Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 99.3

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Chapter 99.3 — Paying a Visit

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When Qin Zhenyi was on the verge of exploding, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi finally made an appearance. Qin Zhenyi told himself to endure his pressing feeling. He tried to be expressionless while looking at the two . He couldn’t let them detect his urgency, but he needed to control his seriousness too. He couldn’t let them detect his unhappiness and anger either. For a moment, he felt conflicted.

In Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s eyes, however, he looked rather strange.

“Mr. Qin, if there’s something, you can tell me directly.” Qin Jiran spoke in a cold and indifferent tone. Su Yanyi looked at Qin Zhenyi with interest, as if she was looking at a drama playing out. Qin Zhenyi felt like he was a clown!

He clenched his hands and replied in the same cold voice. “I wanted to see you. Miss Su, can you step back for a second?”

When he heard this, Qin Jiran turned visibly cold. Even so, Su Yanyi humphed in disdain. Before Qin Jiran could answer, she spoke. “This is my home. If you don’t want to see me, you can go right now.”

He wants to talk behind her back? Or he wants to say something bad about her to Qin Jiran? She thought he was pathetic just thinking about it. Didn’t this man see the key to his problems? If he wanted Qin Jiran to do anything, he needed to get her to agree!

“Miss Su, this is your home and his as well. As father and son, we need to talk. Do you not understand what respect is?” Qin Zhenyi felt like this woman didn’t know her manners. Shouldn’t a reasonable woman step out of the room right now? Why didn’t Su Yanyi know?

“Mr. Qin, if you think that Yanyi doesn’t respect you enough, there is the door. We’re not going to see you out.” How could Qin Jiran bear to see someone talking bad about Yanyi? Plus, this man scolded her using his name. He was pathetic!

“Qin Jiran, you’re a man. Why are you so afraid of this woman? You’re losing the Qin Family’s face!” Qin Zhenyi had had enough of enduring his emotions. He wasn’t someone with a good attitude from the start anyway. No one had dared to talk to him like this for the past few decades, not to mention the younger generations!

“I am the only member of my Qin Family. Whether I am losing face or not has nothing to do with you. Can you not talk nonsense everytime you see me? You just came to cause trouble?” Qin Jiran believed there was something wrong with Qin Zhenyi’s head. Every time he came uninvited and made them unhappy. He was offending them more and more. It was getting really boring.

“I’m helping you. With the Qin Family supporting you, you don’t need to be afraid of the Su Family! Why endure this injustice?” Qin Zhenyi stood up and looked at Qin Jiran in disappointment for not fighting back as he spoke.

Qin Jiran was a bit stunned. He found the man in front of him unfathomable. Qin Family as support? No need to be afraid of the Su Family? Suffer injustice? Is this alien language? If he were speaking humans, how come he didn’t understand?

Su Yanyi found it funny. What was Qin Zhenyi acting? Was he provoked in some way or did he forget his medicine before leaving the house? His arrogance and overconfidence made him look like an incredible fool.

“Mr. Qin, you should go to a hospital and get your mind checked. Being over confident is an illness too,” Su Yanyi said, calmly. If this wasn’t her home, she definitely would’ve turned around and left.

“Su Yanyi, do you even know what respect is? I am your elder. How dare you talk to me like this?” It couldn’t help but be said that even if there was nothing wrong with Qin Zhenren’s brain, his IQ was a matter of concern. Why couldn’t he understand that since he was able to leave his biological son in the orphanage, how was it possible for his abandoned son to treat him like an elder?! He was just asking to be angered by trying to act as he was their elders.

“If you don’t like hearing this, you can leave whenever. I don’t welcome you in my house anyway.” Su Yanyi wasn’t someone who could maintain a smile in front of someone she disliked. Plus, don’t think that she didn’t know Qin Zhenyi’s true motive. After all, he probably wanted to pull Qin Jiran and even the Su Family to his side. Otherwise, why would he think of this abandoned son?!

He wanted to use them but dared to act arrogantly and superior against them still. They weren’t fools. How would they allow him to have this way? This was hilarious!

“You, you, humph. I didn’t come to see you. Qin Jiran, I need to talk about the Qin Family’s inheritance with you. Even if you don’t care about me, your father, you should care about the Qin Family’s inheritance. You need to know that once you become a part of the Qin Family, Miss Su probably wouldn’t be treating you like this.” Qin Zhenyi was clearly trying to drive a wedge between their relationship. From his perspective, Qin Jiran had no status in this home. Therefore, he chose to lure him with wealth.

No matter Old Man Qin who passed away or Qin Zhenyi or even the Qin Family, they all thought that Qin Jiran would care about the Qin Family’s inheritance the most. The only reason he hadn’t done anything about it yet was because he probably had a bigger scheme. This was probably how they viewed everyone else. Those who cared about benefits and profits would think that everyone based their motives on benefits and profits as well.

Su Yanyi pursed her lips but didn’t interrupt. No one should be able to interfere between her and Qin Jiran. Plus, she didn’t think she was rude to Qin Jiran.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” After all the nonsense, Qin Jiran didn’t want to waste any more time.

“Let’s work together. I need funds. As long as you’re willing to help me, I’ll announce to the public that you’re my son and admit to you having the same right to inheritance as Qin Chu. I can even write my will and give ⅓ of the Qin Company’s shares to you!” Qin Zhenyi spoke with a tone of charity. Then he looked confidently at Qin Jiran, believing that he would agree for sure. This was the same attitude Old Man Qin held when he talked to Qin Jiran in the hospital room back then!

He was worthy of being a part of the Qin Family. Their tones were quite similar even!


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