Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 86.3

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Chapter 86.3 — Becoming Stupider

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“President Su, there’s something I need to report.” An uncertain Kang Zhong’s voice came through the phone.


“Yesterday morning, a post appeared on all major forums and websites. The content was really simple, and it was asking what you had gifted Jiran. In fact, there were numerous posts such as this. In the beginning, we didn’t pay attention as much but who knew around three in the morning, some local fans started to create a disturbance saying that if we don’t announce what the gift was, they would sit outside the company in the morning. Originally, this was supposed to be a joke, but a portion of people have actually arrived at the company early this morning. There are about 20 or so people. How should we handle this?”

Kang Zhong felt quite helpless. Who knew the fans right now were that crazy and so many issues came up just because of a gift?

Su Yanyi’s face darkened at this report. Can’t the topic on gift stay in the past? Why are people still mentioning this?!

At the same time, Jiang Xiaobin was relaying the same thing to Qin Jiran. Qin Jiran’s face, however, was a bit peculiar.

After the two hung up, they looked at each other in silence.

“If you dare to talk about the gift…” At the same time Su Yanyi spoke, she made a ‘throat slash’ gesture and coldly threatened him.

Qin Jiran thought it was funny but still replied with a ‘zip lips’ gesture and acted cutely.

Su Yanyi raised her head in satisfaction and immediately transformed into Ice Queen.

Qin Jiran couldn’t help but steal a peck from the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips before he continued to set up her breakfast. She looked at Qin Jiran and thought about how obedient he normally was and heeded to her, so she didn’t mind the occasional sneak kisses.

When Su Yanyi arrived at the company, 20 or so people stood outside and raised small flags and handwritten placards. The content all had to do with the gift.

Su Yanyi was dumbstruck and couldn’t really understand. It was fine that the fans were curious that she’d given Qin Jiran a gift, but why use such a method to find out? Though they claimed they were being ‘curious’, in reality, they were forcing her. How could she, Su Yanyi, compromise with them regarding this?

“Why should I tell you guys what I gave him? This is a public place. I can’t control how long you guys want to stand here for. The fans have a right to know but it doesn’t mean that the fans have the right to invade their idol’s privacy. You guys are making me and him feel disappointed by your actions.” Su Yanyi walked proudly towards the crowd, basking in her arctic aura. She slightly raised her chin and maintained a haughty imposing manner. Each word she spoke was clear and nonchalant, making the 20 or so people feel ashamed!

Of course, there were a few who didn’t accept this as an answer. There was a beautiful girl, seventeen or eighteenish, who started yelling after hearing Su Yanyi’s words. “Why can’t we know? Qin Jiran belongs to everyone and not just you. You won’t even tell us what you gave him. You’re too petty!”

After all, she was still a kid and wouldn’t go overboard. Of course, to Su Yanyi, the fan was provoking her, especially with that sentence: Qin Jiran didn’t just belong to her…This made the surrounding aura frostier!

Su Yanyi who was narrow-minded and possessive, hated people trying to provoke her. Qin Jiran was hers and only hers!

“Because I am his lawful wife and he loves me and heeds to all my words. I dare say that he belongs to me only and is only mine. No matter how obsessed you are with him, he will never be yours!” This was the first time Su Yanyi had fought with a teenage girl. She thought it was a bit immature for she was fighting over Qin Jiran’s affection. Truth be told, Su Yanyi was quite pleased with this. She should be announcing how Qin Jiran belonged to her and how no one should dare to steal him from her!

But it was enough to just talk about it. She didn’t want to continue this fight with the teenage girl. She had the security guards pay attention and make sure there were no incidents before she walked into the company with a chilly aura.

Behind her, a group of teenage girls looked at each other speechlessly. Right after, a person excitedly yelled. “She’s worth being our Queen. She’s so beautiful, cool and full of imposing manner!”

“Heh. I originally came to look at the Queen anyway. Of course, she was full of imposing manner. I am a true Queen fan. Do you guys want to join? We have a lot of sisters in our group and they’re all the Queen’s fans.” Another teenage girl who was calmer said with bright eyes.

“Ah, we have the same thoughts. I took this chance to see the two ‘samas’. Although I haven’t seen Qin Sama, I have seen Queen Su. This is still worth the visit.” Another teenage girl who wore glasses said. Likewise, her eyes were sparkling and bright.

