Black Bellied President Chapter 54

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54 —- Aunt Introduces A Boyfriend

A young woman’s smiling expression came into view.

She looked as if she was eighteen or nineteen, her long hair trailed over her shoulders, her five sensory organs looked as delicate and cute as a doll’s. Innocence penetrated her smile, intelligence penetrated her large eyes. There was a beauty mark on the tip of her nose, adding a distinct aura on her.

It was a living spirit, a living image that appeared vividly on paper.

The painter’s skills were clearly profound and out of the ordinary, but if they wanted to bring the spirit out of the subject in the painting, having merely rich painting skills were not enough. They also needed to throw in their own meticulous care and affections.

Shangguan Ning learned how to paint before. She had been told countless times by her teacher that the character beneath her paintbrush lacked spirit. She didn’t understand before. The moment she saw this painting, she finally understood.

The brand new paper and bright colors revealed that this painting had been completed not long ago. There were still the slightly solidified paint and paintbrushes on the table beside the canvas. A few rough sketches were pressed under the paintbrush. The woman on them was exactly identical to the one on the canvas.

Shangguan Ning covered the canvas with a calm expression. She could clearly feel the grievance well up in her heart.

It wasn’t after quite a while before the resentment in her heart had slowly been suppressed.

Maybe she didn’t have such deep affections towards Jing Yichen at the moment, so she was able to stay relatively calm and rational.

It was only a painting, it couldn’t prove that there was a big problem.

Jing Yichen’s confidence towards marriage from last night seemed as if it was still by her ear. If he was really the type of person who thought of someone else in the bottom of his heart, while hugging her in his arms, and could still declare such determined words, then all that could be said was that he was an expert in the battlefield of love. For her to be deceived was inevitable, she admitted defeat!

At the time, when she saw Xie Zhuojun and Shangguan Rouxue sleep together with her own eyes, she was able to given Xie Zhuojun a chance to explain in the heartbreaking moment.

But now, she didn’t even see anything, so she had more of a reason to listen to Jing Yichen’s explanation. Besides, the woman in the painting appeared as if she wasn’t even twenty years old yet, the childish nature was still present on her face. It didn’t look like she had any special relations with him.

The misunderstandings between people were all caused by the deficiency of explanations. On the road to love, a misunderstanding was a grave with the ability to bury the most sincere feelings.

Since Shangguan Ning had decided to cherish this marriage, she would not harbor suspicions carelessly.

But after all, She was a narrow-minded woman. With regards to her husband painting pictures of another woman, she felt extremely uncomfortable in her mind, thus she decided to give Jing Yichen a “surprise.”

She entered the kitchen, she wasn’t finished bustling around when someone had sent a “surprise” for her as well.

The male leader of the group of bodyguards in black outside walked in and spoke with respect: “Madam, an unexpected guest has arrived at your apartment on the sixth floor, do you need the workers to deal with this person?”

Shangguan Ning was started, deal with?

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll go check myself.” She she gestured with her hands hastily. No matter who the unexpected guest was, they couldn’t deal with whoever they said they were going to deal with!

What type of subordinates were they under Jing Yichen, each person appeared more dutiful and well-behaved than the next, but how come they were all ruthless roles in reality.

“What’s your name?”

“To answer Madam, my name is Li Duo.”

Shangguan Ning glanced at Li Duo. This person was nothing special to look at, he wasn’t tall nor short, he wasn’t fat nor skinny, the black clothing he wore was neither old or new. Tossed into the crowd, he was definitely the most ordinary. There wasn’t a single peculiar feature from the way he looked, in fact even his voice was extremely average. It wasn’t easy to remember him.

She didn’t know where Jing Yichen had found someone like him, he was simply a talented person.

Shangguan Ning changed into a different set of clothes and arrived on the sixth floor. Li Duo brought ten of his subordinates to follow her.

She caught a glimpse of her truculent display and couldn’t refrain from having a headache. But Li Duo was Jing Yichen’s live imperial edict, refusing to even take half a step away.

When she reached the doorway, Shangguan Ning realized that the door of her home was actually open. She couldn’t help asking Li Duo strangely: “Who opened the door?”

“Madam, it was your aunt.”

Shangguan Ning glanced at him in alarm, he actually recognized her aunt!

But she didn’t ask any more questions. If he knew her aunt, Lin Yu, then he must not have been originally acquainted with her. It was likely that Jing Yichen had commanded him to investigate before, or he was currently inquiring. According to Jing Yichen’s personality, it was likely that he had already investigated the people around her at least once.

Shangguan Ning pushed open the door, wanting to go in, when she suddenly realized that Li Duo and the ten men he brought blindly followed suit. She thought for a moment, then spoke: “I can go in myself, since she is my aunt and this is my home, I’ll be fine.”

Li Duo was silent for a moment, he answered in a low voice: “If madam feels that there are too many people, I can go in with you alone, everyone else can wait outside. There were more people that came other than your aunt, there’s another man.”

Shangguan Ning knew that this was the bottom line. Although she felt slightly awkward, her aunt was recently becoming increasingly psychotic. She had also brought a male, who knows what she was scheming, it was best to bring someone with her.

She nodded and walked in with Li Duo.

In the room, her aunt, Lin Yu, was currently accompanying a fierce-looking young man with smiles. Hearing that she had entered, she immediately raised her head and looked over in that direction.

She glanced at the ordinary-looking, well-behaved Li Duo, thinking that he was the security guard of the neighbourhood who had assisted Shangguan Ning up here when he noticed that she had burst in.

She didn’t care much. A fake smiled piled up on her face and she hugged Shangguan Ning with exaggeration: “Aiya, Lil’ Ning, I missed you so much, I came here to check up on you! Are you doing well lately?”

Shangguan Ning’s expression was indifferent. She avoided Lin Yu’s arm quickly and spoke dimly: “Thanks to aunt, I didn’t freeze to death outside the door last time. If you didn’t come, I would have been better. You aren’t welcome here, please leave!”

Her aunt was so ruthless last time, yet she still had the courage to come back! She was shameless enough to come back, but Shangguan Ning wasn’t willing to give her an easy time.

“Oh my, we haven’t seen each other for a few days, but your temper has grown quite a bit!” Shangguan Ning’s attitude was not pleasant, so Lin Yu couldn’t hold onto her smile anymore. However in the blink of an eye, she noticed the man beside her and kept her anger under control.

“Lil’ Ning, you’re not as young as you used to be anymore, you can’t always be alone. Your aunt feels sorry for you, so I found you a boyfriend. Look, this young man has a dignified appearance and is professionally successful. It’s so difficult to find someone like him!”

Shangguan Ning laughed coldly, she didn’t even look at the man: “What a great man, why did aunt not save him for my cousin? You brought a man of unknown origin and entered my home without notice, aren’t you afraid that uncle will demand a divorce with you once he knows?!”

“Shangguan Ning, you better not be unable to tell the good from the bad! When has your uncle and I fought over something that wasn’t because of you? Why are you still alive, why didn’t you drop dead with your short-lived mother!” Not much was said before Lin Yu’s natural qualities were revealed. The malicious words came out orderly.

Shangguan Ning’s complexion changed, her fingers tightened into a fist.

“Leave immediately! Don’t make me call the police!”

Lin Yu sneered, she didn’t believe that Shangguan Ning dared to call the police. She believed that with respect to Huang Lihan, she wouldn’t have made the situation worse.

She turned her head towards the man beside her who was continuously gulping down saliva, and stated: “Ding Lei, I’ve handed this girl over to you. Later when she marries you, this house will be yours! I can let anyone off, but I can’t let this little sl*t off!”

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