Black Bellied President Chapter 37

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37 —- The Big Bad Wolf and The Little White Bunny

She was gathering information about Jing Sheng Corporation!

She was looking at his father’s summary!


His brain experienced a brief moment of blankness. After, his neurons immediately began to operate at high-speed again.

Suddenly, he thought of a possibility.

His heart felt deeply worried. There was a sound in his mind making him eager to prove his prediction.

He immediately left Shangguan Ning’s home, took the elevator to the twenty-seventh floor, and speed walked into his house where he directly started up his laptop.

The email Jing Zhongxiu sent him this morning, was still lying calmly in his inbox.

Jing Yichen suddenly felt terrified as he clicked on the email.

But his body movements were faster than his brain. He tapped on the mouse lightly and the email opened up. A resume displayed in front of him.

Shangguan Ning, female, 26 years old, graduated doctorate from New Zealand, majored in…..

Jing Yichen couldn’t read a single word from the rest of the resume. The only three words present in his vision were “Shangguan Ning.”

He forced himself to calm down. His previous subconscious reaction was that Shangguan Ning clearly knew him but pretended not to, instead, she held onto certain objectives to try to get close to him.

Looking at it now, she really didn’t know who he was.

His thoughts were mixed up, he cared too much about her which resulted in this misunderstanding.

It’s been a long time since he had made this type of rudimentary mistake.

He was already used to fighting on the smokeless battlefield that he was custom to thinking of the worst.

Her clear eyes did not deceive. Although she didn’t invite him to enter just now, she didn’t obstruct his intrusion either.

So she was his father’s worker? She was the person whom his father stuck in to monitor and interfere with his actions?

She had just said that she was, “currently cramming in information,” therefore his father must have arranged for her this position at the last moment.

In addition, she was probably unfamiliar with his father, otherwise there was no need for her to search up his summary online.

Jing Yichen used only a few minutes to predict most of the situation.

She was just fired from her school and she was unemployed. It was unsure of what relationships she utilized to get recruited at Jing Sheng Corporation.

As for her relationship with his father, he still needed to verify it.

Jing Yichen closed his laptop and smoothed out his wrinkle-less shirt, before returning back to the sixth floor.

On the other side, Shangguan was currently boiling water to make tea in the kitchen. But when she was finished making tea and entered the living room, she realized that her guest had disappeared.

Her home was deserted, the table was still scattered with disorderly newspapers and magazines. Everything looked as if he had never came.

Shangguan Ning blinked her eyes vigorously, hoping that whatever had just happened was not her hallucination.


The sound of the doorbell brought Shangguan Ning, who was skeptical of the past events, back to reality. Once she opened the door, the person standing outside made her increasingly puzzled.

“Why are you…… outside the door?” She actually meant, why are you appearing and disappearing unpredictably!

Jing Yichen glanced at her white as jade hand that held onto the exquisite and simple Yixing clay teapot. Distinct perplexity was trapped in her eyes, making her seem gentle and cute.

His heart softened and he felt guilty about his big fuss over a minor issue. He was deceived too much that he had forgotten what trust was.

He reached for the teapot and replied softly: “Be careful, don’t burn yourself.”

Shangguan Ning’s resistance became weaker as she faced Jing Yichen’s deep and pleasant to hear voice. She handed him the teapot involuntarily.

It wasn’t until Jing Yichen had entered, before she snapped back to reality.

How come she kept on feeling like there was something fishy going on?

She was never a muddle-headed person, in fact it was the opposite, she had definite opinions towards matters. She was rarely influenced by others’ speech. Her inner mind was determined, unlikely to doubt herself.

But ever since she met Jing Yichen, her moments of self-doubt occurred increasingly. Was it because his IQ was too high, and she couldn’t keep up?

But her IQ wasn’t low either!

If this continued, she was going to develop Schizophrenia!

Shangguan Ning walked back to the living room with anxiety. She gaped at Jing Yichen when she noticed his skilled procedure of washing and steeping the tea.

His appearance was handsome, his temperament was grandeur. All his motions were like moving clouds and flowing water. The faint aroma and mist from the tea wrapped over him like a flawless ink painting, pleasing one’s eyes and warming one’s heart.

She shook her head and erased the scene from her mind before she began to tidy up the pile of articles on the table.

Jing Yichen gazed at her focused manner, and opened his mouth carelessly: “What are you cramming?”

“Jing Sheng Corporation.” Shangguan Ning waved the newspaper in her hand and responded without thinking.

Jing Yichen’s heart tightened. He spoke again, his voice becoming deeper: “Why are you cramming in stats about Jing Sheng Corporation?”

Shangguan Ning had finished organizing all her items. She didn’t realize that someone was trying to trick her into leaking out information, and responded cheerfully: “Oh yeah, I haven’t told you yet. I start work next monday at Jing Sheng Corporation. There’s a great number of skilled people there and I don’t have much work experience, so I can only hope for the best and review some data about the company.”

Jing Yichen sipped slowly on the sweet Longjing tea and replied with a dull expression: “I have friends working at Jing Sheng Corporation, perhaps they could help you a bit.”

Shangguan Ning grew in excitement. She was just dozing off to sleep when a pillow fell from the sky! [1]

“Really? That’s great! I was just worrying about working there, I’m not familiar with anything and I’m sort of nervous!” She was fairly excited and politely poured tea for Jing Yichen.

Jing Yichen nested comfortably in the soft couch, his mood was joyful as the beauty served him. He diverted the subject step by step to the direction he wanted.

“What position are you working as? Does it match your specialty?”

Shangguan Ning thought for a second and decided to tell the truth, otherwise after she starts working, Jing Yichen will still figure out her duties through his friends. There was no point in hiding, instead, it was make her seem untrustworthy.

“I’m going to be the chairman’s assistant at Jing Sheng Corporation. It doesn’t correspond with my specialty which is why I’m worried.”

“As far as I know, only individuals with a rich work experience qualify as the chairman’s assistant. Your experience is indeed too little.” Jing Yichen smiled faintly as he spoke and talked in a somewhat joking manner: “Looks like you’re much like my friends, recruited by cutting in line.”

Jing Yichen’s tone was relaxed, seeming unsurprised about this event.

But Shangguan didn’t feel relaxed at all.

Using only a few sentences, he had already guessed everything correctly, making her slightly fearful.

The only reason as to why she could still sit there with a tranquil expression was because she felt that he meant no harm.

But she didn’t want anyone knowing that she entered Jing Sheng Corporation due to her uncle’s connections. She wasn’t afraid that people would spread rumors behind her back, she was afraid that her aunt would find a way to destroy her opportunity if she found out.

Shangguan Ning did not speak, all she did was reveal a smile. She picked up her teacup and sipped on it.

When Jing Yichen noticed that she was not speaking, he knew that he had predicted accurately——his father had squeezed her into his side in order to pay someone a favour.

[1] Metaphorical phrase: indicating that benefits had appeared just when she needed them.

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