Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 71.1

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Chapter 71.1 — This is Love

At noon, Su Yanyi invited the whole crew to eat extremely exquisite Japanese cuisine for lunch. When the cast and crew members eat the Japanese cuisine, they shouted out the Queen is formidable. They even took pictures of lunch and uploaded online with messages saying, “Queen treated us to lunch”, “Queen is so loving”, and “Queen, please come often”. This made many of the fans envy them and wished they could join the crew. There were too many benefits in joining the crew. They would be able to see the Film Emperor and eat the delicious food the Queen treats them to. It really made others envious.

This time, Jiang Xiaobin learned to be smart. He immediately uploaded a number of pictures on Film Emperor Qin’s Weibo. Majority of the pictures are pictures of Queen Su and the Film Emperor eating together. Although the pictures were ordinary, it gives off a very warm feeling, making the fans both admire and envy the couple.

In fact, not all of the Film Emperor’s fans support Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi being together. There are still a group of female fans that wants their idol to be single. After all, they would be able to have more fantasy of their idol this way. However, there are very few fans who are like this. They only protested against Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s relationship in the beginning. After that, they gradually began to accept Su Yanyi’s existence.

It cannot help but be said that it’s very difficult for people o find any faults on Su Yanyi. Even though her temperament is very indifferent and her methods are a little ruthless, it can’t overshadow the sparkling golden light that her whole body emits.

She has an extraordinary family background, extraordinary ability, and an extraordinary appearance. No matter how picky the fans are, once a woman has these three points and some necessary emotions, they wouldn’t think that she isn’t worthy of Qin Jiran, the Film Emperor. Therefore, the number of blessings from the fans are gradually increasing. Even more, in a short period of time, they have become the best married couple in the entertainment industry. But all of this doesn’t affect the sparkling golden light that her whole body emits.

In the afternoon, the crew moved to another part of the villa to start filming. Qin Jiran still has two more scenes. One of the scenes involves him and the female lead interacting. However, it’s not a flirtatious scene. He merely has to save the female lead from the criminal and pull the female lead’s arm towards the end of the scene.

The main subject of the film,《Power War》is police, criminals, and criminal investigation. There aren’t many portrayals of love in the film. The most excessive part of the film is just a few ambiguous scenes. Even when they hold hands, it was to help each other escape from the criminals. This is one of the reasons Qin Jiran inclined to love this script more. He likes Su Yanyi with both his heart and body. So he only wants to touch Su Yanyi. Just thinking about touching other woman makes him disgusted. Therefore, even if he’s filming, he doesn’t want to have too much contact with other women. When Yanyi wasn’t willing to be with him before, he did the same thing. Now that Yanyi agreed to try to be with him, so he is more reluctant to have anything to do with other women. Even if it’s for filming, he’s not too willing. Perhaps this is also a kind of psychological mysophobia.

So when Guo Zekai was considering whether they should add more romantic scenes, he was rejected by Qin Jiran without a second thought. But this won’t affect the quality of the film. With Qin Jiran’s clear-cut yet beautiful talent, a puzzling and mysterious plot development, and a tempestuous storyline, it is enough to make this film a classic criminal investigation movie.

“Quickly leave! Once you leave, immediately call the police and let them protect you!” Qin Jiran was dripping with blood as he sat on the ground. Both his shoulder and ankle were shot. His appearance showed that he was in a difficult situation. In contrast, the female lead he had just saved appeared to look much better but there was a panicked expression on her face.

“I’m not leaving, I want to stay with you!” Although Fan Linger who is playing the role of the female lead has a panicked expression on her face, her gaze towards Qin Jiran was full of admiration and determination.

Sometimes women are a mystical and a contradictory creature. She may be often more vulnerable than men but when she is in the face of love, she would become exceedingly stronger than anyone. They were born for love and would die for love.

“No, it’s too dangerous here. I’m injured and can’t walk. You can only help me after you leave first. Quickly leave!” Qin Jiran deeply looked at the female lead. His eyes showed that he is touched but his resoluteness overshadows his other emotions. He is giving the female lead the belief that only if she safely leaves then she can find someone to save him!

In reality, right now the male lead that Qi Jiran played a part in was in a seriously hurt and lack of strength state, unable to move. However, the place where they’re at was extremely dangerous. At anytime, they might be found by the criminals. Therefore he must take advantage of the time before the criminals had found here to let the female lead leave first. It would be up to him to stall the criminals. That way, there is a possibility for the female lead to obtain an opportunity to live. As far as for him, he already carried the determination to die.

