Black Bellied President Chapter 40

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40 —- Jing Yichen Is Incapable Of Those Matters?

Jing Yichen’s deep laughter was transmitted from the kitchen, making Shangguan Ning feel so ashamed that she wanted to crawl into a hole.

She began to realize after running out that Jing Yichen was purposely teasing her. He had never planned on taking his pants off!

She was only mad that she had little experience with these type of men, otherwise she wouldn’t have been defeated like this.

She flung his white suit on the couch angrily and chugged down half the cup of cold tea on the table before she felt the heat on her face retreat.

The delicious aroma of food slowly drifted out of the kitchen. The scent was mouthwatering and alluring, causing Shangguan Ning to drool with desire uncontrollably.

Could it be that, he actually knew how to cook?

Her suspicion didn’t last too long. After half an hour, Jing Yichen brought the dishes out to the living room.

“There’s a limit to resources, we’ll have make do with this.”

Her pink apron was still tied around his waist and his sleeves were rolled up. A normal person dressed up like this would look rather foolish, but the feeling he gave off was still sophisticated. Even the most ordinary apron was incapable of hiding his noble and magnificent aura.

Perhaps it was because he had just finished cooking, because there was an extra sense of energy in expression, much like fireworks, that was different from his usual cold and apathetic look. Shangguan Ning thought that she felt very comfortable around this side of him.

Jing Yichen made three different dishes and one type of soup: scallion with shrimp, stir-fried broccoli, simmer-fried eggplants, and mushroom soup.

Their shopping trip at the supermarket was too hasty today. Besides the fresh shelled shrimp that Jing Yichen selected carefully, everything else was randomly taken as Shangguan Ning passed by.

And aside from the frozen dumplings in her fridge, all she had were various types of glutinous rice balls[1], not even a slice of meat was present.

It wasn’t a lie when he said that “there were limited resources.”

Shangguan Ning’s eye sockets turned red as she sat in front of the dining table, staring at the piping hot food.

It had been years since she ate a home-cooked meal. She didn’t know how to cook herself, and no one cooked for her.

She forced back her tears and exposed a huge grin: “I don’t care if it tastes good or not, I will surely eat all of it today!”

Jing Yichen noticed the happiness that penetrated through her pure and beautiful cheeks, an indescribable sense of satisfaction popped into his heart.

He learned how to cook before because he felt that had difficulty eating other people’s meals. Now, it seemed that he had other goals to pursue.

In the end, he still couldn’t resist, and his large hand rubbed her forehead as he responded softly: “As long as you eat until you’re full, it’s alright if there are leftovers.”

If you want to eat more, I’ll cook for you again in the future.

Shangguan Ning’s hand slightly stiffened as she held onto the chopsticks, she felt an unspeakable feeling spread in her heart.

She always thought that hair had no sensory receptors, but why did she feel an electric shock as he stroked her hair?

Was she so hungry that she had become foolish?

She smiled and picked up a piece of shrimp with her chopsticks, stuffing it into her mouth as if she wanted to cover something up.

And then, her tastebuds were astonished.

It was delicious and tender, smooth and juicy, preserving the initial freshness of the shrimp meat.

“It’s so delicious!” Shangguan Ning praised sincerely.

She drank the tasty mushroom soup and sized up Jing Yichen, who was removing his apron and taking a seat elegantly, with a strange look simultaneously.

The Heaven’s law had been broken, how could someone have a good family background, look handsome, have a good temperament, have an extremely high IQ, and cook well at the same time!

The most important point is that this type of person didn’t even have a wife, no, he didn’t even have a girlfriend!

This didn’t make sense!

Although Shangguan Ning didn’t stop eating, her mind had already twisted around 180 times. She abruptly remembered that Zhao Anan once said that her brother was cleaning-living and honest, and kept away from female charms.

Sometimes, this phrase was used to praise someone. Other times, it also indicated vaguely that the person had a problem.

Was it possible that Jing Yichen…… was incapable of those matters?

Or, he liked men?

She glanced at the unreasonably handsome man sitting in front of her, gracefully eating his meal. Her heart couldn’t help lamenting, he really had the advantage of taking down both men and women.

A feeling of happiness and satisfaction welled up in Jing Yichen’s heart when he noticed that Shangguan Ning was stuffing herself joyfully.

Only, the gaze she looked at him with was rather strange.

He wiped the corners of his mouth subconsciously. There aren’t any grains of rice stuck to his face!

Even if Jing Yichen’s IQ and EQ were the highest, he didn’t know how to read one’s mind. It was even more difficult to think that from merely cooking a meal, Shangguan Ning had already dumped him into the “incompetent” category. A genius like him would never comprehend this type of irrational line of thought.

If he knew Shangguan Ning’s thoughts, he would have rather fed dogs with the table of food instead. At least dogs were loyal animals that knew how to repay their owner. Yet Shangguan Ning was an ingrate!

One meal satisfied the both of them.

After lunch, Shangguan Ning took the initiative and entered the kitchen to wash the dishes. Thus Jing Yichen sat on the couch and steeped another pot of tea.

The afternoon sunshine penetrated the large, clean French window and illuminated the living room. It was warm and beautiful, seeming steady and tranquil like a home.

Jing Yichen gazed at the slim silhouette bustling in the kitchen and suddenly thought that spending the rest of his life like this wasn’t bad.

He was a male with great self-control abilities. Even if he enjoyed the glorious times spent together between the two of them, it was no more than greed.

No matter what, Shangguan Ning was unable to escape this lifetime, there was plenty of time for them to get along in the future.

He had already received huge gains today.

There were still many things waiting for him to deal with back at the Corporation, he needed to leave.

A man’s firmest power was his occupation. As long as he was strong enough, he would be able to provide lifelong peace and happiness for her. Love and marriage were two different concepts. What he wanted was never simply love.

He was very clear about this point.

So after Shangguan Ning finished washing the dishes and exited the kitchen, the living room was already empty, without a single person in sight.

The tea was still emitting steam. It seemed that his warmth still remained on the teacup. Shangguan Ning caught a glimpse and let out a soft sigh in her heart.

The two of them parted, each bustling about their own lives.

Only, Shangguan will never know that the man who just left turned all of City A upside down for her.

The night was as cold as water, a feeling of somber and desolate diffused across the atmosphere.

The men of the underworld revered. Their unbeatable boss, Black Knife, had been kicked to the ground without dignity at this moment.

He trembled as he dialed the number on his phone. He immediately declared when he heard that the call was picked up: “Master Jing, please let them stop! I didn’t free Black Wind, and I didn’t hide him! I don’t know where the went, if I knew, I would have dragged him back without your orders!”

Jing Yichen turned a deaf ear and responded coldly: “Within 7 days, if he’s alive I want to see him, if he’s dead I want to see his corpse!”

“Master Jing, Master Jing! You’re making this difficult for us, if the Red Night Triad had this ability, we would have already expanded out of City A! I know he offended your woman, but isn’t she alright now? You already took away half his life last time, can’t you let it be?”

Once he finished, he felt that Jing Yichen was oppressing them intolerably and his tone slowly hardened: “We’re not afraid of death, we cannot purely fight you and win, but if you insist on attacking the Red Night Triad, then we surely have enough men to capture a woman called Shangguan Ning!”

SINIKI: [1] Glutinous rice balls, or tang yuan 汤圆, are desserts eaten on the Lantern Festival, during the last day of Chinese New Year. These deserts are made of glutinous rice flour and often have various fillings inside such as black sesame, peanut, red bean, and other.

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