Black Bellied President Chapter 38

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38 —- The Prince Picks Up The Princess to Buy Groceries and Return Home

Jing Yichen had completely relaxed. As long as she wasn’t sent by his father to monitor him, everything was fine.

As he thought about it, he couldn’t help laughing, his father would definitely surveil him secretly. However his father would have found an ordinary yet cunning person, he wouldn’t send someone like her, who revealed all her thoughts on her expressions, to his side.

But from this, it was clear that the person helping Shangguan Ning had an extremely strong relationship with his father, otherwise he wouldn’t have given her such a high position.

Did this mean that she will be by his side everyday and work with him as if she was his shadow?

Going to work in the future seemed to be worth anticipating.

Jing Yichen drank all the tea in his cup and asked: “It’s almost time for lunch, how about you treat me!”

Shangguan Ning always had a good temper, but his continuous shamelessness made in her laugh angrily: “It’s the first time I’ve seen someone so self-confident in asking others to buy them a meal.”

Jing Yichen didn’t feel embarrassed at all. His expression was still unenthusiastic, his tone carrying a sense of humor: “Such a stingy woman, it’s only a meal.”

So many people wanted to treat him to a meal, only to be ignored by him. Now, he hoped to eat with her, yet she avoided him with resentment.

“You just lost your job, but found a secure and profitable position quite rapidly, can you really justify yourself if you don’t treat me? I’ll celebrate with you, alright?”

Shangguan Ning glanced at him, but quickly looked away.

Damn it, forget about his pleasant sounding voice, but why must a man look so hot!

Him just sitting there gives people the desire to pounce on him. If it wasn’t for her firm aspiration and experience of being injured by a good-looking guy, perhaps she would have fallen in love with him.

Shangguan Ning thought that she was acting abnormal once again.

She took in a deep breath as her heartbeat slowly steadied, and responded calmly: “I should treat you to a meal.”

Jing Yichen nodded and stood up: “Let’s go.”

Li Jing neighbourhood’s location was on the outskirts of town, there were few residents and hardly any places to eat.

Jing Yichen just moved in and didn’t eat out, so he knew little about the restaurants in the area.

Although Shangguan Ning had lived there for half a year, she rarely ate alone at any of the nearby eateries.

As a result, Jing Yichen drove for half an hour without finding a suitable restaurant.

Shangguan Ning tolerated it until she couldn’t bear it anymore, and spoke helplessly: “Do you have to pick like this every time you eat?”

They just passed by a few shops that looked nice, but Jing Yichen was still not satisfied. If this type of selection continued, there was no need to eat this meal anymore.

“Can’t do anything about it, I have a high expectation for food.” Jing Yichen’s mood was relatively well as he responded with a teasing tone.

Shangguan Ning was defeated by his shamelessness. After becoming familiar with him, she realized that he had a cold external appearance but also an evil heart.

“Hungry?” Jing Yichen noticed that Shangguan Ning wrinkled her palm-sized face [small face]. His tone carried an unperceivable sense of kindness.

“En.” Shangguan Ning nodded her head and hesitated for a moment before responding: “Why don’t we buy some groceries and I’ll cook food at home!”

The corners of Jing Yichen’s mouth curled up uncontrollably.

He had wandered for so long, it was about time this girl got the hint, he was waiting for these words the entire time!

But….. he couldn’t behave so obviously.

“You know how to cook?”

“Yup, my food isn’t bad as well!” Shangguan Ning boasted shamelessly. Although she felt unsure in her mind, her face displayed an “I’m so awesome” look.

Jing Yichen revealed a faint smile. He was tricked by the confidence on Shangguan Ning’s face and began looking forward to it in his mind.

The two entered the supermarket, selected a few ingredients, and paid for the groceries.

The flow of customers in the supermarket was comparatively high at noon, it was mostly females shopping for goods.

Jing Yichen’s temperament and appearance stood out excessively. There were always countless people gazing at him on the way, so much so that a few young girls had requested for his signature bashfully——they had mistaken him for a movie star.

If it wasn’t for the ice-cold atmosphere around his entire body, making strangers unwilling to go near him, there would have been more people asking for signatures.

Jing Yichen was already used to being stared at by people. He ignored everyone who requested for his signature and minded his own business, focusing on picking the produce——the number of times he had visited a supermarket could be counted with one hand, however at this moment, he felt that it was very interesting.

On the other hand, it was Shangguan Ning who couldn’t adapt. She wasn’t used to being stared at by people, and she was even more uncomfortable with being looked at with multiple oppressive gazes, as if she had done something that angered the public.

She caught a glimpse of the unconcerned Jing Yichen. It was all his fault, he was too handsome, causing many girls to fall for him.

She randomly chose a few types of vegetables and dragged Jing Yichen away.

If they didn’t leave, those stares would have pierced holes in her body!

As Jing Yichen was held on by a soft and warm hand, he felt some kind of emotion bubbling up in his heart. His entire body began to warm up.

He thought that even being stared at by so many women was worth it.

The lines were extremely long at the checkout lanes. Shangguan Ning took a few steps when she suddenly turned around to say something to Jing Yichen.

But Jing Yichen walked too fast. Her sudden halt caused her to fall into his arms.

His chest was warm and strong, her entire body tumbled in, knocking her sore.

But all Jing Yichen felt was the intimate contact between himself and the two soft lumps in front of her chest. His heartbeat immediately sped up.

Shangguan Ning’s chest was the part that hurt from the bump. But in the public with numerous people, she couldn’t rub it.

Jing Yichen gazed at her embarrassed and awkward look, and couldn’t help laughing softly.

Shangguan Ning’s pale cheeks suddenly turned bright red. She raised her head and glared at him fiercely. He look advantage of her yet he still dared to laugh at her!

She snatched the items from Jing Yichen’s hand: “I’m going to check out, you can wait for me outside!” She wanted to avoid elderly women and young girls shrieking with pleasure due to his current expression.

She used a demanding tone, making her seem oppressive.

Jing Yichen used to hate it when people spoke to him in this tone. But now, he didn’t understand why he liked this side of her.

He was barely able to control himself from rubbing her soft, long hair. He nodded and walked out of the supermarket alone.

Shangguan Ning found a checkout lane with fewer people, quickly purchased the goods, and carried the bags of groceries as she exited the store.

Jing Yichen’s luxurious silver-white Aston Martin was parked near the supermarket exit. He wore a white suit and black sunglasses as he sat coldly yet gracefully in the driver’s seat, letting off an extremely wealthy aura.

This scene was visually attractive, creating a beautiful illusion for Shangguan Ning of a prince picking up his princess to return home from grocery shopping.

Jing Yichen stepped out of the car elegantly when he noticed that Shangguan Ning had exited the supermarket. He reached for the bags of groceries and put them into the back trunk. He then opened up the door for her and cushioned her head like a thoughtful gentlemen as she sat into the front passenger seat.

Once Jing Yichen returned back to his seat, Shangguan Ning couldn’t hold it in anymore and began to laugh——she thought that Jing Yichen was acting. She didn’t expect someone as cold and detached as him to have such a warm and soft side.

The top-notch sports car carrying the two of them drove through the traffic, not realizing that someone had been following them since the beginning.

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