Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 89.2

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Chapter 89.2 — Begin the Plan 

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As expected, Su Yanyi came back way earlier than usual. The sautéed Crab in hot spicy sauce was just out of the kitchen and its enticing aroma beckoning people to have a taste of it. Su Yanyi didn’t stand on ceremony. She reached over to grab a crab leg and nibbled on.

Qin Jiran raised his head to look at Su Yanyi. Though his hands were busy with the fish, he was still infected by Su Yanyi’s adorable expression; he let out a doting laugh. Su Yanyi ate like a squirrel.

“What are you laughing at?” While she bit on the crab leg, she tilted her head in confusion at Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran felt like Su Yanyi was luring him to pat her head with this look. As he thought of this, he out his thoughts in motion and reached over to rub Su Yanyi’s smooth hair.

Su Yanyi thought Qin Jiran was being a bit strange but didn’t duck. Qin Jiran was mostly the one doing her hair. She was already used to it. Plus, he was just touching it.

Needless to say, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran became more and more harmonious. A lot of their routines were the same, they gave off a feeling of being a part of one another. Perhaps, this was usual for married couples. Of course, they were lacking something in this lifestyle.

“How does it taste?” Seeing how happily Yanyi was eating, he was tempted to try as well.

Who could tell if she’d read Qin Jiran’s thoughts? Nonetheless, she shoved a piece of crab meat in Qin Jiran’s mouth. “Taste it for yourself.”

Dinner was quickly ready. Although it wasn’t a feast, the majority were spicy dishes. Qin Jiran liked spice and Su Yanyi occasionally would too. While the two ate, they were chugging down water. By now, their lips were red and swollen; they couldn’t help but laugh at each other.

Qin Jiran was already used to the small intimate moments with Su Yanyi. At this time, he took the initiative to kiss the corner of Yanyi’s lips. It was spicy, warm and red.

After dinner, Qin Jiran went to find the little golden turtle as he wanted to feed it. Yet, he couldn’t find it anywhere. He searched through the first and second floors already, making Su Yanyi unhappy.

“The little thing has been with Nuo Nuo recently. It won’t be lost.” Su Yanyi thought that it’s best if it was lost, otherwise, it’d keep interrupting her and Qin Jiran’s time together.

“That’s true. That little thing has found a companion and it’s been quite happy.” When he thought of the new thing, he laughed. He didn’t need to worry now that the little golden turtle had found a new friend.

Su Yanyi didn’t like how Qin Jiran was ecstatic at the thought of the pet. She mused for a bit and changed the subject. “You already know of the Qin Family. What other thoughts do you have?”

Although she’d made her own decisions regarding the Qin Family, she respected Qin Jiran’s opinions more. If Qin Jiran really went against her, she wouldn’t go overboard. Otherwise, it would have the opposite effect if she made Qin Jiran unhappy.

“Qin Zhenyi wanted to work with me, but I rejected him. What’s your next step?” Qin Jiran suddenly felt like he had no ideas. Plus, it wasn’t important whether he had ideas or not. It all depended on Yanyi’s plans.

“Acquire Qin Company!” Su Yanyi said icily. This plan wasn’t just a day or two old. In order to have enough funds and simultaneously execute numerous acquisition plans, she had her Elder Brother participate in this too. Plus, they had transferred a large number of funds from abroad for this very plan.

“Will it be too problematic?” Qin Jiran blinked his eyes but didn’t object. Although he didn’t have any designs regarding the Qin Company, if Yanyi wanted him to help her with this, he would simply support her.

“They are the ones going to be in trouble.” Su Yanyi said, confidently.

At this time, the front door was pushed open. Su Yanmo brought little Su Nuo, a tiger, and a turtle over.

“Elder Brother.” Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran greeted him. Qin Jiran even waved at little Su Nuo and he immediately ran over with his short legs.

“Uncle, aunt, Nuo Nuo came to visit you guys.” Little Su Nuo was more carefree now. He ran into Qin Jiran’s arms. The only reason why he hadn’t run into Su Yanyi’s arms was that he liked Qin Jiran even more.

