Black Bellied President Chapter 28

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28 — He Loves Her Dearly

Shangguan Ning thought for a second. Perhaps it made sense, she should express her gratitude and say farewell to Jing Yichen face to face.

In addition, she wanted to know how Guo Shuai was doing. According to Zhao Anan, Guo Shuai was already captured by Jing Yichen’s people.

If it was possible, she wanted to ask Guo Shuai herself, who was helping him behind his back.

She didn’t want this event to occur again.

As for Guo Shuai’s himself, she believed that Zhao Anan had already helped her vent out her anger. Right now, it would already be a good outcome if he was still alive.

Shangguan Ning didn’t know that the person who helped her get revenge was not Zhao Anan, but that handsome, indifferent man.

She followed Aunt Wang’s directions, went up to the second floor, walked to the front of the study, and knocked on the door lightly.

Jing Yichen’s deep yet pleasant to hear voice came from the room. “Come in.”

Shangguan Ning pushed open the door and walked in when she saw Jing Yichen’s back facing her, focused on his laptop. Beside him was a thick pile of documents.

Obviously, he was working.

Shangguan Ning spoke somewhat apologetically: “Sorry Mr. Zhao for disturbing you.”

Jing Yichen turned around and unenthusiastically nodded his head: “Wait a moment, I will be finished soon.”

“Alright, complete your work first.” Shangguan Ning smiled faintly, indicating that he need not worry about her.

The only empty chair in the entire study was beside Jing Yichen.

Shangguan Ning walked over and sat down on the chair beside him, trying as much as possible to keep quiet to avoid disturbing him as he worked.

The study was extremely quiet. After Shangguan Ning looked around the study, she found herself subconsciously staring at the man focused on his work beside her. .

From her angle, she happened to be able to see his side profile.

The bridge of his nose was straight and defined. The shape of his lips were pleasing to look at. His eyes looked like stars of the night sky, accumulating the deep rays of light. His eyelashes looked like they were longer than hers. The silhouette of his side profile was clear, like a perfectly crafted work of art.

He wore a simple white plaid shirt. His sleeves were pulled up a bit, exposing his muscular arms.

He looked extremely gorgeous, probably the most handsome, most outstanding man she had ever seen.

Shangguan Ning’s could feel her face turn hot immediately as she thought about the night before, when she embraced him and refused to let go during her lack of consciousness.

Jing Yichen finished the tasks at hand. He turned around and saw Shangguan Ning’s despondent and reddened expression.

The corners of his mouth curled up faintly, exposing an indistinguishable smile.

It seemed that his intentional plan to make her come in and sit for a while was right!

He walked over to Shangguan Ning and asked with concern: “What’s wrong, your face is really red, are you starting to get a fever again? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?”

Shangguan Ning was about to shake her head when a warm, generous, yet large hand touched her bright, round forehead, making her body stiffen.

His hand brought over a sweet aroma of mint and the glowing warmth of his palm was instantly transmitted from her forehead to the rest of her body.

Her face turned a brighter shade of red ——She was not used to such intimate contact with the opposite gender.

Jing Yichen looked at the woman beside him and watched as her face grew in redness. The arc of his lips curled increasingly as his smile grew larger.

Despite knowing that she was extremely embarrassed, he had a greater urge of wanting to tease her.

“Looks like you don’t have a fever. Your face is terribly red. Won’t do, let’s get a doctor to check it out.”

Due to the fact that his voice was dead serious, along with an ice cold expression, Shangguan Ning didn’t have a single suspicion that someone was purposely trying to tease her.

Shangguan Ning took a deep breath and raised her arm to remove Jing Yichen’s hand from her forehead. She replied softly: “I’m fine, no need to call a doctor.”

If he called a doctor, she would have truly been shamed.

On the other hand, he really knew how to care for others.

Poor Shangguan Ning, even now, she still thought that Jing Yichen was a good person, believing that his evil intentions were actually a form of care.

Jing Yichen felt slightly disppointed when the smooth, tender sensation disappeared from his palm.

However, he immediately adjusted his emotions, returned to sit down in his chair, and unenthusiastically asked: “What are you here for?”

From his knowledge of Shangguan Ning’s personality, if she had no matters to discuss, she would not have come to the study to find him.

Once Jing Yichen increased the distance between Shangguan Ning, she suddenly felt much more comfortable.

She had never experienced such intimate contact with a man before. Even if Xie Zhuojun counted, apart from the time when he was unconscious, all she ever did was sit beside him to read him stories. Other than that, there was ultimately no contact. After he gained consciousness, he immediately fell in love with Shangguan Rouxue, a relationship in which he refused to listen to to anyone’s opinions. Shangguan Ning had even less of a reason to be amorous around him.

The flushing redness on her face gradually returned to normal, exhibiting her pale facial complexion.

Shangguan Ning spoke gently: “Thank you for care, there’s no need to trouble you anymore. I’ll be heading home soon so I won’t be staying for dinner. I just wanted to come up and tell you.”

Jing Yichen wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, unsure of why Shangguan Ning was leaving all of a sudden.

Was living here so uncomfortable for her?

Jing Yichen didn’t insist her to stay a few extra days, but he did state incontrovertibly: “You can leave after eating dinner, there’s no room for discussion.”

Where else could she possibly eat if she did not eat dinner here?

She was still sick, the back of her head was still wrapped in gauze. Her face was as pale as paper, yet she still demanded on leaving. She did not care about herself at all.

Shangguan Ning opened her mouth, wanting to turn down the offer. However, she couldn’t find a way to get the words out when she saw Jing Yichen’s somewhat angry expression.

She wasn’t stupid. Although he put on a poker face and his tone was not too well, she could still distinguish that he was concerned about her.

She felt a flash of warmth across her heart and finally nodded, agreeing to stay.

Once Jing Yichen saw her obediently nodd her head, he felt more comfortable.

Shangguan Ning became silent for a moment and opened her mouth to ask: “Is Guo Shuai here? There’s something I want to ask.”

Upon hearing this name, Jing Yichen’s entire body seemed to have been emitting a type of ice-cold effect.

He wanted to kill Guo Shuai so badly. It was a pity that he needed to spare his life, otherwise Shangguan Ning’s business at school will be even harder to explain.

He became silent for a second. He had already predicted that Shangguan Ning knew that Guo Shuai had people behind his back.

“I told them to release him. It will be disadvantageous for you if he doesn’t appear for a long period of time. If you have any questions, you can ask me. Perhaps I know more than he does.”

Shangguan Ning suddenly raised her head when she heard what he said.

Looks like he already knew that she was fired from school, and those harmful rumors about her.

He was helping her again.

But, what did he mean when he said that he knew more than Guo Shuai?

Shangguan Ning believed that she didn’t need to beat about the bush with someone as smart and powerful as him. She spoke straight to the point: “Guo Shuai wasn’t the only one who did this, there must be someone helping him, someone with powerful abilities, someone who can exempt him from the consequences of doing malicious deeds. This person must have hatred towards me, but I don’t remember provoking someone like this. So, I want to know who this person is.”

Jing Yichen listened as she finished, and finally responded with a dull “en” after a while.

After the occurrence of an event like this, she had already overcome the initial wave of panic and fear. Now, she can quickly, calmly, and rationally analyze the entire problem without blindly wanting to avenge those that had hurt her.

Should he praise her for being wise and calm, or should he call her foolish.

She was only an ordinary girl. After an event like this, sobbing about wanting to kill Guo Shuai was something she should have been doing, not hiding all her pain and hardships at the bottom of her heart, trying to calmly seek justice for herself.

He felt sympathetic for this side of her.

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