Black Bellied President Chapter 60

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60 — Li Yu Technology

In the room, Shangguan Ning had already changed with the fastest speed possible and was prepared to leave.

When she noticed that he had returned, she spoke anxiously: “Your grandparents left?”

Jing Yichen nodded and lifted his hand to wipe away the fine beads of sweat on her forehead. He spoke dimly: “Everything’s fine, you were so worried. In the future, there’s no need to worry when you meet them, they’re the ones who should be concerned.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t expect that his grandparents would leave so quickly. She was just thinking about tidying herself up to greet the two elders.

When she noticed Jing Yichen’s careless appearance, her previously nervous heart suddenly followed, and began to relax.

She wasn’t stupid, she could sense Jing Yichen’s exceedingly cold and isolated behaviour towards his family. Although she wasn’t aware of the reasoning behind it, she would still prioritize his feelings. Towards his family, she would act respectfully and formally. As for any further sentiments, they had to rely on the collaboration of both sides.

She believed that Jing Yichen would never treat his family with such apathy if there was no reasoning behind it. He certainly had his own justifications, but if he didn’t want to talk about them, then she wouldn’t question him either.

It was much like her own messed up family, she simply didn’t know how to express all the pain and suffering from within, nor did she want to talk about it. But that night, he clearly saw her shattered look as she came out of her home, yet he didn’t even say a word, only lending her a shoulder, only giving her warmth and support.

Shangguan Ning smiled faintly as she spoke in a relaxed tone: “I was just worrying about how to face them. Things are better off like this. On another day, I’ll dress more formally and beautifully before I greet them!”

Jing Yichen recalled her frenetic and helpless appearance when she drilled herself into his chest. His heart heated up, and he lowered his head, sticking himself on.

Her pink lips were soft and tender, carrying the distinctive, sweet fragrance she possessed with each breath. He could no longer restrain himself and began sucking.

Shangguan Ning was startled by Jing Yichen’s sudden movements. Hurriedly, she wanted to dodge, but her head was pressed down by his large hand, without a single chance to move.

Her chest pressed against his naked torso. She could hear his heartbeat clearly and sense the temperature of his body.

His kiss was extremely tender and carried an inexpressible form of yearning, making her feel adored and pampered.

It was unknown how much time had passed, when Jing Yichen finally ended the kiss.

Shangguan Ning seemed like a fish that had just been presented with water. She gasped for the fresh air.

Jing Yichen trapped her in his arms, gazed at her adorable appearance as she breathed with all her might, and spoke jokingly: “I’ve already kissed you many times, why haven’t your skills improved at all? You don’t even know how to take breaths in between.

Shangguan Ning’s pale face immediately flushed red. She glared at him fiercely and trampled over his foot without hesitation. It wasn’t until after she heard him cry out in pain with exaggeration “you’re murdering your own husband,” that she lifted her refined chin up high and walked towards the bathroom with pride across her face.

Humph, and he said her skills were unsatisfactory, chairman Jing’s techniques weren’t necessarily the greatest either!

After the two finished freshening up, Shangguan Ning took a seat in the living room and picked up a thick stack of newspapers to read, while Jing Yichen prepared a couples breakfast personally.

There was nothing that could be done, their household servants Fang and Lan, and chef Du had all returned home for the New Year. Shangguan Ning’s cooking was far from presentable, so the chairman had to do it himself.

The newspapers on the table had already been piled up for a week. She had just taken over the duties of the assistant last week and it was awfully busy. It had been a while since she had read the newspaper.

Subconsciously, she flipped through the finance and economics edition first. The first thing that appeared before her eyes were three bold words “Jing Sheng Corporation.” All the newspapers from the past week contained business information about Jing Sheng Corporation. And the news that appeared the most frequently, was about the man who was currently frying eggs and heating up milk in the kitchen, Jing Yichen.

There were no pictures of him on the newsprint, only his name, appearance, and an approximate description of his character. From what the reporter wrote, not only was he handsome and rich, but also modest and courteous. At the age of thirty-two, he was still single.

In fact because of Jing Yichen, Jing Sheng Corporation made headlines on several consecutive days, only because of the mysterious nature behind this newly appointed chairman, which evoked the public’s intense curiosity more and more.

Shangguan Ning knew that every time journalists visited Jing Sheng for interviews, it was always the public relations department that welcomed the guests. Even the high-ranked assistant, Lu Qin, wouldn’t appear before the public, let alone the person in power of Jing Sheng, Jing Yichen. Only Lu Qin had already instructed the director of the public relations department that they needed to display the chairman’s positive figure. However they couldn’t allow the chairman’s photos to leak out, otherwise the public relations head would be replaced the next day.

Those that were able to obtain the position of a head at Jing Sheng were absolutely skilled and capable of analyzing their leader’s intentions. The public relations director was even more experienced in establishing social relations, and a master at developing domestic and foreign bonds. Therefore, all the reports on the newspapers were about Jing Yichen’s positive information. They forcibly turned the cold and apathetic, ruthless and scheming man into the archetype of the public, someone with full points morally, intellectually, and physically.

Shangguan Ning revealed a smile as she looked through the newspapers. The nation’s archetype was already married. If his feverish fans knew, they would have been heart-broken.

She flipped through the newsprint randomly and a photo appeared before her eyes, making her initially relaxed and cheerful mood become slightly distressing.

The picture was in the entertainment section, the heading was “Presently popular TV anchor Shangguan Rouxue endorses in a brand for the first time.”

The Shangguan Rouxue in the picture had long hair trailed over her shoulders and a white, lace dress that outlined her nearly perfect figure. She held up a white phone with one hand, while her other hand formed a cute peace sign. She was gentle, beautiful, and heart-moving, like a blooming water lily at dawn, making others treasure her.

Shangguan Ning laughed grimly. Who knew how many people she had deceived with this appearance, so much so that even she had been tricked by her at the start, thinking that she was her most intimate younger sister. But after being deceived and taken advantage of too many times, she no longer trusted her anymore.

Shangguan Rouxue was always sustaining injuries without reason, she was always losing her beloved dolls and clothes without reason, and then explaining to others hurriedly: It wasn’t my sister, don’t blame her!

In the past, Shangguan Ning kept on feeling that she had been suppressed by Shangguan Rouxue to the point of being unable to breathe. Because no matter how hard she tried, she would never surpass Shangguan Rouxue. Her grades weren’t as good, she wasn’t as beautiful, she wasn’t as kind, she wasn’t as able to gain her father’s love……

But afterwards, Shangguan Ning no longer felt this pressure, because she was clear of Shangguan Rouxue’s innate character. Her world was full of evil, fake intentions, and schemes. A person like this didn’t deserve to be compared with her.

If she took part in an ad endorsement, then the enterprise must have settled on her kindness, simplicity, and moving temperament. But nowadays, who knew how many celebrities had appearances and auras that surpassed hers. It was unknown which characteristic the business saw in her.

Shangguan Ning’s gaze directed towards the detailed content below the picture. With only a glimpse, she understood everything.

Li Yu Technology……

Shangguan Ning felt a flash of pain in her heart.

This was the company under her second paternal uncle’s name. They relied mainly on high-end electronic goods for business services. To this day, they had already been established for over twenty years.

And the name “Li Yu Technology,” was named after her mother, Huang Liyu.


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