Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 65.3

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Chapter 65.3 — Black Is a Good Color

“You’re apologizing because you held my hand? A person like you deserves to be single forever!” How come he was always so decisive and frank toward others, but never to her? She just couldn’t understand!

Qin Jiran stared at her blankly. When he finally understood what she meant, his expression instantly stiffened.

A very classic joke suddenly came to his mind, a joke about a boundary and a man is either a beast or worse than a beast1. He had a feeling that he was an example of the latter.

Coughing, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at his own thoughts. What kind of nonsense am I thinking?

“What are you thinking about?” she asked curiously after noticing that his expression was strange, as though he had thought of something he shouldn’t have. Has he finally been enlightened?

The tips of his ears turned red as he struggled to come up with a response. The classic joke was better left unsaid.

Their topic had jumped straight from the matter of inheritance to their relationship. The difference was pretty big, but neither of them cared.

That night, they chatted for a long time before Su Yanyi noticed that Qin Jiran seemed a little tired. Knowing how exhausting his work had been, she told him to rest early and finally ended their pleasant conversation.

After returning to her room, she took a shower and washed her hair. She grabbed a towel and started to wipe her hair, but a painful tug by her rough movements suddenly made her think of Qin Jiran and his gentle hands.

She hesitated for only a second before heading to his room. As always, she entered without knocking, but only to find that the man wasn’t inside. Before she could think too much into it, she heard the sound of running water in the bathroom. He was showering.

When he came out, he was greeted by the sight of Su Yanyi sitting casually on his bed, waterdrops falling from the ends of her hair to the surface of his bedsheets. It was undoubtedly a pleasant sight, but to her, the sight of him standing there in nothing but his underwear was even better. Pure black, triangular, sexy underwear!

Her eyes lit up instantly, and she praised herself for her decision to barge into his room. Then she became determined to do it more often. Her own bedroom was only two steps away from his anyway, it was no problem.

Her eager gaze drew his own attention to his scantily clad body. He froze for one second before rushing back into the bathroom. When he came out again, somewhat embarrassed, he was swathed in a bathrobe.

Su Yanyi’s gaze had turned away and landed on the little tortoise also in his room. Its golden eyes were bright like hers, as though the scenery had delighted it too. Su Yanyi’s eyes narrowed slightly when she realized that she wasn’t the only one who partook in the view. As a matter of fact, the tortoise had probably seen it more often than she had. That thought made her very unhappy.

She walked over, pinched the tortoise between two of her fingers, and rudely threw it out of the room.

Anything that she couldn’t see, the tortoise couldn’t either! Hmph!

Wait, no. Anything that she could see, the tortoise couldn’t see! Hmph! Hmph!

Qin Jiran watched, speechless. He didn’t know what Su Yanyi was thinking, but he had his own problems to think about. Like, how come every time she came in, he was either in the middle of taking off his clothes or in the middle of putting on his clothes?

Since Su Yanyi had a habit of not knocking, he felt like he should change his habit of leaving the shower and going to bed without clothes on. Their habits were too incompatible with each other!

“Yanyi, you’re always launching sneak attacks on me. It gives me a lot of pressure, you know?” He decided to alleviate the awkwardness by joking, though he felt like he was the only one feeling awkward.

“You can launch sneak attacks on me too, I won’t feel pressured… now, help me dry my hair.” Her lack of expression really left him speechless.

He skillfully began to dry her hair with the towel, ignoring her words. Although he really did want to “sneak attack” her too, he didn’t have the courage, because what if… what if I end up seeing something I shouldn’t? Then wouldn’t she kick me out? No, no, no.

As his thoughts wandered, his hands worked seriously on the towel and her hair. And right when he thought the underwear mishap was over, he suddenly heard her say, “Black is a pretty sexy color. You like it?”

He instantly froze.

Black. Black. Pretty sexy. Pretty sexy.

Why did he feel like he was getting teased? Why!

“Yanyi, your hair is dry now. You should go back and rest!” His voice was low, and his red ears gave away his embarrassment.

“Qin Jiran likes black underwear?” she asked the System, feeling like a blind cat that ran into a dead mouse. Although she wasn’t sure if she was right, there was no harm in asking.

【 Yes, Master! 】

Congratulations on accomplishing the task once!

+1 Point

Progress: 7/10

Please continue to work hard!

Satisfied, a mischievous smile appeared on her face as she received the towel and turned around. She slowly ran her eyes all over his body, pausing to stare unabashedly at a certain part before continuing. Qin Jiran’s body heated up under her ambiguous gaze, and he felt like running away.

Eventually, she withdrew her gaze and left happily, leaving him speechless as he stood there feeling both relieved and a little disappointed at the same time.

He knew he should’ve teased her back, but how come he could never muster the courage?

Next time, next time will be different! He vowed to himself.

And he had just finished calming himself down when the door opened again and Su Yanyi popped her head in. ”The little thing is not allowed in your room again. I’ll throw it out if it is.”

The door closed before he could respond.

It must be mentioned that jealous women were the most unreasonable. Even the little tortoise was not spared!

The little golden tortoise would like to say: I’m innocent, I didn’t peek that often!

That night he went to bed and had a “special” dream. Inside the dream, the same words kept repeating…

Black, very sexy… Like it? Black, black, black…

When Qin Jiran woke up the next morning, he was speechless to find that a grown man like him had actually… that. For half a minute, he sat cold-faced on his bed. Then he resignedly got up and went to the bathroom…

To shower and wash his underpants.

Film Emperor Qin would like to say: Certain dreams are really annoying.

VIN: I told you guys I wasn’t baiting. I TOLD YOU. (I refuse to use exclamation marks, but pretend those periods are exclamation marks.)

RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1x a week, 3x every other week.

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