Black Bellied President Chapter 36

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36 —- She Was The Person His Father Assigned?

Although A Hu was stubborn, he could immediately tell whether not someone was treating him sincerely.

His words were unclear, but Jing Yichen understood what he meant.

He was Jing Sheng Corporation’s successor and A hu was always around him, following him as the shadow follows the body. Someone who knew a bit about how things stood would want to find a way to build relations with A Hu. They would give him benefits publicly and privately, but look down upon him behind his back for being a security guard. A majority of those who had witnessed A Hu’s merciless methods loathed him even more and stayed away from him.

But Shangguan Ning had never viewed him with prejudice. Even when A Hu tore off her cousin’s arm without blinking, she didn’t believe that A Hu was a villain.

She never bribed A Hu, she never looked down upon A Hu, she had always treated A Hu with a common heart.

Whenever they met, she would greet A Hu with a smile, and consider him as an ordinary person.

Thus A Hu would feel unrestrained and comfortable, thus he would like her.

Layers of waves built up in Jing Yichen’s heart.

Did he think that she was special because she treated him as an ordinary person? Is it because of this that he couldn’t help wanting to be around her?

Yet up until now, she still didn’t know his name.

She really knew how to keep her composure.

She clearly knew that his identity was not ordinary, but she didn’t even question him. She obviously thought that he was very handsome, even becoming absent-minded while frequently staring at him, but she refused to get close to him.

She had a pair of clean and clear eyes, she had a kind and determined heart.

Even if the opposing party had an eminent and unapproachable identity, she would never give in. She would never be mesmerized by an attractive external appearance.

Being around her made him relax automatically, it made him feel that he was himself and not the heavy-burdened successor of the hundred billion dollar Jing Sheng Corporation.

This was the reason why Jing Yichen did not want to tell her his name.

She was afraid that if he told her, she would stay away from him.

Their relationship was currently very good. After she recovered, they could still go play tennis together, race each other, eat together, and….. date.

For 32 years, he had never loved anyone. He didn’t know if this was love, but no matter what it was, he didn’t want to let go of it.

That night, Jing Yichen was surging forward with great momentum. In his turbulent life, it was the first time in which he suffered from insomnia for a woman.

Dawn had just approached when he woke up.

A Hu did not sleep the entire night and brought back some news: Black Wind of the Red Night Triad had escaped.

Jing Yichen was not surprised. When A Hu returned that night, he sent him to the Red Night Triad to capture people. He ended up arriving too late.

He laughed grimly, they escaped?

Those that could escape from the palm of his hand were not even born yet!

Looks like Black Wind had indeed lied about Guo Shuai’s matters. Nevermind, he will eventually make him spit out the truth. Someone is longing for Shangguan Ning secretly. This was something he was unable to tolerate, he was surely going to get to the bottom of it.

Those that dare to deceive him will pay the price!

“A Hu, bring our men, we’re crashing the Red Night Triad’s party. If Black Knife doesn’t hand him over within 7 days, then we’ll destroy their organization. No need to go easy on them!” Jing Yichen’s tone was calm. For him, eliminating one of City A’s very best illegal powers was like swatting a fly.

A Hu was especially interested in fighting. He laughed foolishly and responded: “Yes, master! I’ll go immediately!”

“Wait a moment……” Jing Yichen suddenly thought of something and his face revealed a grim smile: “Bring Mu Qing with you when you go, he can help you save some effort.”

After A Hu left, Jing Yichen ate a simple meal and drove out to meet the corporation’s shareholders. He’s already met the major shareholders, the rest were minor shareholders. Today, he was going to meet them all and strive for all their support.

This way, it’ll be easier when he takes office next monday.

After discussing for the entire morning, all matters came to a satisfactory conclusion. The shareholders proposed to go out for a meal with their future boss to build connections.

But Jing Yichen declined.

They were bound together, a meal out would not make a difference. As long as he could bring them enough profit, their connections will be secured.

He returned to Li Jing neighbourhood and went up directly to the sixth floor.

Shangguan Ning was currently at home, cramming in information about Jing Sheng Corporation, when she suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

It wasn’t her aunt who came to trouble her again was it?

Shangguan Ning had a light headache. She pretended that she wasn’t at home, but she thought that although she could hide for a moment, she couldn’t hide forever. It would be better to meet her aunt.

She opened the door and saw an extremely tall and handsome figure.

She blanked out for a moment and released a breath.

As long as it wasn’t her aunt.

“Mr. Zhao, why are you here? Is there something wrong?”

The corners of Jing Yichen’s mouth curled up slightly when he noticed that she had clearly relaxed. He responded evasively: “Is someone coming to your doorsteps to pressure your debt payments?”

Shangguan Ning opened her mouth slightly and looked at him in shock. Was her behaviour really that obvious?

This person was too intelligent! No wonder Zhao Anan said that he could apply for the Guinness World Records with his IQ and EQ.

Jing Yichen watched as her eyes widened in an adorable appearance. All his exhaustion from this morning was immediately swept clean.

But her appearance also made him feel helpless.

Why were all her feelings written on her face, she could easily be taken advantage of this way.

She blocked the door and had no means of letting him enter.

This ungrateful person. He had helped her so much, yet she did not repay his favours at all. Inviting him in and offering him some water wasn’t going to cause her any troubles.

Jing Yichen handed her the item in his hand and stated: “You left your medicine in my car.”

“Oh, thank you for bringing it for me!” Shangguan Ning thanked him with appreciation. Mu Qing prescribed medicine for her twice but she only brought back the medication from Jing Yichen’s house. The drug prescribed last time at Mu Hospital was left behind in his car.

He actually brought it for her. She was very grateful, but also slightly suspicious.

Before she could figure out what was wrong, Jing Yichen pushed her aside and walked into her home.

She was displeased, this person was too carefree! He had entered a female’s house without permission, how rude!

But it seems that not only did she enter his home, she had also been checked up by the doctor, ate there, and slept there.

When she thought about this, Shangguan believed that she was too narrow-minded. Thus she quickly forgave Jing Yichen’s trespassing behaviour.

The living room was full of all the magazines and newspapers that she had collected today, making the room appear slightly messy.

Shangguan Ning was somewhat embarrassed: “I’m currently cramming in some knowledge so everything is a mess. Sit wherever you like, what do you want to drink?”

Jing Yichen obviously knew that his trespass caused her to become annoyed. But he didn’t expect her to adjust her attitude so quickly.

Looks like her adapting skills and accepting capabilities were not bad.

He found another one of her strengths.

“Tea is fine!” He responded without thinking and took a seat on the sofa in the living room. He immediately looked over at the table covered in magazines and newspapers.

But after looking for a moment, he began to wrinkle his eyebrows. His previously relaxed expression gradually became cold and detached.

Because all the papers on the table, without a single exception, had an identical content: Jing Sheng Corporation!

At the corner of the table, on her white laptop, the display on the website was shockingly: Jing Sheng Corporation’s Chairman, Jing Zhongxiu’s, Summary.

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