Black Bellied President Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 — Can’t Recognize Me After A Nap?

The drug’s effects finally wore off after two hours, but Shangguan Ning had fallen into a deep sleep due to over-exhaustion.

Jing Yichen sat by her side as he quietly watched the girl who had suddenly barged into his life.

Her once swollen face had already returned to normality after applying the best medicine that was used for wounds, leaving only purple-red bruises. However, these bruises became increasingly more of the telltale signs of the sufferings that she had experienced; the feeling only grew stronger the longer he stared at them — because they were such a stark contrast to her snow-white face that was as delicate as suet jade.

She was undoubtedly pretty, but he had seen even more beautiful women before; however, the feeling she gave him was vastly different compared to the rest. He was comfortable around her, seems like as long as he was with her, even if she doesn’t talk, his mood would improve as well.

It was like this since the first time he had met her. He rejected this kind of foreign emotion at that time, attempting to block it out with cold indifference.

He had always thought that he was someone who didn’t need emotions since excessive emotions would only become a hindrance — a weakness in his life. But the moment he learned that she was injured, his rationality flew out of the window.

They had only known each other for a couple of days, and their meetings were brief as well, so why did he care this much about her?

Jing Yichen couldn’t find the reason — nor did he need one. As long as he knows what he wants, nothing else matters.

When Shangguan Ning woke up the next morning, she blanked out for a long period of time.

After a good while, she remembered yesterday’s incident. She vaguely recalled that Zhao Anan saved her, but she doesn’t have an inkling of what happened afterward.

Everything hurt from head to toe, which she reckons that it should be from Guo Shuai’s blows yesterday.

She pried the blanket open and was frightened by what was clearly male pajamas worn on her person.

No way, right?! Could it be that at the end, she lost her virginity?

Then Shangguan Ning quickly rejected this guess. Although she felt powerless and everything hurt at the moment, she didn’t feel any different from her lower body.

She released the breath that she was holding. Only then did she have the mental strength to survey her surroundings.

The room was huge and although it was concise, it portrayed the splendor that of a palace with its grandeur and extravagance exuding from every corner of it.


Where was she? Zhao Anan’s house? But if this was her house, it was impossible for Zhao Anan to give her a set of male pajamas to wear.

Shangguan Ning suddenly remembered something. During her daze yesterday, she heard Zhao Anan crying loudly “Big brother”.

Don’t tell her that…… that she’s at Jing Yichen’s place?! Then wouldn’t these pajamas be…… Dear God, how can this be?!

Shangguan Ning helplessly shut her eyes, trying her best to console herself inwardly.

There was a sudden sound of light footsteps breaking the silence of the room, prompting her to immediately open her eyes.

A familiar handsome figure entered and didn’t refrain – whatsoever – from walking to the front of the bed, stretching out a long, slender, yet good-looking hand to press against her forehead.

A short moment later, Jing Yichen retrieved his hand and spoke in a low pitched voice. “Not a bad recovery, no fever either. Do you want to eat something?”

Shangguan Ning stared blankly. What was going on?

Why was Jing Yichen acting on very familiar terms with her? It was like…… they have been living together for many years.

Although there was still the lack of expressions on his face, his tone was warm and gentle with the absence of the coldness from before.

This left Shangguan Ning unable to react.

Seeing her doubts, Jing Yichen gave her a faint smile. “What’s the matter? Can’t recognize me after a nap?” There was a trace of indistinct doting in his tone when he spoke.

His smile was clean yet warm, revealing an orderly set of pearly white teeth. There was a type of sunshine in the smile that charged straight into a person’s heart.

It was the first time Shangguan Ning saw his smile, and it caused her heart to beat without obstruction.

He was a sin!

She lightly sighed in her heart. She could not admit that people would have basically no resistance against this side of Jing Yichen.

“That’s not it; it’s just that you seem different somehow……” Shangguan Ning gently answered.

The hoarse, dry voice that came out gave her a momentary shock. It sounded like an old crow clamoring unpleasantly to the ear.

Jing Yichen passed her a cup of water before placing a hand on her back, lightly helping her sit up and lean against the soft cotton pillow.

“Drink some water first.You can get up to each breakfast in a moment.”

Shangguan Ning was, in fact, thirsty to death, but Jing Yichen was acting too abnormal that all of her attention was diverted.

She was somewhat unable to adapt to Jing Yichen’s touch. The warmth from his hand traveled through the thin pajamas, transferring onto her back. It was like getting an electric shock kind of feeling that spread within her body.

She rigidly accepted the water, and it was only after slowly drank half a cup that her brain gradually cleared up even more. However, the more she became clearheaded, the more she felt that this wasn’t real.

She hesitated for a moment but still decided to ask prudently, “I… how long have I been unconscious?”

Jing Yichen laughed in spite of himself; he could tell that Shangguan Ning wasn’t able to adjust to the current him.

As a matter of fact, Jing Yichen was already doing his best to restrain himself. He was afraid that if his change was too great all of a sudden, he would scare Shangguan Ning, who had just recently experienced a huge trauma.

What he wanted to do the most at the moment was to pull her into his arms, kiss her, and caress her. But, he couldn’t do it. No rush, take your time, Shangguan Ning. You belong to me in this lifetime, no one will ever bully you again.

He kept himself in check, using the most normal voice and tone that he could to speak. “You blacked out for less than a day or fourteen hours to be exact.”

Upon hearing the answer, Shangguan Ning not only did she not relax, her brows slightly knitted together.

It was not even a day, but why did Jing Yichen change so much? Did something happen without her knowledge?

She was now full of questions that were in desperate need of someone to give her some answers, and Jing Yichen obviously wasn’t the best choice for that.

“Mr. Zhao… is this your house? Is Anan here?”

“En, this is my house. Anan went to campus early in the morning, so she should return shortly.” Jing Yichen has formidable self-control. He didn’t want Shangguan Ning to feel awkward or embarrassed, so he quickly reverted to his previous indifference. It was just that warmth was still apparent in his tone.

Shangguan was able to accustom to this kind of Jing Yichen a lot more, but she all the more couldn’t make heads or tails with his alternating hot and cold moods.

However, Shangguan felt feeble from head to toe, and the wounds on her body were starting to hurt badly as the anesthetic started to wear off. She had only got up for a short period of time and spoke a few sentences, but she already felt extremely tired.

Jing Yichen, unfortunately, did not let her continue to sleep. “I’ll have someone bring breakfast over. You need to eat something so sleep afterward.”

Once he finished, Jing Yichen very quickly left.

After a while, a forty or so, round-faced, and friendly-looking woman entered while pushing the dining cart.

“Good morning, Miss Shangguan!” She respectfully greeted Shangguan Ning. “I’m the maid here, Young Master had me deliver you breakfast.”

Shangguan Ning weakly leaned up against the pillow, smiling in her direction. “‘Morning and thanks!”

She felt that she needed to eat something as well, if not, then it would be even slower for her to recover.

The maid swiftly and efficiently set up a bed tray, placing on it congee, milk, and several kinds of easy-to-digest pastries and small side dishes.

“Miss Shangguan, try some to see if it’s to your taste. If not, I’ll go exchange them for you.”

“Thank you but no need everything looks great.” Shangguan Ning wasn’t being polite. She knew from the fragrance of this food assailing her nose – both light and nutrient – that all of this was evidently especially prepared for her.

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