Black Bellied President Chapter 35

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35 —- Jing Zhongxiu was Uncle Jing

Jing Sheng Corporation was a well known, big-shot company that set foot in multiple industry sectors. Their performance was becoming more prosperous with each passing day. Its CEO was the renowned Jing Zhongxiu. His figure was always on the Forbes Asia rankings. He was city A’s valiant influential figure. The lead story of City A’s finance and economics news was often occupied by Jing Sheng Corporation all year round. Even a waste picker knows the name of the company’s chairman.

She was going to be the chairman’s assistant of Jing Sheng Corporation?!

Shangguan Ning thought she was dreaming. This was the corporation which people were fighting for to get into, yet for her, it was instant success. She was directly recruited as the chairman’s assistant.

One must know that at such a large corporation like Jing Sheng, the chairman’s assistant did not have the same significance as an ordinary assistant. This position was the chairman’s right arm, someone who came in contact with the core of the company. The chairman’s assistant had a major say in the business. If the chairman was absent, the assistant could take their place and manage the corporation to a certain extent.

“Uncle, this….. although I have a good educational background, I don’t have any relevant work experience. Will this work out?” Shangguan Ning was initially one hundred percent confidant, but after being shook by Jing Sheng Corporation’s title, she was slightly unsure of herself.

Huang Lihan knew what she was worrying about and replied chuckling: “It’s fine, you will be fine. As well, your uncle Jing is a good person, so don’t be scared when you start working there, do whatever you need to do. He even carried you in his arms when you were little, do you remember?”

Shangguan Ning was surprised: “When, how come I don’t remember?”

“It was when you were 10 years old and used to follow me all day. One time when we went fishing, you almost fell into the water. It was your uncle Jing who picked you up, he also gave you all the fish he caught that day as a gift.”

Shangguan Ning scarcely remembered the event.

At the time, her mother had just passed away. She was only 10 years old when she lost her mom, and her stepmother and younger sister became an addition to her family. Her father only treated them well, while he put her aside.

She weeped everyday and there were always inexplicable wounds on her body. Her uncle was afraid that something would happen to her, so he always kept her by his side despite her aunt’s opposition.

She followed her uncle one time when he went fishing with his friends. She was at a playful age, so every time she saw fish, she would forget about all her worries.

She insisted on stepping into the river to capture fish when she noticed that everyone was fishing. While he wasn’t paying attention, she began to walk into the river stealthily.

Afterwards, she was carried back to the shore by one of her uncle’s friends. She was even given a basket of large fish. When night came, she ate a fish feast along with her uncle and his friends.

It turns out that he was uncle Jing!

It’s been such a long time, she had already forgotten uncle Jing’s appearance. But she vaguely remembered that he was a good-natured person.

She released a breath, no longer as nervous as before.

“I vaguely remember that uncle Jing was very friendly.” Shangguan Ning laughed as she responded to her uncle. But she felt from the bottom of her heart that if Jing Zhongxiu could turn Jing Sheng Corporation into such a well-developed company, he definitely wouldn’t be as easy to talk to as she had remembered.

But she wasn’t bad herself either. As long as she tried hard and studied hard, she could certainly please him.

After hanging up, Shangguan Ning immediately modified her resume again and emailed it to her uncle.

Huang Lihan remembered that Jing Zhongxiu’s son was claiming power of Jing Sheng Corporation after receiving the email. But for Shangguan Ning, there was no difference no matter who the chairman was. Either way, no one would pose a problem for her. As well, he believed that Jing Zhongxiu wouldn’t give away his position so quickly, it had to wait until after the new year at least.

He didn’t overthink. He sent the location and work schedule to Shangguan Ning.

Once Shangguan Ning received the news, she knew that she could officially start working next Monday, She couldn’t help release a breath.

Today was Wednesday, there were still four days until next Monday.

She needed to take advantage of this time to properly allow her body to recover and recharge herself while she’s at it. As well, she also needed to cram in information about Jing Sheng Corporation.

At the same time, Jing Yichen received an email from his father, Jing Zhongxiu. The content of the email was concise and comprehensive: Your assistant will assume duty with you next Monday. A resume was attached to the email.

What, was he really so eager to stick in one of his people to work beside this new chairman?

Jing Yichen laughed grimly.

He directly neglected the email and began working on other matters.

After a while, A Hu, who was far off in America, called.

Jing Yichen immediately picked up the call, his tone revealed a rare sense of impatience: “A Hu, did you find her?”

“Master, I found her! It was Ms. Tang Yun!” A Hu was extremely excited. The person his master was trying to find for 10 years had finally been located today!

Jing Yichen was excited. He could finally let go of the heavy burden that weighed down his heart for a total of 10 years.

Jing Yichen relaxed slightly and his voice returned to the cold tone he usually possessed: “Bring her home.”

A Hu found things difficult and responded: “Master, Ms. Tang Yun said that unless you come pick her up in person, she will not come back.”

A spell of silence filled the call.

A Hu knew that his master always disliked people who threatened him, people who bargained with him. But this person was Ms. Tang Yun. He was afraid that his master had no choice but to compromise.

Sure enough, after a while, Jing Yichen faintly replied: “I will pick her up in person. You can come back first, there are still things that I need you to do. I have already found someone to secretly protect her. Just make sure that nothing happens to her.”

“Yes, master!” A Hu was fairly happy when he heard that his master wanted him to return back to the country. He didn’t like staying overseas by himself. More importantly, he disliked Ms. Tang Yun. He didn’t like her ten years ago, and he loathed her even more ten years later.

A Hu immediately purchased a plane ticket and returned to City A that night.
Jing Yichen was slightly surprised when he saw A Hu: “You’re back already, has everything been arranged with Ms. Tang?”

“Yes, master, everything has been arranged. I left 20 people to protect her 24/7. I also left enough money.”

Jing Yichen nodded and kept quiet for a bit before asking: “You don’t seem to like her?”

Although he was asking, the tone sounded affirmative.

A Hu’s character was honest. He didn’t care how important Tang Yun was to Jing Yichen, he immediately nodded his head: “I don’t like her!”

Jing Yichen was not mad, instead, he let out a gentle chuckle: “Wasn’t she very nice to you before?”

“Well…..” A Hu’s brain was stubborn. He didn’t understand why Tang Yun was nice to him, but he still didn’t like her. He didn’t know how to lie: “I don’t know, I just dislike her.”

Jing Yichen asked subconsciously: “Then who do you like?”

A Hu laughed foolishly, and responded without thinking: “Ms. Shangguan!”

Jing Yichen knew that when A Hu said “like,” it wasn’t that type of “like.”

After hearing this name, an elegant, beautiful silhouette began to emerge in his mind.and his expression became gentle and soft.

His heart was slightly moved, seldom was he able to chat with A Hu in such a good mood.

“Why do you like her? She hasn’t given you any benefits, and you’ve known her for a fairly short amount of time.”

This question stumped A Hu. He scratched his head with perplexity, and responded without certainty: “Because she’s never given me any benefits, therefore I like her. She’s willing to greet me, she’s willing to smile at me, she’s a good person!”

Jing Yichen revealed a faint smile after listening to his words.

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