“Hey, how…how can you guys be like this? Didn’t we come because we wanted to know what the gift was? Aren’t you guys angry by how she spoke to us?” This was the girl who’d questioned Su Yanyi. Her face was scrunched up as she looked at everyone as though they had wronged her.

“We do want to know what the gift was but like what the Queen said, it’s their private matter. It would be better if we do know but it’s no big deal if we don’t either. After all, the two were dating. I just wanted to see them in person and as I missed the charity show because I was elsewhere, I came here when I had the time.”

“Ah. It’s the same for me. Let’s shake hands, shake hands. We’ll be friends in the future. If there are any events regarding Qin Sama or Queen Su, we can go together…”

The girls started to chatter about, and it was much noisier than the hushed atmosphere they were in. The security guards who were supposed to ‘take care of them’ felt black lines going down their head. They felt that they’d been rendered speechless by these shameless youngsters. Aren’t they too black-bellied?!

Not long after, on major forums and websites, especially the one under Su Yanyi’s Weibo, was a new topic.

The Queen is mighty. The Queen is domineering. This is all depicted in the video.

This was clearly someone who was in attendance and had taken a video of Su Yanyi’s response. After they’d recorded the video, they’d eagerly uploaded it. Although the angle wasn’t ideal, the scene was still clear.

This made Su Yanyi’s chain of incomparably dominant declaration public. Many of the fans even confirmed the validity of the video and this contributed to numerous comments.

The Queen is worth being the Queen. She is clearly dominant enough!

Why do I feel like the Queen and Film Emperor are flaunting their affection?

I really want to know what the gift is too. But since the Queen is keeping it a secret, we can only respect her and swallow the curiosity!

Did you guys hear the main point? There was one sentence that the Queen said which made me feel sentimental. Were you guys paying attention? Quickly respond. Tell me ‘which sentence you guys liked the most’ or ‘the most dominant one’!

It must be ‘he is only mine’. There is no other sentence that is more dominant than this one!

It should be- ‘he only loves me’. See how confident and dominating she is?! This is how much the Film Emperor loves the Queen!

No, no, no. It should be ‘he only heeds to me’. As it turns out, this is what happened. Taming the Film Emperor and whatnot really makes her dominant. Queen, you are clearly our idol!

Based on these analyses, the conversation revolved around the same words. Gradually, the words, ‘he only heeds to me’ gained popularity and approval of many for some reason.

Of course, some comments were about Su Yanyi and there was even some negative news. It was quickly overthrown by the steady stream of people and immediately got buried in the sea of comments. It didn’t even bear any negative impact for Su Yanyi or Qin Jiran. This was proof enough of how stable Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s statuses were.

At this time, Qin Jiran was also watching this video and the comments while at the set. He remained calm while Jiang Xiaobin was trying his best to look at him. He couldn’t tell what Qin Jiran’s expression meant. Was he happy or not?

“Brother Qin, tell me. What did President Su give you? We are really curious and look at how your fans are sitting in front of the company and demanding an answer.”

Qin Jiran didn’t even bother with Jiang Xiaobin. He continued to shoot his scenes. Gifts and what not — don’t ever think of finding out. Otherwise, the moment the news spread, he would definitely be murdered by Yanyi! The image of Yanyi threatening him this morning was still vivid in his mind. She was fierce and cute.

When he finished shooting the last scene, it was past afternoon. Qin Jiran hurriedly called Su Yanyi, not minding the fact that he hadn’t eaten anything yet.

“I just finished shooting the scenes. Should I go over and pick you up now?” As Qin Jiran said this, he walked in the direction of the parking lot. The moment he finished his words, however, he saw a beautiful figure standing next to his car and holding her phone, looking at him. If it wasn’t Yanyi, who was it?

“Yanyi, why did you come? Have you been here for a long time? Why didn’t you come in and wait? Are you tired?” The callous Film Emperor had immediately transformed into a compassionate person.

“I’m hungry. Let’s quickly head back. Mother has cooked lunch and is waiting for us.”

When Su Yanyi said this, Qin Jiran quit asking. He didn’t see Su Yanyi’s car but she was waiting by his side, so he naturally was going to go back with her. Qin Jiran opened the door for Su Yanyi before taking the wheels and heading off.



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