Black Bellied President Chapter 53

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53 —- Mr. Zhao, Hello!


Jing Yichen shook his head lightly, “Don’t worry, we’re negotiating again this morning, it’s only a matter of spending more money.”

In reality, a major problem arose in the acquisition of Xing Yao Media.

But this had nothing to do with Shangguan Ning, the nature of the issue wasn’t because of her.

She didn’t need to know these things. No matter what happened, he could handle them all. If he couldn’t even deal with it, then there was no use in telling her either. It would only make her anxious with him.

Shangguan Ning’s voice sounded as if she was blaming herself: “Is it because of me? I heard from Dr. Mu that you missed many important events on your first day, that you’ll have to take on most of the blame, and that uncle Jing and the shareholders are not happy with you. Is it……serious?”

Jing Yichen paused for a moment before he realized who “Dr. Mu” and “uncle Jing” were.

No wonder Shangguan Ning had changed her attitude so much yesterday, turns out that it was Mu Qing’s mouth talking rubbish again!

All of Jing Sheng Corporation was his, he was the one in charge. Who dared to criticize and order him, who dared to make him assume the blame!

However, he really needed to thank that fellow for talking nonsense.

As for that “uncle Jing”……

He was more concerned about the issue regarding this appellation.

“You and Jing… dad, are familiar?” He knew that Shangguan Ning was certainly not that familiar with his father, Jing Zhongxiu, otherwise she wouldn’t have not recognized him. Only, he didn’t quite understand why Shangguan Ning would refer to him so intimately.

Jing Zhongxiu said that his character preferred to do things without getting to the point, sure enough it was true.

Shangguan Ning shook her head gently: “No, I heard from my uncle that I’ve seen him before when I was little. I almost fell into the river, he was the one who picked me up and gave me all the fish he caught that day. I’ve only met him once after growing up. A few days ago, he came with my uncle to the hospital by coincidence to check up on me.”

As she mentioned this, Shangguan Ning suddenly awakened. No wonder she felt that Jing Zhongxiu seemed to look familiar at the time, turns out that it was because of Jing Yichen. The father and son looked very similar, only Jing Zhongxiu had aged, his facial features seemed slightly older, nothing more.

She was really stupid, all the clues were pointing towards Jing Yichen, yet she never saw through.

Jing Yichen knew about Jing Zhongxiu and Huang Lihan visiting Shangguan Ning at the hospital, but this was the first time he had heard about her childhood.

What, his father had picked her up before?

Jing Yichen was somewhat resentful and he spoke subconsciously: “How can you let him pick you up, it’s unacceptable even if you were little!”

Shangguan Ning didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. This person was way too overbearing, why was he being inexplicably jealous over these matters.

“I was ten years old at the time, can you be normal! Uncle Jing saved me, if it wasn’t for him, I might have drowned!”

Jing Yichen finaly nodded hesitantly: “Oh, so you’re saying that the old fellow did a good deed?”

Shangguan Ning nodded her head certainly: “Uncle Jing is a good person!”

Well you’re not familiar with him! No one who truly knows him thinks that he’s a good person!

“Well you refer to him rather intimately, why haven’t I heard you call me in such an intimate way!” After he had finished working out the matters of being “picked up,” he got caught up in the appellations again.

Shangguan Ning had a slight headache. She just realized that this person looked mature and earnest, but unexpectedly acted like a child.

But this childish side of him made her heart soften.

Her eyes gazed at him brightly: “Doesn’t the younger generation refer to their elders like this, either calling them uncle [Father’s elder brother] or uncle [Father’s younger brother]. I can’t possibly call him old man!”

When Jing Yichen heard the term “old man,” he couldn’t help but chuckle. Once he thought of Jing Zhongxiu’s poker face, he felt that he could make Shangguan Ning call him that some other time.

“Jing old man,” not bad!

Wait, something’s off, this girl is trying to change the topic!

“Say my name, let me hear.”

Shangguan Ning lost her grin, looks like her plan to divert the subject had failed.

She thought for a moment, laughing as she spoke: “Mr. Zhao, hello!”

