Black Bellied President Chapter 56

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56 —- Xing Yao Media Acquired At A Low Price

Without leaving out a single word, Li Duo had already reported to Jing Yichen what had happened at home.

Jing Yichen felt slightly angered that Lin Yu kept on looking for trouble repeatedly. He instructed him to protect Shangguan Ning, and sent out an email titled “property management is not meeting standards.”

Thus after a few minutes, the manager and security guards of Li Jing neighbourhood’s management team were entirely replaced.

Xing Yao Media’s representative, Ji Bo, was extremely dissatisfied with Jing Yichen sitting across the conference table, whose mind wandered off now and then.

He wrinkled his brows as he knocked on the table, attempting to catch Jing Yichen’s attention.

Who would have imagined that Jing Yichen continued to stare at his phone screen like before, as if he was deaf.

A Hu stood behind Jing Yichen while one member of Jing Sheng sat on each side of him. Among them, one of them was the temporary substitute for Shangguan Ning’s chairman’s assistant position, Lu Qin.

Lu Qin noticed that the other party was losing patience and Jing Yichen was clearly giving them the cold-shoulder. The atmosphere was awkward, he knew that it was time for him to act. He used a “low voice” which everyone could hear to remind Jing Yichen: “Chief officer, may you please comment on Chief Ji’s acquisition proposal he just put forward.”

He proved to be a wise and experienced fellow. Remaining calm and collected, he placed Xing Yao Media on the position of Jing Sheng Corporation’s underling.

It seemed as if Jing Yichen had finally come to a realization, he spoke calmly: “What proposal? Didn’t we already agree on a plan before? All other proposals are to be discarded!”

Unable to control himself anymore, Ji Bo finally stood up. Anger was present across his entire handsome face as he spoke coldly: “Does young master Jing think that this acquisition is a game?! Or did you never even concern yourself with our Ji family?”

He banged his palm on the conference table, producing a “peng” sound.

“Last meeting, you left all of us waiting. Furthermore, my cousin Ji Lili waited an entire afternoon for you, without a chance to even eat lunch! Your Jing Sheng was the one who invited us to renegotiate the matters today, is this the attitude you should be displaying! Even the previous chairman had respected our Ji family, as a new chairman, you are rather overly domineering and arrogant!”

Jing Yichen’s eyebrows didn’t even wrinkle a bit as he spoke with neglect: “In three days, the acquisition price rose from 100 million to 200 million. If your Ji family has a shortage of money to the point of being unable to feed yourselves, then you can go find a loan shark, there’s no need to openly rob!”

“If you believe that Jing Zhongxiu is more suitable, then please stop wasting my time in the future! If the Ji family has been impoverished to the point of relying on a woman to sell their sex appeal in order to reach a deal, then what respect is there to talk about!”

Once Jing Yichen finished speaking, he stood up gracefully and smoothed out his wrinkless suit. He led Jing Sheng’s workers swaggering off, leaving the Ji family’s employees fuming with rage between gritted teeth.

Lu Qin looked at the young, unfriendly chief officer. He considered reminding him that if they didn’t acquire Xing Yao Media, then all of the corporation’s early stage investments in the entertainment sector would have gone to waste.

But it was obvious that Jing Yichen was unable to listen to his advice. Moreover, the previous chairman warned him repeatedly that regardless of what happens, he need not interfere, instead he should let Jing Yichen do what he wants freely.

He sighed and followed behind Jing Yichen silently as they made their way back to Jing Sheng.

Lu Qin had just entered the office, he had yet to take a seat, when Jing Yichen headed over and stated: “Assistant Shangguan is ill, I gave her a few days off. For the next few days, assistant Lu may substitute for her.”

Lu Qin responded with an “alright” respectfully, although he was fairly suspicious in his mind.

He kept on feeling that the chairman and assistant Shangguan seemed to have been acquainted with each other, in fact their relationship must not have been ordinary, otherwise the cold and detached Jing Yichen wouldn’t have specially informed him of this issue

Jing Yichen returned to his office and began to handle the corporation’s daily work affairs. He just took over the duties, he needed to spend a great amount of time and energy to sort out the relations.

But his business intuition was keen, there were abundant resources at hand, he had ample experience and sufficient manpower, nothing could stump him.

