Black Bellied President Chapter 39

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39 —- If You Want To See, I’ll Take It Off

Shangguan Rouxue looped her arm into Xie Zhuojun’s. Just as they entered the supermarket, she saw Shangguan Ning leave the store as a tall male let her into his car.

The man’s back was faced towards her, so she couldn’t see his facial appearance. But only looking at his figure and temperament made people think that he was out of the ordinary. He was at least much better than Xie Zhuojun who stood beside her.

As well, she immediately recognized that the man’s car was one of the best luxurious sports cars, an Aston Martin. It was the car Xie Zhuojun had always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, Xie Zhuojun was never willing to buy it, he only purchased an exquisite model of this car.

She glanced at the man beside her, and waited until Shangguan Ning and the male had already driven a good distance away before stating with shock: “Zhuojun, I think I just saw my sister!”

Xie Zhuojun paused for a moment, and scanned the entire place with his eyes: “Where?”

But all Shangguan Rouxue did was shake her head sadly: “Maybe I mistook someone else for her. I really miss her, I really want to know how she’s doing.”

Xie Zhuojun felt sympathetic as he watched the disappointment emerge on his beloved woman’s face: “You’re too kind, that’s why she used to bully you without worrying. She’ll live her life and you’ll live yours. Don’t worry about her in the future, otherwise you’ll be the one suffering losses.”

As he spoke, he suddenly remembered that he still hadn’t asked about Shangguan Ning’s dismissal from school. He hesitated for a moment, but still ended up questioning in a low voice.

Shangguan Rouxue was clearly surprised and responded softly with guilt: “Zhuojun, you already know about it?”

“I originally…..wanted to keep it from you. Sister was fired from her school. Father went to find the principal so everything’s in control. No one is going to spread rumors about sister’s matters, don’t worry.”

Xie Zhuojun became even more confused as he listened. He felt anxious on the inside, but he had no choice but to resist his temper: “What happened to her exactly?”

“She……she……” Shangguan Rouxue was too embarrassed to speak and took quite a while before responding in a whisper: “She was caught in the school office with a male teacher and student…..and was discovered by the school. The student’s guardians blamed the university, causing a ruckus on school grounds. Father spent quite a bit of money to suppress the event…..”

Xie Zhuojun’s mind exploded.

What?! Did he mishear something!

Shangguan Ning seduced a male teacher and student?!

This wasn’t possible!

But if it was fake, how could the principal fire Shangguan Ning without considering the deputy mayor’s reputation!

His complexion immediately turned very unsightly. No wonder Shangguan Rouxue refused to tell him before. She surely thought that it was too embarrassing and didn’t want to tell him.

And he had almost believed Shangguan Ning’s words!

He couldn’t believe that he was engaged to this type of women before, how humiliating!

Shangguan Rouxue explained hurriedly when she noticed the anger across Xie Zhuojun’s face: “Zhuojun, don’t be angry. You know what type of person sister is. She must have been accused, the school must have gotten it wrong! If we get the opportunity, we’ll ask her in person and listen to what she has to say.”

“What is there left to say, the school must have discovered her immoral behaviour. If this was a misunderstanding, Mr. Shangguan wouldn’t have allowed her to be fired, he loves his daughters dearly.” Xie Zhuojun had difficulty hiding the anger in his speech. Due to this, his voice was quite loud as he spoke to Shangguan Rouxue, his handsome face was slightly distorted, losing the usual gentleness and courteousness.

Shangguan Rouxue jumped in fear, this was the first time she found that Xie Zhuojun was somewhat menacing.

Fortunately, he wasn’t targeting her. He was always kind and tender towards her.

After this event, Xie Zuojun was no longer in the mood to shop at the supermarket. He rubbed the space between his eyebrows, concealing the irritation in his mind. In his usual tender voice, he spoke: “Lil’ Xue, forget about grocery shopping today, let’s go home. I’ll accompany you another day.”

