Black Bellied President Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 — Being Schemed Against

Because of the approaching end of the year, X University was about to go on winter break. Both the current and the following week were exam weeks with most classes already finishing up.

Shangguan Ning finished lecturing her English Language class by this week with the final scheduled for next week.

She was a professor in the University. She was well-known for her beauty, her easy and enjoyable lectures, and being one with the students; therefore, everyone loved to go to her lectures — so much that there were a lot of students from other majors coming to her class.

Shangguan Ning finished her class on Thursday and prepared to drive home when a male student ran up to her side, panting.

“Professor Shangguan, the Department Director want you to make a trip to his office.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t recognize this student, but he recognized her. Thinking about it a little more, then she reckon he might have been a walk-in student in her class before.

“Is there a problem?” She subconsciously questioned because the Department Director usually wouldn’t look for a professor during class hours.

“I-I think…… I think……” The male student shook his head, stammering somewhat as he spoke. “H-he might wants to speak to you about the final exams…?”

The male student was so nervous that his face was all red; it was as if coming to pass on a message to Shangguan Ning was a very important task.

Shangguan Ning was somewhat dubious. Weren’t the things related to the final exams already determined last month? Why was there a need to discuss it again?”

However, she didn’t think too much about it. She was in charge on the verbal part of the examination, which consisted on letting the student pick their own topic and make an impromptu speech. The subjective attribute was an unusually large part of it, so it might not be impossible for the Director to have any instructions.

Shangguan Ning gave her thanks. She grabbed her bag and headed towards the Department Director’s office.

When she entered the office; however, the Department Director wasn’t there. Instead, there was someone else sitting in the Director’s chair, someone who made others lose their appetite — Guo Shuai.

There was a bad premonition rising inside Shangguan Ning.

She immediately turned around with the intention to leave, but with the sound of a – ‘Click’ – the door was locked by someone from the outside.

Her heart dropped to the bottom in that instant.

By hearing that direct and efficient click on the door being locked, Guo Shuai’s face instantly revealed a sinister and wretched smile

“Shangguan Ning, daddy had already said before, there will be a day when you will kneel down and beg in front of me!”

If Shangguan Ning didn’t know what Guo Shuai intended to do right now, then she would be an idiot.

She was frantic and frightened inside, but she was also incomparably angry. However, she remained unyielding and calm while also attempting to persuade Guo Shuai with words.

“Professor Guo, I think there’s a huge misunderstanding between us, so you should first cool down for a second. The one in the wrong was entirely me, so I’ll sincerely apologize to you! I’m sorry, I was too rash previously that I might have angered you. If there’s anything, we can talk it out. You must not, by all means, act without thinking.” Shangguan Ning tactfully lowered her position, she had no problem with it as long as it could let Guo Shuai be compliant.

“Haha, I, your daddy,have long waited for this day! Now stop blabbering, you’ll without no doubt be begging me in tears in a moment!”

Guo Shuai’s entire person was semi-crazy, completely lacking his usual poise.

As he spoke, he pounced to Shuangguan Ning’s body.

Shangguan Ning had been carefully guarded against him since earlier, so when she saw that he was lunging in this direction, she quickly dodged to the side.

Her movement was too quick and she was also extremely frantic, so she knocked against metal cabinet that kept statistical records in her carelessness.

There was a long, thin wound immediately after the back of her hand was scraped with beads of blood gushing out. Because of an elevated anxiety though, Shangguan Ning didn’t even feel a trace of pain from the wound.

Her eyes were fixed tightly on Guo Shuai’s movements because at this very moment, the latter pulled out a syringe from the drawer by his side — it was half-filled with a transparent liquid.

Guo Shuai seemed certain that Shuangguan Ning wouldn’t be able to escape today; hence,

he looked as if he was leisurely appreciating a prey that was backed against a corner, relishing the intense pleasure that pursuing a prey brought him.

Shangguan Ning was now convinced that Guo Shuai was a pervert through and through. His usual cultured self was but a disguise.