The reason why the male lead had done this is because his feelings towards the female lead were part of it but even more so was due to his responsibility as a police officer. Of course, maybe this also included the man’s manner. What Qi Jiran needed to do was to express this type of absolute spirit and let people to not only feel sorrowful but also extremely admirable!

“Ok!” Guo Zekai yelled stop, satisfied. What he enjoyed the most was watching Qi Jiran, this Film Emperor, and Fang  Linger, this Film Empress, put on a show. The two people’s skillful acting, at most, one scene might be shot two or three times before it was passed. It spared him the worry and effort.

After Guo Zekai yelled stop, Qi Jiran immediately stood up and moved away from Fang Linger about a meter or so away. This led Fang Linger who was about to say something turn a little speechless.

Even if his wife was by the side watching this, he didn’t need to avoid her okay. It injured her self-esteem! However, after thinking about it, Fang Linger started to envy Queen Su’s training methods. The fact that she was able to train her man like this really led others to be jealous of her.

Qi Jiran, nevertheless, didn’t take notice of her. He directly walked to Su Yanyi’s side and Fang Linger could only watch while following along.

“President Su, brother Qi, there is a matter that I want to discuss with you guys.” Fang Linger held a helpless tone, obviously not holding much hope towards this conversation. But, she had no other choice but to say this.

Sun Yanyi and Qi Jiran’s reaction were extremely similar. They both looked coldly at Fang Linger then inquired what she wants to say through their glances.

When she saw this scene, Fang Linger extremely naturally thought of the two words, tacit understanding. Being watched attentively by these two icebergs, she felt a little cold in her surrounding. But she didn’t know how come yet she felt it was funny in some way.

“My boyfriend is managing a program and wants to invite the two of you guys to be guests. The program is called 《 Hand in Hand Walking Together 》which is an interview type of program specialized in gathering news about married couples or lovers.” Fang Linger embarrassingly exclaimed. After she finished, she also blinked her large eyes and stared at the two people in await.

If she wasn’t so annoyed with her boyfriend’s pestering, she really didn’t want to do this. It’s fine with Film Emperor Qin. Mainly, it was too difficult with Queen Su. Although she held some expectations, in reality, she really didn’t hold that much hope. She was satisfied as long as she wasn’t rejected too tragically.

“No interest.” Of course, Su Yanyi declined without hesitating. She was a businesswoman and not a celebrity. There is no need to go on programs to raise her reputation.

However, after she rejected her, Su Yanyi furrowed her eyebrows while looking at Qi Jiran. Qi Jiran, as an actor, was actually very suitable to attend these types of programs. Then did she needed to consider this for Qi Jiran?

Su Yanyi was a little hesitant. She said before that she will be good to this man. However, if she were to go on the program…

Qi Jiran also felt Su Yanyi’s hesitance but didn’t know her thoughts. However, he knew Su Yanyi’s personality really well and that she definitely won’t like to go on some program. Therefore, he also directly declined: “Sorry, recently I am very busy.”

Qi Jiran’s rejection was rather tactful. But rejection was a rejection. Fang Linger understood the two people’s opinions. She could only say: “I know that it will be like this.”

The next scene quickly begins shooting. Like the last scene, Qi Jiran and Fang Linger immediately got into their stances and quickly finished.

Qi Jiran swiftly got rid of his makeup and came out. He pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand before leaving. This led everyone within the cast and crew to be envious and jealous. As for Jiang Xiaobin who was once again left behind, he seized the moment to capture the picture of the two people’s rear view holding hands. He uploaded this on Qi Jiran’s official webpage with extreme love and once again showed off their loving affection in front of the fans.

“At night, everyone will be here having a barbeque and eating together. Do we want to go?” When there was only the two of them, Qi Jiran asked.

“Hm.” Although she rarely attended these activities, Su Yanyi didn’t object against.

Qi Jiran stared at Su Yanyi’s expressionless face but was able to feel the how peaceful Su Yanyi’s emotions were right now. She seemed to be very relaxed and happy. This led him to feel quite delighted.

He looked at the hot spring area not far from here and Qi Jiran’s eyes gloom a little. He acted casually, inquiring: “Cough, Yanyi, do you want to go soak in a hot spring? The hot spring here didn’t release to the public yet. It should be quite fine.”

Vi and Ri: We hope you enjoy this chapter and we apologize if the terminologies doesn’t match. Thank you for reading. ❤


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