely, this child could become more carefree and livelier. In the end, he would truly accept them too. They would become a family that loved and cared for each other.

Like that, after the Su Family had accepted Qin Jiran, there came another little member- Su Nuo. His nickname was Nuo Nuo and was five years old but four full years. He was smart, clever, and sensible. His biggest wish was that his father would like him.

Sneak peek: 

“Does Nuo Nuo like little brothers and sisters?” Mother Su asked.

“I like them and they are very cute!” Su Nuo nodded his head hard. Because he was young and his mother was the only one raising Su Nuo, he lacked playmates so he naturally looked forward to this.

“Then you need to please aunty and if aunty is happy, maybe she will give you a little sister.” Mother Su teased Su Yanyi but she saw the calm look on her daughter’s face.

“Can’t I have both?” Su Nuo raised his head, asking a bit confusedly.

“Oh, little Su Buo wants both brothers and sisters. It’s not like that isn’t possible. This is based on your aunt’s ability.” Mother Su actually liked twins of mixed-sex. One boy and one girl. Good events will come in pairs. This is definitely fine.

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