Since being soft didn’t work, then she’ll just have to try the hard way. Guo Shuai’s guts have always been rather small, bullying the weak but fearing the strong.

“Guo Shuai! Do you think that no one would know what you did today? As long as I suffer from even one mishap today, don’t expect yourself to have it easy in the future! This kind of behavior is enough to send you to prison for the next half of your life! The accomplishments you made up till now wasn’t easy, are you really willing to ruin yourself because of me?”

“Haha, if your daddy wasn’t afraid of this, I would’ve already done you! Why would I still need to wait until today?!”

Hearing his words, Shangguan Ning instantly realized that this incident wasn’t done by Guo Shuai alone.

“Then why did you dare to do this today?”

Just who had a big enough enmity against her to actually use this kind of low and despicable tactic? Moreover, who could give Guo Shuai this kind of guts?

“There’s no problem in telling you, but you’ll need to wait until you become mine and serve your daddy well, then kneel and beg before me in tears. If your daddy’s in a good mood, then I’ll tell you!”

Guo Shuai wasn’t dumb, he obviously knew that Shungguan Ning was probing his words.

He looked at Shuangguan Ning’s stubborn but composed self that was every inch alluring. He thought back to her usual aloof and remote appearance, and that he would immediately be able to have her. Just by thinking of it, blood from head to toe all rushed towards a certain part of his body.

This deal was really profitable. He could get a beauty while also earning a huge sum of one million in cash! Furthermore, he didn’t have to take responsibility at all, there would be someone who will take care of everything for him!

Haha, serve Shanggun Ning right for offending so many people! It was because of that did he have this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity!

Guo Shuai smiled sinisterly before pouncing at Shangguan Ning and locking her in place, the syringe in his hand immediately injected into her arm.

The slender needle head penetrated through Shangguan Ning’s thick coat and sweater, pricking into her tender flesh and letting that transparent liquid rapidly enter into her body.

She fought and struggle with all of her might, viciously giving Guo Shuai a bite. She wanted to give two kicks to his lower body, but the strength within her was disappearing at the same rapid speed that the transparent liquid was injected into her.

No more than a few minutes’ effort later, she powerlessly fell to the floor, her entire body experiencing a strange restlessness.

It was so hot and so unbearable that she wanted to tear apart the clothes on her body.

She knew what this drug’s effect was, and she couldn’t help the despair rising in her heart.

When she thought of what might happen, Shangguan Ning very much hopes that she could die right now.

But she didn’t have any strength left at the moment, and her consciousness was gradually becoming blurry, so even if she wanted to commit suicide, she couldn’t.

Guo Shuai was very satisfied with the drug’s effect, inwardly sighing at the person who had told him to do this for having superb tactics.

Now, Shangguan Ning was like an obedient lamb waiting to be slaughtered — letting any person humiliate her.

He looked at the part of his arm that had blood flowing out due to Shangguan Ning’s bite, and he was so enraged that delivered about of punches and kicks at her.

Shangguan Ning hissed in agony, red scars immediately covering her delicate face. Her body was aching acutely all over, causing her to involuntarily curl up into a ball.

It was a good thing that it was currently winter, and that she was a person who feared the cold, so the clothes she wore were rather thick. If not, then her injuries would be even more severe.

Once Guo Shuai finished letting off steam, he immediately dragged her out from the corner of the room. Then he strips off her coat in one fell swoop and started to tear apart the clothes on her body.

Even though Shangguan Ning had no strength left, she still resisted instinctively, which prompted Guo Shuai to directly give her two slaps on the face.

Shangguan Ning let out a pained cry, blood leaking out from her mouth forthwith.

Seeing her face swelling into that of a pig’s, Guo Shuai’s exhilaration soared rapidly.

Outside of the Department Director’s office, it was cold and desolated. The professors that needed to lecture, lectured, the ones that were a proctor, proctored — no one knew what was currently taking place in the office.

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