Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 73.3


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Chapter 73.3 — Old Man Qin

Su Yanyi knew that Qin Jiran was someone who placed an importance on his promises. Since he claimed that he would go, he won’t back out of it. Therefore, she took the initiative to ask.

“After I finish shooting my scenes in the afternoon, I will go see.” Qin Jiran felt that since he agreed, then he should settle down the problem earlier. He was also curious about what the old man was going to say when he sees him.

Qin Jiran unavoidably thought of family Qin’s faces who thought of themselves to be infallible and high up. He extremely despised that and naturally rejected old man Qin though he hadn’t seen him yet.

“I will come with you.” Su Yanyi wanted to know what the old man Qin wanted to find Qin Jiran for.

A cold glimpse of light flashed within Su Yanyi’s eyes. If this old man wanted to scheme against Qin Jiran doesn’t know what’s good for him, don’t blame her for being merciless and not care for the life of an old man!

Although Su Yanyi made the decision to make a move against family Qin, she hadn’t decided to what extent. Plus, she didn’t want to make too harsh of a move, due to old man Qin’s face. She wouldn’t make a move when old man Qin is still alive either. But if this old man is looking for something to do, then don’t blame her for changing faces and becoming heartless. She was never the person who focused on the virtue of respecting the old and young. Whoever wanted to harm those she protected will pay a price!

Qin Jiran, right now, really desired to touch Su Yanyi’s head and tell her he’s fine. He didn’t need her to worry and he was ok. But he hadn’t done this. Whatever Yanyi decided on, as long as it wasn’t extremely necessary, then he won’t go against it.

Although he felt a little shy that a man was always protected by a woman, he couldn’t help to admit that he liked this feeling too. It was warm and led him to be moved. Within, not only was there the ** type of feeling but also one belonging to the family.

The next day in the morning, Qin Jiran removed Zhang Yuanzhuo’s phone number from his blacklist. The two called and fixed time before Qin Jiran went to the crew.

In the afternoon, Su Yanyi told Kang Zhong to drive the car and bring her to the crew. Then she went on Qin Jiran’s car and the two went to the hospital. It must be mentioned that Su Yanyi basically didn’t drive her own car anymore. Ever since she got in a car accident in the past life, she held a lingering fear towards driving. Although she knew that it wasn’t her driving skill’s fault but rather she had drunk too much and was schemed by Wang Zhilin, that feeling was horrible. She didn’t want to force herself to overcome this so she hadn’t been driving since.

Besides driving a car, in reality, Su Yanyi didn’t really like the hospital. The smell here led her to be extremely disgusted. This type of white and flower colors couldn’t help to make her think of her past life. However, in her heart, she was still valiant. Although she was disgusted, that didn’t mean she was scared. After she got off the car, she remained calm and stayed by Qin Jiran’s side. She was respectfully taken in by Zhang Yuanzhuo.

Su Yanyi’s felt Zhang Yuanzhou’s eyes on her but she didn’t take it to her heart. However, she made the decision to teach Zhang Yuanzhou a lesson in the future. It is good to attend to one’s duty but he had disturbed Qin Jiran and even dared to threaten him. Now, that was his fault!

Don’t say that Su Yanyi is narrow-minded because she is. Whoever offended those she wanted to protect will be remembered in her heart. Then, she will take revenge on them one by one. This is the origin of her harsh and fierce reputation.

Words like “for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long,” were not adopted by Su Yanyi. She was the type of person to harshly take revenge whenever she had the chance to. She was the type to take revenge for ten years over something small. If people don’t let her live a good life then she will make it extremely hard for them to live!

They were walking when Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi noticed something interesting. The position of the ward was quite familiar because not long ago, they had walked through this hallway to visit Wang Zhilin. Now, they had walked through it again but this time was for Su Yanyi to pay a visit to old man Qin with Qin Jiran. This was really coincident.

However, they thought about it and it was true. This hospital was an extremely famous private hospital within the A-City and even the whole country. If these people didn’t come here when they were sick then where would they go?

Zhang Yuanzhuo knocked on the ward and waited three seconds before pushing the door. Towards the old man who laid on the bed with an oxygen cover over him: “Old man, mister Qin, and young miss Su are here.”

The man seemed to be in a half-conscious state. When he heard the voice, he tried opening his eyes. Although he held some sort of a turbid gaze, when he saw Qin Jiran, there was a little more seriousness within. After he saw Su Yanyi, it transformed into a look of suspicion and examination.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were both paying attention to the old man’s reaction. When they saw the old man’s gaze, their hearts turned old. They both knew that the old man obviously didn’t have the intentions of being kind to them.

Su Yanyi secretly sighed. Of course, whatever type of family would give birth to that sort of children. She really should feel lucky that Qin Jiran hadn’t grown up within this family. Otherwise, if it wasn’t that Qin Jiran would grow up to be a bad person but that he would grow up in pain.

