Black Bellied President Chapter 41

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41 —- Who Dares To Touch My Woman!

Jing Yichen suddenly let out a deep laugh when he heard those words.

Power and confidence was present in his apathetic laughter. A rare sense of arrogance and suppressed anger made Black Knife’s scalp feel numb.

“If you dare to touch my woman, you can test out how many lives you have! I originally wanted you to live an extra few days, turns out I’m too merciful towards you!” His tone was ice-cold like a dagger, emitting an oppressive feeling that could suffocate someone, “I’ll give you three days. You’re in in charge of tracking him down in the criminal world. There are other people looking for him on the legal side, so I haven’t made it too difficult for you. If you can’t seize him, you’ll disappear with the Red Night Triad.”

Jing Yichen hung up the call once he finished speaking. Following, he dialed another number.

”Zheng Jing, I need you to seize someone for me. His name is Yu Dabao, nickname Black Wind. He’s involved in at least thirteen murder cases and was wanted by the police six years ago.”

“Wow Master Jing, you never contact me but when you do, you bring me a huge gift like this! Our criminal police squadron has been looking for this guy for a long time! I, your brother, am unable to return the favour, how about I marry off my sister to you?” The male voice in the phone was loud and clear with a bit of righteousness, making him seem like a decent person. But the words that came out of his mouth were unreliable, he had already betrayed his sister after two sentences.

“The faster the better, I’ll give you some concrete clues tomorrow. I’ll wait for your news.” Jing Yichen automatically neglected his nonsense and warned him unenthusiastically.

Jing Yichen made a few calls in a row, even including overseas, before stopping for a break.

If he couldn’t find Black Wind, there would always be thorns in his heart.

The next day, Yu Dabao, the formal name of the second leader Black Wind of the Red Night Triad, madly whirled into City A like a tornado. Both the underworld and the legal world began to officially seize him at all costs.

Rumour says that he offended a woman.

But what type of woman was she, nobody knew. As a result, this woman became known as a legend once her story was spread.

However at this moment, this legendary woman was following the real estate agent looking at one condo after the other, making her head dizzy and her vision blurry.

The weather was very cold and Shangguan Ning’s body hadn’t completely healed in the first place, causing the wound on the back of her head to ache dully. In fact she was unlucky today, her period decided to join the fun and her abdomen hurt terribly.

She had walked around the entire morning and all her strength was gone.

But there was nothing she could do, there was no more time. New year was coming very soon and she had promised her aunt that she would move out before the end of the year. In a few days, she will be starting work at Jing Sheng Corporation, during that time, she’ll have even less opportunities to find a suitable home.

The real estate agent realized that Shangguan Ning’s conditions were not well and asked with concern: “Ms. Shangguan, are you not feeling well? Your complexion is very pale, how about I show you another day?”

Shangguan Ning’s pale face forced out a smile, she clenched her teeth and spoke: “Thank you, but there’s no need. Let’s continue, if there is a suitable house, I would like to decide today. Let’s go look at the show house you were talking about earlier, it should fit my needs.”

When the real estate agent heard that she could possibly sell a house today and earn a great amount of money, she immediately stepped forward to support her: “Okay, please endure for a moment, it’s not far.”

They made it to the show house with difficulty, Shangguan Ning only glanced at it once before saying: “Alright, this one will do.”

This show house had a high-quality renovation and a complete set of furniture, so there was no need for her to waste time renovating the place. The configuration of rooms worked out nicely, the area was suitable, and since it was a show house, the pricing was comparably favourable.

She was in a hurry to find a home, it was good enough.

As well, she honestly didn’t have any more energy to keep on walking.

It was unknown whether the injury on the back of her head had split open again, it was already aching more and more. Her stomach hurt terribly as well, her vision was experiencing spells of darkness.

Shangguan Ning held onto the wall, then sat on the sofa, tolerating the pain as she pulled out a card from her purse and handed it over to the eagerly attentive real estate agent. She spoke, slightly weak: “Sorry to trouble you, could you go and pay for me? I will wait for you here, thank you!”

As long as the client was able to immediately make the payment, the real estate agent was willing to go ten times if they wished. She accepted the card with a smile across her entire face, and ran out of the house to make the purchase.

But when she returned, she found that her customer had already fainted on the couch. Blood was currently flowing along her soff, long hair, dripping down and dying the white carpet red.

The real estate agent had almost lost her own consciousness, screeching as she ran out. The consumer gifts she was originally holding in her hands spilled across the ground.


Outside, the water droplets froze into ice. Indoors, it was as warm as spring. The unfamiliar environment made Shangguan Ning, who had just woken up, sink into a moment of confusion.

But she returned to reality very quickly——she was at the hospital, Mu Hospital. She came here once.

There was a man by her side the entire time. Once he noticed that she had woken up, he spoke with concern: “Lil’ Ning, you’re awake? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

Shangguan Ning just noticed a person sitting beside the bed. She widened her eyes in shock: “Uncle!?”

As she spoke, she wanted to sit up to talk to him, but her movement affected the wound on the back of her head, making her hiss in pain as she sucked in a breath.

Huang Lihan rushed to press her down and responded with guilt: “All you have to do is lie down. I’m your uncle, not an outsider, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Shangguan Ning rested for a moment. After the pain slowly alleviated, she revealed a smile: “I wasn’t being courteous with you. It was a subconscious movement when I wanted to sit up.”

“Tell your uncle if you are feeling pain anywhere and we’ll have the doctor take a look. You really scared me on the way to the hospital! But why is there such a severe injury on your head?” Huang Lihan looked at his beautiful niece, her complexion was currently pale and she was skinnier than a month ago. It made him feel extremely sorry for her.

“I accidently fell down. It’s fine, it’ll recover in a few days, no need to worry!” Shangguan Ning lied without blinking an eye. If she had told him the truth, her uncle would certainly destroy Guo Shuai.

“But, how did I get to the hospital? I was just looking at…..”

The word “houses” was already in her mouth when Shangguan Ning became aware that she had almost leaked out the information. She immediately swallowed back the word and changed the topic: “How do you know that I was at the hospital?”

When Huang Lihan noticed that his niece refused to say the truth, he felt both angry and sympathetic: “It was the real estate agent that found my number through your phone and told me to come to the hospital. Why are you out buying a house? Was it your aunt troubling you again! Why are you carrying all your burdens alone child, why aren’t you telling your uncle?”

Shangguan Ning immediately understood, it must of been the real estate agent who used her phone to call her uncle when she saw that she had fainted. Her phone didn’t have a password and her only relative in her contacts was her uncle.

But she couldn’t answer the question her uncle asked.

It was indeed her aunt that forced her to move out. She kept on covering it up, afraid that her uncle would be mad once he found out. But she didn’t expect him to find out.

“Aunt didn’t come find me, I was the one who wanted to move out. It has nothing to do with her.” Shangguan Ning responded in a low voice, “I wanted to give the house to my cousin. She always liked neighbourhoods with gorgeous sceneries, the house fits her.”

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  1. Why does Shangguan Ning cover for this beastly aunt and cousin. Her uncle already knows their character.
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