Black Bellied President Chapter 48

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48 —- Oppressive Chairman Forces to Get Marriage Certificate

In the spacious and bright chairman’s office, he sat on a dark brown, handwork leather chair. He wore a white shirt, a black suit, and a blue tie. His aura was elegant and honourable. There wasn’t a bit of expression on his face. His voice was as cold as ice, like the first time she met him.

Shangguan Ning felt that all the blood in her body had solidified. Her limbs were so rigid that they were unable to listen to commands.

There was a voice telling her that he was the chief officer, that she needed to calm down, think rationally, and report to him the schedule she had memorized word for word.

But her mind was completely blank. All the colours and sounds had disappeared. All that was left was that ice-cold, heartless face.

It was unknown how long it took before some perception finally returned.

With great effort, she lowered her head and looked at the desk in front of Jing Yichen. Five words were astonishingly engraved on the sparkling and pure crystal name tag: Chief Officer Jing Yichen. [1]

Chief Officer, Jing Yichen……

How ironic……

The pain of the wound on the back of her head and all the dizziness brought by the fever had abruptly engulfed her entire body.

Who could tell her what was going on?

Her determination that she painfully supported collapsed loudly. She took a few steps back and her body softened as she fell onto the carpet.

Jing Yichen didn’t expect her complexion to turn pale and her body to totter in a split second. He blamed himself in his heart and immediately walked over to her side, embracing her in his arms the moment before she collapsed on the ground.

Shangguan Ning bit onto her lip tightly and pried off his hands, speaking coldly: “Don’t touch me!”

She wanted to immediately disappear in front of his eyes!

This way, she wouldn’t feel that she was so ridiculous, so tragic!

She didn’t want to appear in front of him ever again!

She was really stupid. She didn’t even know his name, yet she trusted him so much.

Shangguan Ning, how many losses must you suffer before you learn your lesson! Wasn’t one Xie Zhuojun enough?

And she had shared her happiness of finding a job with him, she had told him that she was cramming in statistics about Jing Sheng Corporation. But at the time he didn’t even mention a word despite having a clear conscience!

She had believed naively that his friends worked here, that they could help her!

Turns out that his so-called friend was himself! He was Jing Sheng’s chief officer!

She had just scolded him, telling him to quickly leave! Why should he leave, the person that should be leaving is Shangguan Ning!”

How could he, how could he play her like this! Was it fun keeping her completely in the dark? She was already living a difficult life, why was everyone unwilling to let her be!

She felt that her entire body seemed to ache, but she didn’t allow herself to faint in front of him, she had already humiliated herself enough!

Shangguan Ning forced herself to stand up.

Jing Yichen was heart-broken and wanted to help her up, but he was pushed aside by her.

“I said, don’t touch me!” Her voice was slightly sharp and hoarse, startling Jing Yichen.

A look of alienation that had never appeared before penetrated her gaze, making Jing Yichen feel indescribably flustered.

He wanted to grab her hand, but she quickly shook it off.

“Your health isn’t well right now, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Jing Yichen was afraid of stimulating her reverse psychology so he didn’t touch her again, only replying softly.

“Your surname isn’t Zhao, haha…….”

Why didn’t you tell me that your surname isn’t Zhao, why didn’t you tell me that your name is Jing Yichen! Shangguan Ning was shouting furiously in her heart, yet it seemed like she had worn a mask on her face, refusing to expose a bit of her emotions.

She walked out slowly, but her body had already reached its limit. Without strength, she collapsed on the ground once again.

Jing Yichen’s heartache was incapable of getting worse. He walked over to her and regardless of her struggle, he picked her up in his arms.

Damn it, how did he cause everything to turn out this way!

Shangguan Ning used all her strength to hit him, forgetting about the so-called chairman and her identity of an assistant: “Let go of me, don’t touch me! I can walk myself!”

She thought that she had used a great amount of strength, but in reality, she was extremely weak. The hand that smacked against Jing Yichen’s body was more or less similar to tickling him.

“Don’t move!”

“Let go of me, I quit!”

“I don’t approve!”

“I’m not going to be your assistant!”

“I don’t approve!”

“I hate you!”

“I don’t approve!”


“There’s no need to say anything anymore, I don’t approve! From now on, you are mine! Without my permission, you aren’t allowed to go anywhere!”

Jing Yichen clutched the struggling Shangguan Ning in his arms and took the chairman’s personal elevator directly from the seventy-sixth floor to the underground parking lot. He stuffed her into the Aston Martin with the car plate number 12345 and drove away, despite her murderous look.

As he drove, he also made a call: “A Hu, bring over Shangguan Ning’s residence certificate!”

“Why do you need my residence certificate! Hurry up and let me go!”

Jing Yichen ignored her. He pulled out his identification card and threw it on her: “Look closely, your husband’s name is Jing Yichen. You better know my name when we get our marriage certificate later!”

“What did you say?!”

“I said we’re getting our marriage——certificate——!”

“I don’t give consent!”

“Protest invalid!”

Shangguan Ning tried to suppress the rage and sorrow in her heart. She leaned on the seat without energy and kept silent for a long time before her hoarse larynx spoke: “I have a fever, take me to the hospital first.”

Jing Yichen didn’t even look at her as he responded calmly: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you escape before obtaining our marriage certificate.”

She wanted to trick him, how could he possibly be fooled again.

Shangguan Ning tossed Jing Yichen’s identification card back at him with disgust. She bit her lip, unwilling to give in.

Her fever approached rapidly, already making her mentally confused. But she still spat out her thoughts clearly: “I don’t want to marry you.”

“That’s alright, we’ll get the marriage certificate first. We’re not in a hurry to plan the wedding and have children.”

Shangguan Ning became furious, when did she say that she wanted to have children!

Jing Yichen extended his arm to caress her forehead and didn’t speak to irritate her anymore, he only drove faster.

Shangguan Ning had already lost all the strength to prevent his actions and allowed him to examine her body temperature.

They were almost at the civil registration office. A Hu had their residence certificates as he waited at the door.

Jing Yichen stepped out of the car and walked to the other side to carry Shangguan Ning out. His motions were gentle yet oppressive, treating her as if she was a precious gem.

But Shangguan Ning couldn’t sense it at all.

She only knew his real identity today. The next minute, she was forced to come to the civil administration office with him to obtain their marriage certificate. He was a criminal! He was a demon!

Her failure of a life was already chaotic enough, couldn’t they let her continue living a simple life……

She looked at Jing Yichen’s distinctly outlined, handsome appearance. Tears began to roll down unexpectedly.

Why did her heart ache…….

A soft and warm sensation traveled from the surface of her lips.

Shangguan Ning opened her eyes and saw that handsome face enlarge before her eyes.

Jing Yichen’s kiss came in contact and immediately separated. His voice was softer than ever before: “We’re getting out marriage certificate today, cheer up. I messed up, it’s my fault. But I don’t care how much you hate me, I won’t let go. A kiss pledges love, you have no other choice.”

He wiped away her tears gently, but his heart was grieving terribly.

He wanted her to be happy and joyful, but how did everything turn out like this?

What he wanted wasn’t her sorrowful tears, but her lustrous smile.


SINIKI: [1] Jing Yichen is actually three words in Chinese, Yi Chen are two different words. However to better organize his name into his surname [Jing] and his name [Yi Chen], his full name is grouped as Jing Yichen in this novel.

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