Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 82.2

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Chapter 82.2 — Little Bun: Su Nuo

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Hey, how come, kids, the older they turn the less cute they become? When they’re soft and delicate as a baby, they’re adorable. When they wanted to pull on their arms, they could do so. When they wanted to pinch their feet, they could. Now, they had to find an excuse to even meet up!

“I disdain lying to others. You guys will find out after going back. Humph, that gift is cuter than you guys!” The old man turned his head towards the window haughtily, clearly not wanting to talk to Su Yanyi anymore. The two almost laughed at the sight. They say old people are players and that was exactly like grandfather.

Soon, the three reached home. The housekeeper, Uncle Fang, personally greeted them at the door. His expression was heavy, but he didn’t fail to reveal a cheerful look. His expression looked extremely similar to the old man.

So, the gift must really exist. They just had no idea what it was that made these two figures, who had gone through a lot, feel contradicted.

“Lord, Young Miss, Son-in-law, you have all returned. Master and the Lady are already home and the Young Master is hurrying back. He will probably arrive around one in the morning.” Uncle Fang came up to report.

So, not only had Father and Mother Su come back, even Su Family’s older brother was rushing back from abroad. It seemed like the gift held a lot of importance, making Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran even more curious.

“Where is he? Take me to him.” The group of people hadn’t even walked into the room when Grandfather Su hurriedly asked.

The ‘he’, stunned Su Yanyi. Although she didn’t know who the ‘he’ was, it didn’t stop her from deducing that this gift might not be a thing but a person.

So this meant that someone had sent a person as a Christmas gift to her brother and that person was the reason behind her grandfather’s peculiar reaction.

But who was this person?

“In the living room. The Lord would be able to see him when you go in.” When Uncle Fang finished, the old man quickened his pace, as if he was too eager.

Just like Uncle Fang had said, the person was in the living room. When Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran walked in, they could see the person who had made old man Su feel contradicted.

Then, they felt contradicted too.

Who could tell them why someone had sent a boy to her elder brother as a gift? Plus, he looked like elder brother Su!

For a fleeting moment, a thought struck Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. Looking at the four or five-year-old boy, a glimmer of incredulity flashed by their eyes.

“Jiran, are you thinking what I am thinking?” Su Yanyi asked Qin Jiran by her side. Although she couldn’t explain it, she believed that Qin Jiran understood her.

“I think that it is highly possible.”

This was because he’d the same thought. It wasn’t because they had a vivid imagination or a strong ability for conjecture, but because the kid and elder brother Su were basically the same! They matched over 90%!

The thick eyebrows and big eyes, the straight bridge of the nose, the tightly pursed thin lips, and most importantly the aura; although he was just a little bun, he was very cold and reserved, revealing a serious imposing manner. It was extremely similar to elder brother Su’s serious expression when committing to something.

“I think so too.” Su Yanyi nodded her head incessantly in agreement.

She deftly scuttled to the old man, naturally facing the small kid. Under everyone’s gaze, she quickly raised her fingers over and pinched the small kid’s white and delicate face.

Right then, the small kid knitted his eyebrows. Although he didn’t like others touching his face, the most important thing was that it hurt a lot. But he didn’t even have time to react, and could only widen his eyes to see that delicate and exquisite looking big sister pinch him.

Did she not like him? Mother said that he needed to be good so that everyone would like him. He’d really been obediently sitting there, without moving. But how come this sister still didn’t like him?

Thinking up to here, despite how strong the little bun was, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and his eyes turned red. Even so, he didn’t cry. Mother had said that good kids don’t cry and if he cried, he won’t be a good kid anymore. If he weren’t a good kid, other people wouldn’t like him. That way, father won’t like him, and he didn’t want that since he only had his father left!

Naturally, everyone naturally noticed that though the little bun’s eyes were red, he still held in his tears. But it was this very expression that made the others adore him even more. Old man Su pulled Su Yanyi to the side right then and hugged his great-grandson.

He kindly soothed, “Little grandson, don’t cry. That aunty is bad so let’s ignore her. This Great Grandfather will take you to eat tasty food.”

Su Yanyi felt like her place was taken away and she looked at the little bun whose eyes were still red but seemed helpless when he’s suddenly carried by someone.

She said in distaste, “Small kids are, as expected, problematic. They’re not cute at all.”

The little bun’s eyes were even redder because he was disliked. He looked at Su Yanyi as though he was wronged, not understanding why this beautiful sister didn’t like him.

