Black Bellied President Chapter 52

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52 —- Why Is There Saliva On My Chest?

“Don’t move, you’re the patient, I should be taking care of you.” Jing Yichen’s voice was soft, his expression was thoroughly serious.

Shangguan Ning didn’t have a choice. That’s right, she was the patient, but it wasn’t like she didn’t have the ability to take care of herself that she needed someone to assist her in washing her hands.

Her fingers were slim, spotlessly white like jade, so soft that it was unreasonable, making him irresistibly stroke gently and wash delicately.

Shangguan Ning never had someone tend to her like this. She could genuinely feel his warmth and cherishment in the bottom of her heart.

Before, it was always her waiting upon others, contributing for others, nobody took her into consideration sincerely.

When she liked Xie Zhuojun, he was thought of first for everything, he was considered for in all situations. In return, all he gave her was at most an affectionless thank you.

He was never like Jing Yichen, cooking for her, boiling ginger tea for her, concerning for her health, using the excuse of delivering take-out so that she can eat a better meal, being overbearing by not allowing her to go anywhere just so that she can properly recuperate……

He even warmed her feet, helped her wash her hands……

It turned out that in the unwitting moments, he had actually done so much for her!

Shangguan Ning’s eyes were faintly turning red. She resisted with great difficulty so that her tears didn’t stream down.

In this world, besides her mom, there was yet a person who was willing to warm her feet, help her wash her hands…..

He was such an arrogant, indifferent person, he was the successor to the enormous, rich Jing Sheng Corporation, yet he was willing to do these insignificant things for her, willing to be petty and low for her.

Her swaying heart instantly became determined.

No matter what happens in the future, at least now, she will properly treasure him.

It didn’t matter whether he was momentarily driven or it was eternal, she thought that no matter what, she will reveal her own sincerity.

Jing Yichen perceived Shangguan Ning’s change sensitively. The corners of his mouth exposed an extremely vague smile. He couldn’t help planting a kiss on her forehead.

His kiss was tender and warm, carrying his distinctive fresh and clean scent, making Shangguan Ning’s pathetic heart skip increasingly.

Her gaze circulated like water, revealing a trace of charm, making Jing Yichen’s breaths unstable.

His generally powerful self-control abilities appeared rather weak when he was in front of her.

After washing her hands, Jing Yichen grabbed a clean white towel and dried her hands gently. Then, he pulled her towards her seat in front of the dining table.

The newly wed couple ate together quietly, without saying a single sentence, yet there was still a sense of tacit understanding and comfort——this type of tacit understanding seemed to have existed since the first time they ate together, since the first time they met.

For many years, Shangguan Ning ate alone most of the time. It was the same for Jing Yichen. At this moment, the two of them sat together, eating dinner, allowing the two lonely souls to be filled with the atmosphere of a home.

Perhaps Jing Yichen hadn’t properly eaten anything for the entire day, because he consumed quite a lot.

His eating speed was extremely fast, although it didn’t seem as if he had wolfed down his food. Contrarily, he seemed rather graceful.

Shangguan Ning didn’t have much of an appetite, she finished eating long ago.

Thus, she stared at Jing Yichen across from her.

Jing Yichen took a sip of his pigeon soup and spoke faintly: “You think that your husband is a feast for the eyes right?”

Shangguan Ning blinked her eyes and started laughing.

After dinner, Jing Yichen dragged Shangguan Ning back to the bedroom and spoke as he pointed at the wardrobe: “Your clothes are in the closet. Pick something yourself, I’m going to take a shower.”

Shangguan Ning watched as he entered the bathroom. She stepped forward and opened the wardrobe with doubt, then, her eyes widened.

She just opened this closet yesterday morning and it was full of Jing Yichen’s clothes inside. Today, it had been entirely replaced with women’s attire and they were all her size.

Shangguan Ning smiled. She suddenly felt that maybe her life in the future will be better than she had imagined.

At least Jing Yichen took her into consideration for everything.

Shangguan Ning chose a set of pajamas and entered a different bathroom.

When she came out, Jing Yichen had already laid down on the bed.

Shangguan Ning stood in place, it wasn’t appropriate to advance or retreat.

Even though she had told herself that she was going to be a qualified wife, she wasn’t mentally prepared to fall asleep with a man.

When Jing Yichen noticed that she stood in place, hesitating, he got up and swept her off her feet, throwing her on the bed.

Shangguan Ning cried out in alarm, she was so startled that she immediately curled up in the corner.

Jing Yichen pulled her into his arms: “Why are you hiding? We’re a legitimate couple, what’s wrong with sleeping together? As well, why are you dressed up so tightly, it’ll take so much work for me to take it off!”

Although the words he said made Shangguan Ning tremble with fear, there wasn’t a single transgressing movement from his hands. All he did was embrace her tightly in his arms.

Jing Yichen spoke quietly after sensing that the person in his arms had gradually relaxed: “A Ning, I know that everything was so sudden, but I don’t regret anything. Don’t worry, we can take our time, we’ll slowly get familiar, and then we’ll engage in a wonderful marriage together. I have confidence.”

Her heart was like a tide, engulfing as it passed by, unable to calm down for a long time.

His voice was very soft yet full of persistent strength, bringing her endless courage.

She buried her head against his chest and responded lightly: “Alright!”

It was a dreamless night. The next day, she awakened in his arms.

A warm embrace, a handsome complexion, an amorous atmosphere, everything was slightly unrealistic.

Jing Yichen pecked her forehead lightly, his voice was deep and sexy: “My wife, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

Shangguan Ning wasn’t quite awake yet. Having heard what he said, she nodded her head mindlessly.

“How does it feel using your husband’s arm as a pillow? But, why is there saliva on my chest?”

Shangguan Ning’s face immediately turned bright red, her entire self was suddenly clearly awake.

She abruptly sat up and jumped off the bed, With humiliation, she avoided his blazing look as she entered the bathroom.

Jing Yichen’s deep, mocking laughter could be heard from behind.

Shangguan Ning had finally realized that she was tricked by him again!

Her sleeping appearance was always well, how could she have drooled!

She brushed her teeth angrily, completely ignoring somebody’s childish joke.

Shangguan Ning finished freshening up. She was just about to change when Jing Yichen extended his long arm and snatched over her clothes.

“Rest at home today, you aren’t allowed to go anywhere!” His voice was no longer ice-cold like before. Although he was oppressive as always, he still warmed Shangguan Ning’s heart.

“How could I not go to work?”

“Why can’t you, I’m the boss, I have the say! I say that I’m giving my assistant a holiday, so my assistant is not allowed going to work!” The handsome chairman was oppressive to the point of being unreasonable.

“I didn’t get this job easily, I need to work hard. I can only protect myself once I have a certain amount of authority, otherwise who knows when I might come upon an overbearing chief officer demanding me to report his work schedules.” Shangguan Ning wanted to make an attempt to persuade her immediate boss.

Knowing that there were still complaints in her mind, Jing Yichen couldn’t help losing his confidence. His tone softened: “I was angered by you that day. You had already agreed to stay home and rest properly, but in the blink of an eye, you went to work sick, in fact you had a fever all along. I was worried about you. It’s not that I’m not letting you go to work, once your health is in better condition, you can do whatever you wish. But for the following days, you must stay home and rest.”

Shangguan Ning suddenly remembered that she had delayed all his arrangements in the past few days. She asked uneasily: “Did you acquire Xing Yao Media?”

Jing Yichen paused, he didn’t expect Shangguan Ning to ask this question.

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