Take for example Xing Yao Media’s acquisition today, if the other party was sincere, he could have made the purchase at a rational price, and everyone would have been satisfied. But the Ji family was distinctly trying to seize the opportunity and extort their money, of course he wouldn’t have been courteous and polite.

Several days later, a few performing artists under Xing Yao Media were rumoured of a drug abuse scandal. The young celebrities were not only detained, but also suffered from being kicked out of the entertainment industry.

Xing Yao Media was temporarily shoved towards the heart of the struggle. Currently popular artists requested to terminate their contracts one after the other, collaborate companies seeked for withdrawal of investments continuously, their presently in production TV show was forced to be discontinued. Following, their stock prices began to tumble substantially.

A week later, Xing Yao Media was acquired by Jing Sheng Corporation at a price of 50 million and officially became one of Jing Sheng’s subsidiary companies.

Jing Yichen had been appointed for merely half a month, yet he had already saved Jing Sheng Corporation from tens of millions of expenses. He received the shareholders’ passionate support.


The night was hazy, thick snowflakes swirled in the air. In the 77-storey skyscraper of Jing Sheng Corporation, the only light that was still on came from the 76th floor.

Tomorrow was Chinese New Year. After all of Jing Sheng Corporation’s staff had received their new year bonuses from the chairman, they had long returned home one after another.

When Jing Yichen finished handling the last document, it was already past eleven in the late night.

A cup of coffee, with its aroma permeating the entire room, suddenly appeared beside his hand. Subconsciously, he received the cup and responded with a “thank you.”

Soon after, he felt that there was something amiss. He looked up and saw a slim and beautiful figure.

His apathetic face immediately became slightly gentler.

“Why did you come back again? It’s so cold, didn’t I tell you to wait for me at home?”

He stood up and walked towards Shangguan Ning, lightly brushing away the snowflakes resting on her shoulders. Her pupils were deep and profound, as if they could engrave the person in front into their brain.

Shangguan Ning smiled softly and picked up the cup of coffee he had just set down, passing it over to him: “Drink while it’s hot. I grinded the coffee beans personally just now.”

She had already began returning to work at Jing Sheng in the past few days, following Lu Qin as Jing Yichen’s assistant.

She left first when she was off work after 5:30 pm and checked up on the coffee shop she operated herself. While she was at it, she made a cup of coffee for Jing Yichen——he was too picky, refusing to drink instant coffee, only accepting freshly ground.

Realizing that Shangguan Ning was so eagerly attentive, Jing Yichen’s eyelids began to pulse. [1] As he stared at the coffee, with a fragrance that assailed the nostrils, right before his eyes, he hesitated on whether or not he should drink it.

Ever since Shangguan Ning discovered the portrait of a girl in his art studio, his everyday life had become miserable.

When he returned home that day, when he was eating his meal with anticipation, he had almost shed tears.

Because the kelp soup that appeared extremely appetising was in fact difficult to swallow——Shangguan Ning had poured an entire bottle of vinegar into the dish!

The other dishes were either exceedingly spicy or saltless, even the rice was half-cooked!

Furthermore, from that day on, Shangguan Ning refused to sleep with him no matter what, she absolutely insisted on resting separately.

It was a pity for the newlyweds, he could barely even touch the hem of his wife’s clothing.

He didn’t know what had happened, he had questioned her for several days, but Shangguan only smiled, refusing to say anything.

Today, he heard from the cleaning servants that Shangguan Ning had spent a long time alone in the art studio that day.

He was going to give her a proper explanation, but today’s coffee……

“My wife, there’s nothing added to today’s coffee right?” Jing Yichen held onto Shangguan Ning’s soft hand, his voice slightly favored her.

In the past few days when Shangguan Ning worked as his assistant, the coffee she had brought over were all extremely unpleasant to drink, yet she still forced him to gulp it down. He had been tortured to the point of being fearful.

As a chairman who had already gone to this extent, he was really helpless.

[1] TL Note: There’s a superstition that says when somebody’s eyelids begin to pulse, or beat, an unfortunate event is going to occur.


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  1. Jing Yichen has set his wife above business. It will cause him some problems. What a way to begin two important relationships. Business vs marriage.I hope he finds his stride

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