Black Bellied President Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 — [Teaser]

Shangguan Ning pondered and felt that be it reason or emotion, she indeed should go thank Jing Yichen and bid goodbye face to face.

Moreover, she wanted to know what happened to Guo Shuai. According to Zhao Anan, Guo Shuai was already caught by Jing Yichen’s subordinates.

If possible, she would like to personally go question Guo Shuai just who was the one backing him up.

She didn’t want something like this to happen again in the future.

As for Guo Shuai himself, she trusts that Zhao Anan has already vented her anger for her — it would already be considered good if he was still alive.

Shangguan Ning was completely unaware that it wasn’t Zhao Anan the one who helped vented her anger wasn’t Zhao Anan, but that handsome, apathetic  man.

She followed Aunt Wang’s directions, climbed up to the second floor, arrived in the front of the study, and lightly knowed on the door.

“Come in,” Came Jing Yichen’s pleasant, sonorous voice from the other side.

Shangguan Ning pushed open the door, entering and seeing Jing Yichen diligently staring at the computer with his back facing her, next to him was a pile of think documents.

Obviously, he was handling affairs relating to his work.

“Sorry, Mr. Zhao,” Shangguan Ning was somewhat apologetic. “I’ve disturbed you.”

Jing Yichen turned his head, nodding faintly in his direction. “Wait for a bit, I’ll finish things up very soon.”

“En, do your things first,” Shangguan Ning smiled slightly, expressing that he need not mind her.

The entire study only has Jing Yichen and the empty chair next to him.

Shangguan Ning went to his side and sat down, trying not to make any noise so as not to disturb him working.

The study was very quiet and after Shangguan Ning surveyed around, she unknowingly ended up watching the diligently working male.

From her angle, she just so happened to be able to see the side of his face.

Straight nose, enticing lips, eyes like the stars at night glinting with a light accumulated deep wisdom, and eyelashes seemed to be even longer than hers. His side view was distinctly outlined like a perfect art piece.

He wore a simple white, checkered shirt, the sleeves were rolled up a few times, revealing his sturdy arm.

So simple of clothing, yet he was able to show off its marvel when worn by him, and the dazzling light shone on his body let his graceful noble aura appear in clear sight.

He was really handsome — should be the most handsome with the most outstanding temperament man that she has ever seen.

Thinking back to yesterday when her half-awake self had been hugging him with no intentions of letting go, Shangguan Ning’s face immediately burned up.

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  1. Jane Heresy

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    Have you dropped this novel? Just wondering because there has been no update for some time now. I really like this one so I hope you will continue to translate. Thanks!

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