Black Bellied President Chapter 55

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55 —- Uncle’s Rage

When Shangguan Ning heard Lin Yu’s words, she was so angry that she felt an extreme shock of pain across her chest.

She didn’t expect that Lin Yu would be so vicious. In fact she didn’t even pay attention to her, she had stated her deal with the man right in front of her.

She worried too much before, she used to tolerate and accommodate every time, but nowadays, it allowed Lin Yu’s actions to intensify!
She pulled out her phone without the slightest hesitation and dialed the number.

“Hello, is this the police department? I’m at 12 Haijing Road, Li Jing neighbourhood, building number 1, apartment 601. Someone burst into my home and committed a crime, please come quickly to arrest them!”

Lin Yu immediately paused, she didn’t think that Shangguan Ning would actually call the police to have her arrested!

“Ms. Lin!” Shangguan Ning’s slightly disgusted voice echoed by her ear, “I have already recorded our entire conversation just now, I will give it to my uncle untouched. You can return home and wait for a divorce! Don’t even think about receiving a single one of uncle’s assets!”

Shangguan Ning didn’t know whether or not her uncle would demand a divorce with her aunt, but she knew that her uncle wouldn’t let her aunt off easily after today’s events.

She hoped that Lin Yu would learn from her mistakes, otherwise her behaviour will become increasingly inappropriate. In addition, she didn’t have enough time or energy to defend against her.

“You wouldn’t dare!” After hearing that Shangguan Ning had recorded their conversation, Lin Yu pounced on her like a maniac.

But, a black figure blocked her path, knocking her over on the ground with one kick.

Shangguan Ning was startled, but she didn’t have the slightest bit of pity or guilt towards Lin Yu.

Lin Yu fell backwards, feeling both pain and hatred, she pointed at Li Duo as her fingers trembled and screeched: “You damn security guard, how dare you meddle in other people’s business, I’ll make sure you never die in peace! Ding Lei, beat them up, beat them to death!”

Having heard what she said, Ding Lei threw himself directly at Shangguan Ning.

His body build was rather tall and sturdy, there was a fierce expression all across his face. Malicious rays of light sparkled in his eyes, from one glance, one could tell that he wasn’t a good person.

Noticing that Shangguan Ning had called the police, he seemed as if he didn’t mind at all. He only cared about getting the beauty and obtaining a free house worth over six million today.

Only, he had yet to reach the beauty when a violent shock of pain came from his legs. Following, he kneeled right in front of the belle.

Shangguan Ning only heard a scalp-numbing “ka-cha” sound, and the ferocious man collapsed on the ground, unable to get up.

In merely an instant, Li Duo had fractured his bones with a kick of his leg. From the sound, it was likely that it would never heal this lifetime.

When the police arrived, they saw two people leisurely standing there, watching passively, while two others were sprawled across the ground, wailing for help.

They thought that the two lying on the ground were the victims. They were just about to pull the two up when they heard the graceful girl speak in a tone that sounded as beautiful as a clear spring: “Officers, those two trespassed into my home and wanted to commit a crime against me. It was thanks to my friend who got them under control!”

Lin Yu laid on the floor, full of hatred that she could have fainted to death on the spot. She didn’t expect that today’s events would turn out like this. That Ding Lei was a violent member she had spent a huge price employing from the black market. He bragged about how he had many strategies, numerous connections, that he could quickly settle matters when problems occurred, and that the police didn’t dare to trouble him.

The result, such a tall and muscular person like him was subdued by an unremarkable youngster! At this moment, the police officers completely ignored him, only focusing on nodding their heads and bowing as the ruthless fellow spoke.

She just understood at the moment, that she had been schemed by Shangguan Ning that little b*tch. She had actually found an expert to beat her up!

This was absolutely unreasonable, this little brat, the younger generation, actually had the courage to attack her elders. She definitely had to complain to her husband when she got home!

Only, the afternoon of that day, when Huang Lihan arrived at the police department and paid an amount of money to get her out, his complexion was colder than it had ever been before.

Lin Yu wasn’t scared at all, her husband will at most be angry for a few days and argue a bit, he absolutely wouldn’t have taken anything too far. He was an emotional person, even if it was for his daughter, Huang Xinyi, he would never act the way Shangguan Ning had said and divorce her.

Her voice was sharp and intense as she wailed accusingly about Shangguan Ning’s wicked actions: “That girl has become nastier! Last time, she ordered someone to break Xinyi’s arm, this time, she commanded someone to beat me up! And she called the police to have me arrested! Does she even consider me her elder anymore! I tried to introduce a boyfriend to her with good intentions and kindness, yet this is how she repays me! If you give her anything in the future, then Xinyi and I will kill ourselves right in front of you!”

Huang Lihan was driving when he abruptly halted and spoke furiously: “Get lost, Lil’ Ning doesn’t have an aunt like you, and I, Huang Lihan, does not have a wife like you!”

Lin Yu suddenly paused from his bellow of rage. It was quite a while before she responded, unable to believe what she had just heard: “What…..what did you say?!”

“If Lil’s Ning’s friend wasn’t there today, she would have been completely destroyed by you! That gangster was tall and muscular, Lil’s Ning didn’t have a single chance of resisting! You’re such a great aunt!” As Huang Lihan was nearing the end of his argument, he was already fuming with rage between gritted teeth, his entire body was trembling.

He didn’t dare to imagine what would have happened today!

His wife was so vicious, trampling all over his younger sister’s only daughter! Whether or not there were more problems on a regular basis that Lil’ Ning was hiding for them, he didn’t know at all.

This event made him linger with fear. If Lil’ Ning’s virginity had been ruined, then it would have been impossible to fix anything no matter what.

He was unable to restrain his anger, he didn’t want to worry about the non-existing feelings between himself and his wife.

If Lin Yu had worried a bit about his feelings, if she had regarded him as her husband, then she wouldn’t have treated Lil’ Ning like this!

Huang Lihan’s voice was hoarse and exhausted, carrying a sense of determination and bleakness: “Normally no matter what you do, I would always turn a blind eye. You talked trash about about Lil’ Ning all over the place, you talked trash about my sister. For the sake of our years as a married couple, I tolerated it. You would send all the valuable assets in the house back to your parents secretly, but I endured it. To gamble, you sold the gems and jewellery I gave to our daughter, yet I pretended as if I didn’t notice!”

He overlooked her actions over and over again, allowing his wife to aggravate. She had long lost the kindness and virtue she possessed when they first met, all that was left were schemes and ruthlessness.

“But you shouldn’t have used this method to deal with her no matter what! I was the one who gave her this house, if you’re really so cunning, then charge at me! You’re so vicious, Xinyi has followed your bad examples, she has already become a monster because of your teachings!”

The veins on Huang Lihan’s forehead were exposed, he clenched his fists tightly, trying with all his might to suppress his urge to hit someone.

“Get out of my sight! The farther the better, I don’t want to see you ever again!”

Lin Yu finally began to sense fear up to now.

Turns out that Huang Lihan actually knew about everything she had done secretly!

There was still a delusion in her heart, thinking that her husband was only momentarily angry, that he wasn’t really going to kick her out.

Unexpectedly, Huang Lihan had actually opened the car door and pushed her out of the vehicle!

Soon after, the car disappeared out of her view without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Lin Yu limped on the side of the road in a mess. The makeup on her face was smeared everywhere, her hair was tangled, she was penniless.

All the pedestrians that passed by shot her a peculiar look and pointed at her, as if she was a monster.

Lin Yu finally fell apart. She laid on the ground and began to wail deafeningly.

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