Black Bellied President Chapter 63

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63 — Marriage Proposal

During the time that she spoke, Shangguan Zheng and Xie Zhuojun’s parents had caught up from behind.

They were startled when they saw Shangguan Rouxue’s knees, and soon after, their suspicious gazes landed on Shangguan Ning.

Shangguan Ning felt extremely bitter and pained in her heart, but she didn’t reveal a bit of cowardice on her face.

Just look at it, nobody witnessed the course of events and nobody saw Shangguan Rouxue’s wonderful act, before automatically labeling her as the “murderer.”

It was clear that Shangguan Rouxue’s everyday experience acting out numerous dramas had helped her develop these advanced reflexes as an adult.

Xie Zhuojun’s mother, Wang Lu, had sharp eyes. When she noticed the distinct mark left behind by the slap on her son’s face, she couldn’t help crying out: “Zhuojun, who hit you?!”

Xie Zhuojun didn’t say anything, but everyone’s glances shifted from Xie Zhuojun’s face to Shangguan Ning’s.

There was nothing much to say, she was certainly the one who did it. Shangguan Rouxue loved Xie Zhuojun dearly, it wasn’t possible that she was the one who beat him up.

Wang Lu was extremely heartbroken. She was just about to speak up when she noticed her son shaking his head at her, hinting at her to stay silent.

She wanted to curse at Shangguan Ning, but Shangguan Zheng was still standing there, so she restrained herself from doing so.

Shangguan Zheng looked at his young daughter’s pale face and blood-stained knees, and then his wife’s tear-stained face as she weeped, trying to restrain herself. Rage built up inside of him.

“What happened, how did your sister get hurt? She was fine just now!”

In front of everyone, Shangguan Ning spoke a word at a time in an ice-cold tone: “Shangguan deputy mayor, did you get something wrong? My mother is Huang Liyu, she only gave birth to me, her only daughter. I do not have a younger sister!”

As a result of her words, the atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point, so frigid that everyone became speechless.

Shangguan Zheng’s wounds had been revealed in front of the Xie family. He became furious as his face alternated between red and white.

Shangguan Rouxue immediately stepped forward to ease the problem: “Father, it has nothing to do with sister. It was all my fault, I ran too quickly and fell down accidentally……”

Xie Zhuojun interrupted her with irritation: “Lil’ Xue, stop covering up for her. I saw everything just now, she was the one who pushed you down! If you keep on speaking on behalf of her like this, you’ll only harm yourself in the future!”

When Yang Wenshu heard his words, she immediately sobbed louder.

Shangguan Zheng’s expression turned colder.

Even the Xie family’s looks towards Shangguan Ning were full of anger and blame. Shangguan Rouxue was their official daughter-in-law in their hearts. The two were very upset that she was being abused by Shangguan Ning like this.

The six of them circled around Shangguan Ning, each of their faces full of irritation and fury. Nobody had even thought about asking Shangguan Ning what had happened.

Shangguan Ning stared at the six beings coldly, her delicate body appeared tiny in front of them.

When Jing Yichen returned, he came across this scene.

He didn’t see nor hear the events before, but he heard Shangguan Rouxue and Xie Zhuojun’s words at the end.

He stepped forward and dragged Shangguan Ning behind him. He spoke coldly, overlooking them: “Six of you harassing one girl, I’ve really witnessed something new!”

When Xie Zhuojun noticed Jing Yichen holding onto Shangguan Ning’s jade-like arms, he instantly wrinkled his brows and questioned: “Who are you?”

Jing Yichen didn’t even glance in his direction, only spitting out two words apathetically: “Get lost!”

His entire body was emitting an ice-cold aura. He had a virtuous temperament and a powerful atmosphere around him, causing Xie Zhuojun to lose all his words.

Everyone felt that standing in front of him made them tremble. This person definitely wasn’t pretending to be powerful, he must have been a true oppressor!

Once Shangguan Rouxue saw Jing Yichen, she immediately recalled the graceful and affluent figure from the supermarket exit that day.

She was positive that the two were the same person.

But she didn’t expect that he would be so handsome! He was even more dazzling than the celebrities invited by her TV station!

Furthermore, she remembered distinctly that the indifferent man before her eyes drove the luxurious, limited edition Aston Martin sports car, worth tens of millions, that day. There were only two in the entire world.

“I’ll let you off today. If you abuse her again, you won’t be able to deal with the consequences!” Jing Yichen’s heart ascended with rage. His calm voice revealed an indistinct sense of coldness and cruelty.

If they weren’t Shangguan Ning’s kin, he certainly wouldn’t have let them get away with it today.

But if it occurred again, no matter who was involved, he wouldn’t think twice!

Xie Zhuojun’s father, Xie Dongfeng, was part of the military. He could clearly sense the violence in Jing Yichen’s tone. From observing the atmosphere around Jing Yichen, he could determine that this person must have had multiple human lives on his hand!

His threats were definitely not just hot air.

He wrinkled his eyebrows and glanced at Shangguan Ning, who was standing behind Jing Yichen. Who knew when she had encountered such a vicious and merciless being like him.

Forget about it, it was their family who let Shangguan Ning down back then. Even if she wasn’t his daughter-in-law, there was no need to make everything difficult for her.

He glanced at Jing Yichen thoroughly and coughed before speaking: “Let’s treat Lil’ Xue’s wounds first, this child’s in so much pain that her face has turned white.”

The crowd immediately returned back to reality. They had no time nor effort to criticize Jing Yichen’s arrogant tone. They shielded Shangguan Rouxue as they left the beach.

Only before evacuating, Shangguan Zheng glanced at Jing Yichen with indignation.

Once everyone was gone, Jing Yichen turned around and pulled Shangguan Ning into his arms, hugging onto her tightly.

“If someone harasses you in the future, remember to call me.”

Shangguan Ning thought about the way he dragged her behind him and his tall, powerful appearance. A feeling of warmth spilled into her ice-cold, shattered heart, causing her to return the hug involuntarily.

Jing Yichen left a kiss on her bright forehead gently before releasing her. He draped the towel in his hands over Shangguan Ning, wrapping her up, and then nodded with satisfaction.

Shangguan Ning didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Turns out that this person was paranoid that she was wearing too little and attracting others’ gazes, he was discontented in his mind!

Jing Yichen pecked her full, scarlett lips and then kneeled down on one knee. He pulled out a gorgeous, dazzling diamond ring as he spoke softly: “A Ning, will you marry me?”

Shangguan Ning covered her tiny mouth in awe and gazed at him in disbelief.

Why was he proposing to her?!

They had already been married for over a month!

This sequence was slightly out of order!

After her astonishment, Shangguan Ning’s heart was touched and gradually filled.

She took over the ring with a smile and responded sincerely: “Yes!”

Soon after, gleaming fireworks exploded from the surface of the ocean. Its contrast between the sunset was so beautiful that it could cause one to suffocate.

Jing Yichen stood up and slid the ring onto Shangguan Ning’s slim finger. He stated softly: “Our marriage was very sudden, so I wanted to make up for the proposal. Only, the ring had just arrived from abroad today, so it’s slightly late.”

Shangguan Ning gazed at the fireworks on the surface of the sea that formed the word “LOVE.” She looked at the beautiful, lavish diamond ring on her finger and suddenly choked on sobs.

She never knew that the indifferent Jing Yichen could be so romantic at times.

Upon hearing his words, she sniffled and answered quietly: “I’m already married to you, whether there’s a marriage proposal or not, I’m still your woman.”

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