Shangguan Rouxue’s complexion stiffened for a moment, but quickly returned to normal. She clutched his arm gently: “Okay, let’s go home.”

But just as they were about to leave, Shangguan Rouxue accidentally knocked over her large hood. She was soon recognized by the surrounding people.

Many people walked forward one after the other, requesting to take a photo with Shangguan Rouxue and asking for signatures.

She was City A’s major TV host. Due to her gentle and beautiful external appearance, sweet voice, and pure yet graceful temperament, she became City A Television Station’s female image in only two years. Many old TV anchors were forced aside in her presence.

She didn’t deliberately cover up when she went out today. As a result, once her hood fell off, she was quickly noticed by her fans.

She smiled faintly as she responded to everyone. She took pictures and handed out autographs to each person kindly.

She was able to win over support and admiration from everyone in a short period of time.

Xie Zhuojun automatically walked a short distance away and gazed at Shangguan Rouxue, who was chased after by multiple strangers. He thought that standing in a crowd seemed quite eye-catching. People were even paying attention to him.

He felt a peculiar sense of satisfaction in his mind and he soon forgot about Shangguan Ning’s matters.

Shangguan Ning didn’t know the slightest bit about the liveliness over there. She was currently fiddling with vegetables in a pleasant mood.

She had little experience cooking, but this did not get in the way of her ambition of showcasing her talents.

As Jing Yichen entered the kitchen, he saw the woman who claimed that she was a great cook pouring oil into the pot while searching up a “Home Cooking Recipes Collection” on her phone.

He couldn’t help worrying for his stomach: “Ms. Shangguan, are you sure you know how to cook?”

Shangguan Ning glared at him and responded, unwilling to admit defeat: “All the instructions are on here, it’s not like I don’t know how to read!”

Jing Yichen finally confirmed: Shangguan Ning did not know how to cook!

He laughed helplessly, rolled up his sleeves, washed his hands, and pulled the flustered woman over to the side: “You’re in charge of the dishes later. For now, let me do the work.”

Shangguan Ning sized Jing Yichen, who was wearing a spotlessly white suit, up. Her eyes were full of suspicion.

This person looked like the son of an influential family from first glance. There were certainly other people who served him on a regular basis. If he knew how to cook, then she would have been a master chef!

Jing Yichen ignored Shangguan Ning’s suspicion. He placed his slender fingers on the crystal buttons and took off his suit jacket elegantly, throwing the piece of clothing on her when he was done: “Wait outside, it’ll be ready in a moment.”

Shangguan Ning’s throat felt dry when she watched him unbutton his suit. As he threw his blazer on her, the exclusive light fragrant from his body struck her nostrils, making her blush slightly and increasing her heartbeat.

She was an ordinary, mature female. With his wonderful body build, it was normal to want to pounce on him.

Shangguan Ning carefully held onto the finely produced, high-quality, custom-made suit, and laughed, hoping to cover up her flustered heart: “Are you only taking off the jacket, do you need to take off the pants?

She wanted to slap herself as she finished speaking.

Shangguan Ning, have you gone insane?! Do you know what you just said?!

A trace of radiance flashed across his eyes, and soon after, he raised his eyebrows: “Oh, I didn’t know that there were rules like this in Ms. Shangguan’s home. The guest must comply with the host. If you want to see, then I’ll take it off!”

As he spoke, he extended his hand to undo his belt.

Shangguan Ning immediately closed her eyes in fear, and shrieked. She covered her face with the suit she was holding and dashed out of the kitchen.

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  1. This Zoujun guy is so stupid it actually hurts. How can he allow himself to be continuously led by his he nose every single time. I really look forward to the time he realizes that he has made a huge mistake and that the one who was with him in his lowest point is the one he should believe.

  2. Xie Zuojun is too gullible. How did he ever survive until this day being lead around by the likes of Rouxie? What a switch… from a smart attractive honest woman to a attractive woman who only knows how to scheme.I wonder how long it will take before he realizes that he lost the real prize when he left Ning for Rouxie.

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