Black Bellied President Chapter 64

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64 — His Scars

Jing Yichen had rarely ever seen her spoiled behavior. His heart softened, yet he spoke amorously by her ear with sinister intentions: “That’s right, you’re my woman. But I’m not your man yet, wanna try tonight?”

Shangguan Ning was completely embarrassed, her cheeks were immediately contaminated with bright red blush.

Jing Yichen chuckled deeply and picked her up in his arms as he headed towards the hotel.

All that was left behind on the beach were the crowds cheering from the blooming fireworks.

Inside the hotel room, rose petals engulfed the ground. A heart was formed on the living room floor. The candles burned silently, as Mendelssohn’s 《A Midsummer Night’s Dream》 echoed in the president suite.

Shangguan Ning was astonished when she entered. She turned her head and looked towards Jing Yichen, the one who planned this all, however he seemed slightly uneasy.

“Uh……en……I learned from others, not sure if you like it. I’m don’t really know……any other ideas……”

He never tried to please women before, in fact the word “romantic” didn’t even exist in his gloomy world. In order to present all of this for Shangguan Ning today, he had intentionally searched through books in the past few days.

Shangguan Ning knew that he wasn’t a person who understood much about romance, and she didn’t particularly care about those things. He had already put so much thought into it, she was extremely touched.

“Thank you! I love it! It looks so beautiful!” She instantly began praising him without a trace of stinginess. The room full of flower petals and candles was indeed gorgeous, it was every girl’s dream.

“That’s good then!” Jing Yichen immediately returned back to his steady and calm expression. He carried Shangguan Ning into the bedroom, threw her down on the bed, and began to undress.

Shangguan Ning was alarmed as she asked with concern: “What are you doing?”

Jing Yichen revealed a reasonable expression: “Carrying out a couple’s duty. My wife, your husband is a normal man! I’ve already restrained myself to the limit, gazing at you everyday, unable to take a bite!”

Shangguan Ning grabbed the pillow on the bed and slammed it at him, however Jing Yichen was quick and caught it stably. Then, he slowly took off his shirt, exposing his fit and beautiful chest.

Shangguan Ning didn’t expect that he could talk so calmly about those matters. She picked up the other pillow frenetically, and threw it towards him.

Jing Yichen dodged as the pillow landed on the ground.

He sat on the bed and clutched onto Shangguan Ning’s jade-like arms.

Shangguan Ning “hissed” as she sucked in a breath.

Jing Yichen immediately released her and questioned softly: “What? Did I hurt you?”

He dragged her arm to the front for a look, two red scratches appeared exceptionally distinctive on her pale forelimb.

His expression froze, suppressed anger was present in his tone: “They injured you?”

Shangguan Ning nodded, laughing as she responded: “It’s fine, it’s just a small wound, in fact I’ve already returned the attack. Not only did the person who scratched me get injured, but I also slapped her boyfriend, I’ve already vented out my anger!”

She spoke carelessly, but Jing Yichen’s heart had still been weighed down.

The scene was certainly unpleasant in his eyes, when the six of them surrounded Shangguan Ning and spoke to her aggressively this afternoon.

He kissed her wounded arm as his heart ached. He stepped off the bed, grabbed his clothes, and then picked up the phone, dialing a number: “Bring over a first aid kit.”

The hotel service was abnormally fast. A minute had not past after Jing Yichen hung up the call, before the doorbell began to ring outside.

He brought in the first aid kit and pulled out the gauze and the ethanol-soaked cotton swabs, binding up the wound skillfully for Shangguan Ning.

The cuts on Shangguan Ning’s arm had already healed. Although it still ached, she had only regarded it as a minor wound.

“It’s fine, no need to wrap it up, it’ll heal in a few days.”

“Don’t move, do as I say.”

Sure enough, Shangguan Ning stopped moving and allowed him to bind up her wound with his slender and attractive hands.

She was silent for a moment before speaking up softly: “You do this often?”

There were numerous scars of all sizes on his body. Back in City A, he used to wear long-sleeved shirts all the time so Shangguan Ning never saw them. When he occasionally took off his clothes at home, she never dared to look at him from embarrassment.

Today he changed into a short-sleeved t-shirt, the scars on his arms were extremely prominent.

Noticing that his wound binding procedures were so proficient, it wasn’t difficult to tell that he had suffered countless injuries in the past.

He was the son of a wealthy family, the successor to the business empire, Jing Sheng Corporation, why had he sustained so many injuries?

Shangguan Ning’s hand couldn’t restrain from caressing his arm. Her cool fingertips gently stroked those scars that still looked as fierce as before.

Jing Yichen’s hand suddenly stiffened, but quickly returned to its natural state as he tied a knot with the gauze calmly.

Her soft hands caressed his arm, bringing over a satisfying sensation.

“Is it intimidating?”

Shangguan Ning shook her head, responding softly: “No, I’m not scared, I only feel slightly……heartbroken.”

Jing Yichen’s smile gradually spread to his eyes. He packed up the first aid kit and set it off to the side. Then, he pulled Shangguan Ning into his arms and whispered deeply by her ear: “You’re injured, I’ll let you off for tonight. Once you’ve recovered, you’ll need to compensate me.”

Shangguan Ning’s cheeks burned violently, but her heart released the breath she was holding in.

When Jing Yichen noticed her relaxed look, he felt inevitably disappointed in his mind. He lifted up her chin with his fingers and descended a kiss into her tender, bright lips.

It seemed as if he was punishing her. His kiss was not gentle at all, he pried open her pearly white teeth without restraint, he chased after her soft tongue as if trying to seize her territory, he appeared tyrannical and invasive.

Unknown of how much time had passed by, Jing Yichen accidentally collided with Shangguan Ning’s newly wrapped up wound. Upon hearing her suck in a breath painfully, he forced himself to stop.

Jing Yichen spoke softly in a gloomy yet hoarse tone: “Don’t move, baby, let me hold onto you for a moment, just a moment……”

There was a faint fragrance on his body and his hugs were extremely comfortable. Shangguan Ning had fallen asleep not long after closing her eyes.

The next day when she woke up, she discovered that the two had still maintained their postures from last night.

She scrambled out of his arms while blushing profusely. Her body felt exceptionally sore, she couldn’t help muttering: “Why do I have no strength at all, it aches and feels sore……”

“My wife, what’s wrong?”

A deep and hoarse sound originated from behind her, startling her.

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