Black Bellied President Chapter 59

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59 —- Elders Arrive

Jing Yichen was very fond of Shangguan Ning’s anticipatory tone, he loved and hoped that she could make various kinds of requests without restraint in front of him. He knew of his own capabilities. Even if she had poked a hole in the sky one day, he would still be able to help her fill it up calmly.

He stroked her soft, long hair in a pampered way and handed her the lighter: “Be careful.”

Shangguan Ning rolled her eyes at him flirtatiously and ignited a string of firecrackers before she threw it.

A “bang” sound filled the air, the red fragments immediately fluttered all over the place.

“These firecrackers are specially designed for kids to play with. There’s a loud sound, but no harm, it won’t injure me! Do you want to try?”

Jing Yichen watched as her enthusiasm grew while she played. With a smile, he picked up a string of firecrackers, ignited it, then tossed it out.

The two adults took turns as they played with the firecrackers alongside the crowd of wimpy kids. They weren’t aware of just how childish they were acting.

However the more childish the behaviour, the more simplistic happiness they could gain.

At least when Shangguan Ning and Jing Yichen returned home, their moods were exceedingly relaxed.

It was already late at night, time to go to bed.

Shangguan Ning was in her nightgown when she was directly carried by Jing Yichen from her bedroom to his own.

Shangguan Ning didn’t resist, she didn’t demand to sleep separately, instead, she napped peacefully in Jing Yichen’s arms.

Jing Yichen was extremely thankful for this Spring Festival, otherwise who knew when Shangguan Ning would have agreed to sleep beside him again!

He cuddled her gently and carefully. The body contact, consistent breathing, and colliding visions made Jing Yichen almost lose self-control.

He glanced at Shangguan Ning, who was sound asleep, and then looked at that certain body part that was initiating an intense reaction. He couldn’t help forcing a smile.

Why was she always able to break through his strong defense powers so easily?

Not long ago, he was never moved by female charms, to the extent that he was even suspicious about his own “abilities.”

Now, there was no need for doubt.

The two souls that drifted outside for ages, finally fell asleep together in this soothing night.

The next morning, while the two were still sound asleep, the door was quietly pushed open, and two others walked in.

Jing Yichen was relatively vigilant. Once he sensed something abnormal, he immediately opened his eyes.

Only before he had a chance to react, the covers were pulled aside.

“You little brat, how dare you not come home for the new year! This is outrageous! Do you think that your grandmother is a decoration! My old man [TL Note: referring to husband], come quickly, take this unworthy child back home for a beating!” The elderly woman, Mo Lan’s, voice was extremely loud, making the crystal ceiling suspension sway side to side as the room vibrated.

Shangguan Ning only felt a shock of coldness on her entire body. Following, she was woken up by a loud voice.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was that an old lady had lifted up their covers. Beside her stood an unwilling elderly man. The two of them stared blankly at her.

Shangguan Ning shrieked and hid in Jing Yichen’s arms as if her life depended on it.

When Jing Yichen saw the elderly woman, he began to feel uneasy.

Enraged, he pulled the covers back and enveloped Shangguan Ning, comforting her softly: “It’s alright, it’s only grandpa and grandma, don’t be afraid.”

Shangguan Ning grabbed onto the covers tightly and buried her face beneath the pillow.

She wasn’t scared, she was humiliated!

She was only wearing a knee-length nightgown as she cuddled with Jing Yichen, whose upper body was naked. Their covers were dragged away by someone like this, and to make matters worse, this person was his grandmother!

She had truly lost all of her dignity!

Jing Yichen didn’t pay the slightest amount of attention to the petrified old man and woman. With a deep chuckle, he spoke gently by her ear: “My wife, you were the one who rightfully stated that we were a legitimate couple yesterday, but why do you make it seem like we’ve been caught in adultery……”

When Shangguan Ning heard his words, her face became even redder. She laid firmly beneath the covers, refusing to raise her head.

She thought that she should have greeted Jing Yichen’s grandparents, but with her current appearance, she truly lacked the courage to crawl out of the covers!

Jing Yichen knew that she was embarrassed. He patted her lightly and minding his own business, he stepped out of bed to drive the others out.

“Trespassing private property is illegal, you guys need to remember to knock next time! If there’s nothing urgent then you can go back home!”

Jing Yichen’s tone was apathetic and alienated, he didn’t have the slightest bit of consciousness regarding how the younger generation should act around their elders.

The elderly woman was long used to her grandson’s behavior. She was still astonished by the scene she had just witnessed, she wasn’t even listening to what her grandson had just said.

She pinched her husband harshly and once she heard him cry out in pain, “What are you doing,” she patted her chest and spoke with high spirits: “Aiya, my old man, I’m not dreaming! Our grandson was just cuddling a woman as they slept!”

When Shangguan Ning, who was under the covers, heard the elderly woman’s words, she was so ashamed that wished she could have crawled into a hole.

Jing Tianyuan was in extreme pain from being pinched by his wife. He spoke angrily as he rubbed himself simultaneously: “Mo Lan, how many times have I told you, pinch yourself when you think you’re dreaming, don’t pinch me! Yichen is a man, if he doesn’t cuddle a woman to sleep, then is he supposed to cuddle a man to sleep! All you ever do is worry foolishly all day long, he’s already in his thirties, he’s not three years old! I didn’t even feed my treasured canary yet before being dragged all the way over here by you, hurry, let’s go home!”

Although his tone was fierce, his eyes kept staring at Jing Yichen. He was clearly both shocked and happy that his grandson had a girlfriend, this youngster had finally got himself together! This way, they won’t have to worry about the Jing family’s future successors!

When Jing Yichen noticed that the two had treated him as if he was air, he draped a robe across his shoulders in passing and pushed them out of the door.

“Please go home!”

When the elderly woman heard her grandson’s annoyed tone, she finally snapped back to reality as she grabbed onto Jing Yichen’s hand with joy and spoke: “My well-behaved grandson, when did you get a girlfriend? Why didn’t you say so earlier, you made your grandmother worry about nothing for so long! Aiyo, luckily today is New Year’s and I didn’t bring that model over, otherwise things could have been worse! How old is the girl? What does she like? Later on, I’ll arrange for someone to send her some gifts!”

Jing Yichen became impatient from her babble. He responded with an “en” carelessly and turned around, prepared to leave. However, he was dragged back by the old lady.

She removed the jade bracelet from her wrist and handed it over to Jing Yichen as she spoke with a smile across her face: “Your grandmother won’t bother your happy moments. Give this bracelet to the girl first as a greeting present, when it is more convenient for you, I’ll come back!”

“Ah, right, you better treat the girl kindly. Whenever I say one hundred sentences, you won’t even respond with a word. In fact, you always have a cold and stern face on, even a heart created by the Mountain of Flames could be frozen to death by you!” [1]

“Also, you must be able to pamper women. You don’t know how to, but luckily our family is rich, so you can buy her a variety of gifts, there will certainly be one that she likes! When in an argument, you need to quickly pamper her, you should learn from your grandfather about this. In those days, your grandfather…..”

When Jing Tianyuan heard his wife pull out his own example for teaching, he hurriedly coughed to clear his throat.

Mo Lan couldn’t stand his reaction of nearly coughing out blood anymore. Sure enough, she didn’t mention “in those days” anymore. She was prepared to instruct him further, however Jing Yichen refused to listen.

“I know, there’s no need to say anymore, you guys can go back.” Seldom had he ever said this much to the elderly woman. Soon after, he turned around and returned back to the room.

[1] TL Note: The Mountain Of Flames is a legend in the famous story, The Monkey King, as well as a real location in China.

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