Mr. Zhao……

Upon hearing this appellation, Jing Yichen also laughed and spoke softly soon after: “A Ning, I wasn’t trying to deliberately trick you. My mom’s surname is Zhao. Before, when I didn’t like the surname ‘Jing,’ I would tell others that my surname is Zhao, so there’s nothing wrong with addressing me like this.”

Shangguan Ning had actually forgiven him in her heart long ago. From listening to him state peacefully that he didn’t like the surname “Jing” just now, she could tell that there was unknown sadness and suffering behind his life. She had more of a reason to stop bickering in her mind.

As long as she knew that he didn’t have any evil intentions, that was enough.

Shangguan Ning didn’t want him to suffer. She consoled him with a faint smile: “You can’t blame me for making the mistake, Anan has always called you brother, your conversations sound as if you guys were biological siblings. Her surname is Zhao, so of course I would think that your last name was also Zhao! I’ve addressed you like this for so long, and you didn’t oppose, wouldn’t normal people correct me?”

“I’m Anan’s maternal cousin, her mom and my mom are biological sisters. We grew up together since we were little, there’s not much of a difference compared to biological siblings.” He drew Shangguan Ning into his arms gently, his chin pressed against the top of her forehead. Her faint fragrance assailed the nostrils, making him feel extremely satisfied.

“You’re the one who believes others too easily. In the future when you come across these problems, ask more questions, figuring out other people’s secrets is a good habit! I won’t deceive you anymore in the future, a mistake like this won’t occur again.”

Shangguan Ning was embraced by him in his arms, pink blush appeared on her face. How come she always had a safe and secure feeling each time she was in his arms?

“Alright, I’m going to leave. Regarding the corporation’s matters, I’ve got everything covered. This is a man’s problem, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is nurse your body properly for the next few days.”

This tender and considerate pampering with a trace of oppression was something Shangguan Ning had never felt before. Nobody had ever treated her as kindly as this.

She was a lonely individual, enduring everything by herself, she was already used to the days without care from others.

His words made people feel safe and calm, his words made them want to rely on him.

She felt more and more, that perhaps marrying him was the most accurate thing she had ever done in her life.

Looks like, she needed to properly adapt to her new identity.

Jing Yichen knew that Shangguan Ning would not enter her new role so quickly and he didn’t have extravagant expectations for her to immediately fall in love with himself. He was already extremely satisfied with the current circumstances.

This silly girl, she was already in his arms, could her heart possibly run off?

Jing Yichen left for work and Shangguan Ning had nothing left to do. Just as she stepped out the door, a few men in black blocked her path. The head of the group of the men stepped forward and spoke respectfully: “Madam, young master said that you are not allowed to leave.”

Shangguan Ning looked at their ostentation, she couldn’t help feeling dumbstruck with anger.

What is the meaning of this, sending people to watch her, restricting her freedom as a human being, this is illegal!

She didn’t really want to leave. Her health conditions were indeed not well, the wound on the back of her head had been torn apart by her multiple times, the healing process was becoming increasingly slower. There was a piercing pain each time she experienced wind chills, she didn’t dare go out to torment herself. Only, noticing a row of people obstructing her as she opened the door, with a somewhat indication of imprisonment, made her feel slightly irritated.

She draped a random jacket across her shoulders and began to tour Jing Yichen’s house.

She walked for a bit before noticing that the entire twenty-seventh floor was actually his. There was an excessive amount of more than one thousand square meters, including the cloakroom, study, gym, piano studio, and art studio. Everything that should have been there was there.

She circled around the place and felt rather dizzy. She finally knew why Jing Yichen used so many trucks and cranes when he moved in.

Shangguan Ning entered the elegant art studio at last, there was a white sheet covering the canvas in the middle. She lifted it up with curiosity.


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  1. I wonder if Jing Yichen will make the connection that she’s girl from his childhood that his father mentioned.

    1. It shouldn’t take him too long to figure it out. I hope! But whose picture is under thesheet. Is it a portrait of Ning? If not we are headed for more drama.

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