Black Bellied President Chapter 45

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45 —- Like to Sleep Cuddling?

“Stay here and don’t move, I’ll be back in a second!”

Jing Yichen instructed her coldly. His tone was extremely overbearing and indisputable.

Shangguan Ning’s entire body contracted beneath the covers, as if she had been bewitched. She nodded her head obediently.

After a few minutes, Jing Yichen walked in carrying a bowl of steaming hot ginger tea.

Shangguan Ning wanted to sit up, but she was directly lifted up by a strong arm.

Her nightgown was only a layer thin. His sleeve had already been rolled up when he was boiling the ginger tea, making her clearly sense the warmth on his arm.

She wasn’t used to this intimate contact, but she shut her mouth tight obediently under Jing Yichen’s sharp gaze.

His look was colder than the ice outside!

She took the ginger tea he boiled himself and slowly drank it, a sip at a time.

The nice and warm ginger tea heated Shangguan Ning’s stomach, making her feel much more comfortable. Her body was also starting to slowly restore it’s temperature, it was no longer ice-cold as before.

When Jing Yichen saw that she had finished drinking, he placed the bowl on the nightstand. Then, in Shangguan Ning’s shocked vision, he lifted her covers, pulled her two feet out, stroked them with his large hands, and began to rub them.

“Wait, I can do it myself!” Shangguan Ning blocked him hurriedly as she gripped onto her feet. Her face instantly turned completely red.

Jing Yichen pretended that he couldn’t hear and continued massaging her feet as before.

Due to the fact that her feet had been exposed for a long period of time, they had already froze. Even though they had been wrapped beneath the covers, there wasn’t a bit of warmth.

He held onto her delicate and beautiful ankles tightly, preventing her from pulling her feet away.

“Don’t move, I’ll be done in a moment!”

Shangguan Ning was startled by his ice-cold tone. She didn’t dare to move again, afraid of offending him.

The blazing warmth of his hands transferred to her feet. A peculiar sensation followed the soles of her feet and traveled to the rest of her body.

Jing Yichen only wanted to warm her feet originally. But as he massaged, his eyes had uncontrollably been attracted.

Her feet were slender and white, like a block of Suet white jade. Her five toes were smooth, round, and cute, with a light pink colour, like a gorgeous pearl without a single blemish.

He repeatedly massaged her beautiful feel, his movements becoming more and more gentle.

While he wasn’t paying attention, Shangguan Ning abruptly pulled her feet away.

She whispered as she blushed profusely: “That’s good enough…..”

If someone had told her before that Jing Yichen knew how to warm and massage a woman’s feet, Shangguan Ning wouldn’t have believed it at all.

Someone as grand and elegant, grim and unsympathetic as him would not possibly serve others.

But today, the facts were right in front of her eyes, making her generate a dream-like illusion.

Jing Yichen didn’t compel her again. He turned around and left, coming back later with medicine: “You experienced chills, eat this medication before going to sleep. A bowl of ginger tea won’t do much.”

Shangguan Ning obediently took the medication from his hands and washed it down with warm water.

Then, under his oppressive gaze, she quickly lay back down under the covers and covered herself tightly.

Jing Yichen’s eyes moved away from her chest, he couldn’t help swallowing back his saliva.

The collar of her shoulder strap nightgown was a bit too low. The beautiful, sexy view that was just exposed almost made him lose his self-control.

He didn’t look at her again. He raised his hand and turned off the lights orderly. Under Shangguan Ning’s startled and indescribable gaze, he lifted the covers, and lay inside.

“M-M-Mr….Mr. Zhao!” Shangguan Ning was like a traumatized rabbit. She immediately grabbed onto the covers and sat up in panic.

This person doesn’t have any sense of awareness!


Jing Yichen responded softly, his tone raised slightly, carrying an enchanting sense of sexiness.

“We shouldn’t be……sleeping like this right?” Shangguan Ning was extremely nervous. She wanted to run out immediately but realized that she had nowhere to go!

Jing Yichen glanced at her and drew her into his arms, speaking dimly: “Like to sleep cuddling?”

Shangguan Ning unexpectedly knocked into a strong embrace. She was both ashamed and angry: “You’re going too far! And I thought you were a good person! Let go of me, I want to leave!”

“Whether I’m a good person or not is not important. What’s important is that you’re not going anywhere tonight.” Jing Yichen chuckled. Regardless of her struggle, he hugged her tighter in his arms.

“Listen to me, let’s sleep like this today. I’m really tired, don’t make a ruckus. Let me sleep for a bit.”

His voice was slightly hoarse, seeming to display his endless exhaustion, making others feel sympathetic for him.

Shangguan Ning listened to his forceful heartbeat, her complexion was slightly red.

She wasn’t used to being cuddled by him, although she felt exceptionally comfortable. She raised her head ot catch a glimpse of him. Under the moonlight, he appeared to look more handsome and gentler than usual. His five sensory organs were so beautiful that they looked like carvings.

In the darkness of the night, she could clearly hear her heart beating faster.

If this was a dream, then she’ll act wild for once in this beautiful fantasy!

She didn’t struggle anymore. She lay against Jing Yichen’s wide and warm chest and closed her eyes, entering the land of dreams.

Jing Yichen opened his eyes little by little once she fell asleep.

He stroked her gentle strands of fine black hair, and looked at her pure and beautiful appearance. He listened to her homogeneous breaths, his heart was filled completely.

He printed a light kiss on her plump and bright forehead. He pulled her closer into his arms and cuddled her so that she could sleep more comfortably.

She was really a fool, trusting him so easily.

A stunning beauty was in his arms, he needed extremely strong self-control abilities to refrain from those things.

Once her health was better, he wouldn’t let her off!

The next morning, Shangguan Ning’s biological clock woke her up from her dreams on time.

She opened her eyes. A sheet of sunshine glistened outside. The person beside her was long gone.

She released a breath quietly.

The wound on her head was still sore. Either that, or because she had caught a cold. Shangguan Ning’s head felt dizzy, her nose was slightly stuffy, her entire body had no strength.

She lifted the covers and gathered her energy, preparing to get out of bed and brush her teeth, but she noticed her nightgown and thought that it was extremely inappropriate.

Yesterday, Jing Yichen looked at her chest with an overly scorching gaze, she couldn’t go out swaggering like this.

She rummaged through the closet and pulled out a thin white sweater. Looking at the size, it was likely Jing Yichen’s.

She hesitated for a moment, but still slipped it on.

Jing Yichen’s build was tall. His clothes worn on her were just enough to cover her rear as well. With this, only the hem of her nightgown was exposed.

Shangguan Ning was very satisfied. She rolled up the sleeves and went to the washroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

But just as she entered the bathroom, she bumped into a strong, naked chest.

She cried out in a soft voice and complained, despite being guilty herself: “Why weren’t there any sounds if you were in there? Why didn’t you close the door!”

“Did I hurt you?” Jing Yichen spoke as he extended his arm to rub her reddening nose. His voice was cold as usual, although there was a hard to distinguish sense of pampering in his voice.

Shangguan Ning looked at his strong chest, there were also two light red dots. Her entire face was heating up.

“I’m……I’m fine!”

Knowing that she was alright, Jing Yichen withdrew his hand and walked out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened.

Once she reached the door, she heard him state faintly: “You look nice in my clothes.”

Shangguan Ning immediately felt ashamed. She stared at his back and shot him a fierce glare.


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