Be it the little animal or the kid, they all liked Qin Jiran better since, compared to Su Yanyi. He was extremely gentle with them.

“Nuo Nuo is a good boy.” Qin Jiran touched little Su Nuo’s head, adoring him. Su Yanyi was mindful of this interaction, however, she turned around to look at her Elder Brother. “Elder Brother, how is it going?”

“All the transactions of the funds are complete. We are just waiting on you.” As Su Yanmo said this, he looked at Qin Jiran, as though asking him his opinion as well.

Qin Jiran understood that they were talking about the Qin Family. He nodded and said, “I will listen to Yanyi.”

Su Yanyi replied, “Humph, I won’t let the Wang or Qin Family off!”

Su Yanyi would never talk about things she would be unable to accomplish. Perhaps, she wanted to reaffirm this point. So, in the next few days, a lot of changes occurred within the Qin and Wang Family.

The first was the Qin Family. When the Qin Family was about to clear the rumors, they noticed that their internal strife had been exposed. This time, the level was high. One of the series of pictures in the newspaper showed Qin Zhenren meeting old man Qin’s personal lawyer. The two seemed to be in a guildhall and there was an envelope on the table. It looked like documents but also money. It was very hard to determine what it was but enough to arouse discussion.

AdvertisementThe other pictures were of the third son of the Qin Family and old man Qin’s assistant, Zhang Yuanzhuo’s private meeting. They appeared to be discussing something amicably.

Now that the oldest and the third son’s pictures were out in the open, many people would go find pictures of the second son, Qin Zhenyi. Yet, they noticed there was no negative news about him. Instead, there was a picture of Qin Zhenyi in the funeral parlor, seemingly preparing for the old man’s funeral.

Compared to the two, many people started to form their own thoughts and opinions. Instead of taking care of the old man’s funeral, the oldest and the third son started to eagerly rope people to their sides. This was verified news. On the other hand, the second son of the Qin Family seemed to clear his negative reputation. Some people started to analyze this on the just side, saying that at least the second son knew to fulfill his filial duty. At least, he knew to prepare for the old man’s funeral.

This was a huge disadvantage to the oldest and the third son of the Qin Family.

The Chairman of the Qin Company was in the office. In the first moment that the oldest son, Qin Zhenren, knew about the will, he had people tidy up this office for him. Then, he left the hospital and claimed the office as his. At the same time, there was a gloomy atmosphere.

“Tell me, what is going on? Is the public relations team of the Qin Company full of freeloaders?” Qin Zhenren was very angry. He gripped the newspaper in his hands tightly, having the urge to tear it into pieces!

The despicable newspaper and media were really asking for death! Of course, the one who were asking for death the most would be the Su Family and Qin Jiran, the illegitimate son. Even if he hadn’t investigated this, just based on the names of the media houses, he knew who was calling the shots from behind the scenes. Especially this news that seemed to be clearing Qin Zhenyi’s name. He couldn’t help but be suspicious and wondered if the Su Family and Qin Zhenyi had joined hands!

Qin Zhenren felt like he had dug a hole for himself and started to curse the Wang Family. If it weren’t for the Wang Family’s wheedlings, how would he have lost his mind and exposed Qin Jiran? He’d even degraded Qin Zhenyi in front of the old man. Of course, he held 30% of the Qin Company’s shares. Maybe it was even effective in some ways. Otherwise, his father had always regarded Qin Zhenyi highly, so he might’ve given him the most shares. Ever since the news of Qin Jiran as an illegitimate son was exposed to the public, it had clearly ruined Qin Zhenyi’s reputation. Thus, the extremely old-fashioned old man had decided on giving him the most shares instead!

When he thought of this, Qin Zhenren was infuriated. He was the oldest and had a grandson, yet his father didn’t hold him in high regard. The old man had been hesitating amongst the three brothers. Thus, he’d been plotting this for many years now, without a choice. In the end, he had won the battle by a whisker. Even so, his position as the Chairman wasn’t stable enough as a bunch of greedy people had popped out. He was incomparably indignant!



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