Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 69.3

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Chapter 69.3 — The Love Rival Attacks

“What are you guys talking about? You look really happy,” Su Yanyi asked as she eased into the conversation, taking a seat beside Qin Jiran. She smiled, and he smiled back.

“We’re talking about my new movie.” Affected by the beautiful atmosphere, he reached out and bravely took her hand in a gentle grip, catching her slightly off-guard.

If she wanted to, she could easily pull her hand away, but she didn’t.

“Let’s put He Mingyang in charge of spreading publicity for the film. If the box office fails, make him pay for it.” When it came to new films, Su Yanyi’s first thought was related to the box office. She was a businesswoman, after all.

“President Su, you’re joking. Would the box office for a film that the Film Emperor is in fail? How could that be possible?” For the new film, He Mingyang was full of confidence. Nothing would go wrong as long as Qin Jiran had the leading role.

Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran and nodded in agreement.

He was calm when he heard He Mingyang’s praise, but when he saw Su Yanyi nodding along, he suddenly felt a little shy. The tips of his ears turned pink, and his grip on her hand tightened.

Her acknowledgment and praise were what he cared the most about and what he had been working hard for all along.

The banquet continued far into the night before ending. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran stayed overnight at the Su Manor again, in the same room with the same bed and the same blanket.  

Although he still felt a little awkward, the awkwardness was easily overshadowed by a feeling of warmth. Even without doing anything, he felt extremely happy and satisfied.

Under the blanket, Qin Jiran carefully held her hand again, this time with a bit more strength than at the banquet.

“What happened with the Wang family and the Qin family at the banquet today is bound to make the headlines tomorrow. You’ll most likely be swarmed by reporters, so be prepared.” Holding hands while they were lying in bed made her a little uncomfortable, but she didn’t pull away. It was rare for him to take the initiative, and she didn’t want to dampen his enthusiasm.

“I know.” The humiliation of the Wang family and the Qin family had undoubtedly reached the ears of the well-informed reporters already. He didn’t know how they would narrate it, but the public opinion would most likely be lead by Mother Su’s media company.

Still, he asked for confirmation. “The Dragon’s Emissary will also report it?”

“Yes. We’ve already made preparations.” A conflict between influential families would not only involve the four great families but also the major companies managed by the families. A single news report was capable of causing stocks prices to rise and fall. Since they were in control of the mouthpiece of the media industry, the Su family would naturally use it in their own favor.

Qin Jiran agreed, but he thought of a problem. “I want to try acquiring the two media companies controlled by the Wang family. That way, we won’t have to worry about fighting against them for the public opinion.”

Su Yanyi showed a gratified smile. “I was thinking the same. It’s about time for the Dragon’s Emissary to do some expanding, and those two companies are decently sized. If we succeed, they can be integrated the Dragon’s Emissary and allow the Dragon’s Emissary to not only completely dominate the domestic media industry but also gain a foothold in the international market.”

Su Yanyi was obviously quite ambitious. The entertainment industry was intricately tied to the media industry, and Mother Su had always been intent on passing the Dragon’s Emissary to Su Yanyi, who had thoroughly met up to her expectations.

“You’re right. Right now, what China lacks is a media company that can compete in the international market. The future of the Dragon’s Emissary is bright and it has a chance, but…”  

If she was going to inherit the Dragon’s Emissary, then as her husband and a member of the Su family, he would also have to play a role. Going into the international market with such a large company was undoubtedly a huge responsibility. Moreover, his mother-in-law would be watching…

“But what? No confidence?” Su Yanyi felt that she was understanding him more and more. She could tell what he was worried about from his hesitant expression.

“I feel pressured, but I’m also confident.” The pressure was not heavy enough to rob him of his confidence; furthermore, how could he retreat in the face of Yanyi’s challenge?

In front of Su Yanyi, he had always felt a little inferior. But as a man, especially a better man, he couldn’t always be feeling bad about himself.

“That’s right. Do your best.” Su Yanyi nodded in satisfaction. She’d also noticed that he sometimes seemed a little insecure in front of her. Although she liked it when he looked at her with such admiration, she also liked seeing him self-confident, high-spirited, and proud. He was the Film Emperor who stood at the top of the entertainment circle, a man who could look down on the entire world.

But of course, the man who could look down on the entire world would look up at her. She felt honored and happy about this.

In her opinion, an individual’s success depended on both his own power and power of his supporters. It was an absolutely wonderful feeling to be looked up at by a man who was looked up at by countless supporters.

As the night progressed, the two drifted off to sleep. Their hands did not separate and instead drew closer.

Early the next morning, Su Yanyi once again realized her dishonest sleeping habits because when she woke up, she found that she had burrowed herself into Qin Jiran’s arms again.

Unlike before, she was familiar with the sensation of his warm chest and his pleasant scent. As a matter of fact, she was even beginning to enjoy it.

Qin Jiran opened his eyes when he sensed that she was awake. He’d actually woken up before she did, but he had stayed still because he didn’t want to stir the little woman sleeping peacefully in his arms. Her sweet sleeping face was enough to make him forget the passage of time. Every minute seemed to drag on but pass quickly at the same time.

He greedily took in her sleeping appearance and watched her slow stirring, engraving it in his heart.

“Morning.” Her voice sounded lazy and particularly sexy, and her eyes contained a hint of drowsiness that made him want to hug her and give her a fierce kiss.

That was when his body stiffened and he shifted, trying to place some distance between them. Unfortunately, he couldn’t because she was still lying on him, so he could only bear with it and greet her.

“Morning.” His voice sounded a bit deeper than usual, which Su Yanyi also found to be extremely sexy. In the close proximity, she suspected that her ears had turned red.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, and a glint of mischief flashed through them. Suddenly, she leaned in and planted a chaste kiss on his lips; once again, it came and went like the touch of a dragonfly’s wing.

“Good morning kiss.”

Su Yanyi, who had just deliberately taken advantage of her husband, unceremoniously turned over and got out of bed. She stood by the bed and smiled at him.

She’d really moved too fast, so fast that it was over before Qin Jiran could even react. He pursed his lips in regret and looked at her with an increasingly intense gaze as he vowed to himself that he would steal the kiss back next time. He couldn’t let the woman take the initiative every time.

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