At the same time, the other members of the Su Family looked helplessly at Su Yanyi. Old man Su couldn’t help but glare at her. Only Qin Jiran wanted to laugh at Su Yanyi’s expression. She clearly liked children, otherwise, she wouldn’t have done this. But she had to say that he wasn’t cute and acted awkwardly like a child. In his eyes, however, she was extremely cute.

“Don’t cry, your aunty likes you a lot. She’s just playing with you.” Qin Jiran comforted the little bun in an extremely gentle tone. This was the first time Su Yanyi saw Qin Jiran being so gentle to someone else. Of course, it was more of affection towards children than gentleness. Although this was the case, Su Yanyi was a bit unsatisfied!

How could this man be so gentle to someone else?! His gentleness belonged to her! No one else could steal it from her! Kids are expectedly annoying.

Su Yanyi directly pulled Qin Jiran over and fiercely said to the little bun, “I don’t want to play with this child. Do I look that immature?”


The entire Su Family answered in their hearts, but no one dared to say it aloud. They definitely couldn’t add oil to the fire.

Qin Jiran was a bit speechless at Su Yanyi’s behavior. He pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand and gently said, “This is elder brother’s kid and he’s very cute. He looks a bit similar to you.”

Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo looked 50% similar already. But this little bun looked remarkably similar to Su Yanmo, so naturally, he resembled Su Yanyi. Qin Jiran really liked this kid and it had to do with his appearance. This was the so-called ‘loving those related to Su Yanyi’.

Su Yanyi looked seriously at the little bun while the little bun looked at her. The two stared at each other and their looks were, indeed, very similar. The people present couldn’t help but laugh at this sight.

“You’re fond of kids?”

In reality, Su Yanyi wanted to ask Qin Jiran if he liked this kid. But she left out ‘this’. At this moment, the unexpected sound of the system rang!

Congratulations to the host for completing the mission. Another point will be added. Now, you have 20 points and have completed the second level mission. As long as you complete the upgrading mission, you will ascend to level three. The mission to ascend from level two to three is to personally make black briefs for Mr. Qin. This requires the host to personally make it and the size and width need to fit Mr. Qin’s figure. In addition, you need to receive a good comment. Please continue to work hard, host!

Su Yanyi was speechless. The surprise came quickly, and she wasn’t done with experiencing the happiness within when it turned to anger.


What is this stupid system? Why is the upgrading mission so perverted! Did she need to personally make black briefs for Qin Jiran? What joke is it playing at? Is the system talking in an alien language?

Su Yanyi swore that if the system wasn’t virtual, she would definitely beat it up!

At the same time, the 001 hiding in the system shrunk itself. It tried very hard to act invisible. It was extremely scared of its Master’s anger!

The change in Su Yanyi’s expression was too quick, to the point where though everyone noticed it, they’re weren’t able to see clearly. In the end, she revealed a trace of anger. Everyone was a bit worried, thinking Su Yanyi really disliked this child.

“You don’t like this?” Qin Jiran asked a bit hesitatingly.

Although he didn’t answer, his attitude revealed his answer. He did like little kids and although they were a bit problematic, kids had pretty innocent thoughts. They didn’t have dark thoughts as such, and they were really cute. Nevertheless, he was still Yanyi’s nephew. How could he not like him?

“Humph!” Su Yanyi humphed but didn’t say she disliked him. In reality, she thought that kids were problematic, so she didn’t really like them but the kid in front of them was different. Although he was problematic too, he was her brother’s kid. How could she really say that she disliked him?

When everyone saw Su Yanyi’s expression, they were comforted and laughed. Although the little bun didn’t understand the current scenario, he seemed to understand that this beautiful sister, who was his aunt, didn’t dislike him that much. So, he revealed a cute smile.

The little bun’s smile wasn’t that brilliant, but it really warmed the heart. His smile was full of purity and cuteness, delighting the people around.

Sneak peek: 

He never thought that something like this would happen in his family. Su Yanmo actually had a child stranded outside and he was already five years old. This was longer than the time he was married.

“What’s your name and how old are you? Do you know who I am?” Su Yanyi continued to ask, but towards the child.

The little bun blinked his eyes but looked seriously. He said in a clear voice, “My name is Su Nuo, Su as in Su Shi, and Nuo as in Nuo Yan. I am five years old and four full years…” The little bun paused and it felt like he was considering the last question. No one hurried him and he answered after thinking, “Should I be calling you aunty? If you are aunty, does that mean your my father’s sister?”

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