“You guys are finally here.” Old man Qin, Qin Enci, exclaimed each word slowly. It was due to his sickness that he couldn’t speak a smooth sentence but also a type of pressure purposefully.

Sun Yanyi said nothing, just stared indifferently at old man Qin. She gave the privilege to talk to Qin Jiran.

“Old man Qin, it is not advised for you to speak too much when you’re sick. Therefore, quickly say whatever you need to say to me.” Qin Jiran’s tone was very calm, unable to hear whether or not he was happy or angry. Looking at the old man in front of him was like looking at a stranger. He held no feelings to him.

Old man Qin was sick, to the point even he knew that he won’t be live any longer. But this didn’t represent that his eyes were blurry and couldn’t see what Qin Jiran’s expression meant. However, just because he was able to see through it doesn’t mean he believed it!

Old man Qin understood that Qin Jiran was expressing his indifference to family Qin’s inheritance and the family itself. But old man Qin obviously wouldn’t believe this. Qin Jiran could hold no care to the family but how is it possible he didn’t care about family Qin’s inheritance? He needed to know that the inheritance was worth hundreds of billions. Who wouldn’t be moved? Even the grandsons within family Qin were all fighting their lives over the inheritance!

“I believe that you should call me grandpa.” Old man Qin’s tone softened. Even his gaze towards Qin Jiran turned a bit more gentle as though really looking at his younger generation.

However, this scene gave both Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran the urge to laugh out loud. This was the so-called old ginger is hotter than young ginger. This sentence held a lot of reasoning. This old man Qin wanted to act and he really didn’t give anyone the chance to spot a mistake. That gaze held a glimpse of remorse and a bit of compassion but not too fervent. This seemed to line in with old man Qin’s feelings towards Qin Jiran. But the people who had seen this scene weren’t normal people!

Sun Yanyi had experienced two lives and she was originally a smart person anyway. She had mingled within the entertainment circle, such an extremely complicated dyed bowl. What type of acting skills had she not seen before? What type of fake feelings had she not experienced before? How many people could stand in front of her acting but not be seen through by her? This was quite funny!

On the other hand, Qin Jiran, this Film Emperor rank figure had brought his acting skills to the point of perfection. Who is genuine and who wanted to lie to them using their acting skills? As long as he really wanted to find out, how could he be lied to by their acting? Therefore, acting in front of him was humorous as well!

As a result, whether it was Su Yanyi or Qin Jiran, the moment old man Qin changed his expression, they understood his intention. This old man wanted to appease them.

“Humph!” Su Yanyi disdained covering up and hated being fake as well as doing something half-heartedly. The moment old man Qin finished his words, she coldly humphed. She held a glimpse of mockery when looking at old man Qin, not disguising the fact that she had seen through his plan.

Likewise, Qin Jiran held a cold face on. He furrowed his eyebrows, looking at old man Qin. Although he couldn’t express his disdain so obviously, he backed up a step holding extreme alarm. He pulled apart he and old man Qin’s distance in order to reveal his point.

He wasn’t that child who was eager for affection and looked for his parents and family anymore. His desire for affection was long gone due to the reality of society. The remains of his feelings were all given to Su Yanyi and her family. He really didn’t have extra feelings to give to this old man who was attempting to scheme him despite him going to die soon of sickness!

“Family Su’s girl, you can say what you’re unsatisfied with, out loud. I know that family Qin owes an apology to Qin Jiran. As long as Jiran is willing to call me grandpa, I promise that he will have a share in family Qin’s inheritance!” Old man Qin tossed his largest bait out — The inheritance of family Qin!

But would old man Qin really give a share of the inheritance to his grandson that he hadn’t bothered to pay attention to for twenty-something years who had been in the orphanage? Or if he really planned on sharing, then how much would he give him and how was this decided?

For a moment, everyone considered this problem. It became quiet within the ward and everyone’s gazes were a little different.

Old man Qin and Zhang Yuanzhuo stared at Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi tightly. They seemed to attempt to see through something based on their expressions. But what led them to be disappointed was that not only did they not reveal a delightful look but their faces turned colder by the moment.

The two people’s reactions led old man Qin’s face to turn worse and worse. This type of reaction seemed to be out of his expectation. He had no idea if the two people purposefully disguised their happiness or they were too careful that he might speak of false words. But no matter what, this proved that the two people weren’t easy to go against. This led old man Qin to become more cautious.

He asked for Qin Jiran’s presence over and exclaimed words of sharing the inheritance so naturally, he had his own motives. He had fought for family Qin his whole life and he cared about the business of family Qin the most naturally. Plus, the old man was extremely old-fashioned. Towards the illegitimate child who wandered outside, he really didn’t have a good impression of him. Plus, there wasn’t just Qin Jiran, this illegitimate child within family Qin. Therefore, why did he only find Qin Jiran?

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