Black Bellied President Chapter 62

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62 — Slapped

Shangguan Ning wasn’t willing to meet these people. She was just about to get up and leave when she realized that there was no need to hide. They were the ones who made the mistake, they should be the ones to hide!

Shangguan Rouxue was the first to notice her. She called out “sister” with surprise and ran over to her side excitedly.

“Sister, why are you here?”

Her dainty cheeks, tender voice, and surprised expression didn’t expose a bit of her real intentions.

But, as she extended those flawless, jade hands, she revealed herself.

In the blink of an eye, two additional scratches appeared on Shangguan Ning’s naked arms. Beads of blood slowly seeped out, bringing along bursts of piercing pain.

Shangguan Ning covered her arm and pushed her away angrily: “Shangguan Rouxue, what are you trying to do!”

Shangguan Rouxue’s slim body followed her strength and tumbled far off into the distance. Her originally beautiful hair covered her face in a mess. Her entire body collapsed fragilely on the beach.

Xie Zhuojun in the distance shouted: “Lil’ Xue!” And then, he sprinted to her side and helped her up, embracing her in his arms as his heart throbbed with pain. He asked worriedly: “Lil’ Xue, are you alright?”

Shangguan Rouxue’s beautiful and gentle face had turned completely white. She grabbed onto her knees and whispered with difficulty: “It… hurts…..Zhuojun!”

Xie Zhuojun removed her hand immediately and quickly noticed the huge cut on her delicate knee. Blood was oozing out incessantly, her pale hands had been entirely stained with blood.

He was instantly enraged, the blue veins on his forehead tensed up as he spoke harshly: “Shangguan Ning, are you even human! How could you do this to your own sister!”

Shangguan Ning glared at him. She could no longer sense the pain from the wound on her arm, because there was a deeper aching that slowly spread from her limbs and bones.

They say that the more you love, the more you hate.

Shangguan Ning felt that this saying was inaccurate. Sometimes hatred would gradually accumulate in one’s heart even once love was gone.

It was much like her feelings towards Xie Zhuojun now. She was positive that there were no more affections between them anymore, however there was more and more detestation.

She loathed how he would easily believe in others and insult her. She hated her own childish and simple behaviour at the beginning even more.

Even if he had never loved her at all, at least she was the person who saved him. She took care of him before, she had helped him before, but there wasn’t a bit of gratitude from him, rather, he assisted others in harming her again and again.

Shangguan Ning despised herself. Why did she put in so much effort in helping him awaken at the time, only to watch him brimming with the power to insult her and harm her today.

She wanted to slap herself, but she knew that it wasn’t her fault.

So, she walked over to Xie Zhuojun, who was currently holding onto Shangguan Rouxue, and glared down at him coldly from above. Then, while shock was present in his eyes, she used all of the energy in her body and slapped him across his face!

Although her palm was scorching with pain, Shangguan Ning wasn’t sure why her mood had suddenly improved.

Shangguan Rouxue didn’t expect that Shangguan Ning, who always had a good temper, would hit someone. Moreover, that person was Xie Zhuojun, whom she had kept in her heart constantly and watched over painfully the entire time.

She shouted out “Zhuojun,” as her heart ached. Her tears were like beads on a broken string, streaming down.

Her tender appearance as she shed tears looked utterly distressing, anyone who witnessed it would have pitied her.

Xie Zhuojun wiped away her tears gently and held back the anger as he consoled her softly: “It’s fine, don’t cry, just regard it as what I owe her! In the future, we won’t owe her anything anymore!”

Shangguan Ning’s heartache was completely numb, upon hearing his words, she sneered: “One slap in exchange for a life, Xie Zhuojun, your life must be really petty!”

“Shangguan Ning, you better stop your sarcasm. You can beat me up or curse me all you want, but don’t you dare touch a single hair on Lil’ Xue’s head, otherwise don’t blame me for putting aside our old affections!” After being slapped, Xie Zhuojun felt extremely enraged in his mind.

He had never been slapped before in his life, he was the future successor of the Xie family, who dared to beat him up!

But of all people, Shangguan Ning was the one who hit him.

How dare she…….

Shangguan Ning was never like this before, she had changed completely!

But just like he had stated himself, he really owed her, he wasn’t allowed to have even a bit of dissatisfaction with her.

Once he thought about this, he couldn’t help feeling hopeless.

He was indeed unworthy of Shangguan Ning in the first place. All she did was slap him, if she could cool her temper as a result, then he’ll accept it.

Xie Zhuojun raised his head and looked towards Shangguan Ning, who was standing before him. He was about to say something, when he suddenly realized that the girl who didn’t know how to dress herself up, who never wore makeup back then, had already grown into a slender and elegant beauty!

The red and white bathing suit outlined her fine body and her pale skin. She didn’t need any cosmetic products whatsoever to refine herself. Her pure appearance, large breasts, slim waist, and slender legs prevented people from taking their eyes off!

In the past, he preferred heartwarming girls with a petite body type, because those type of women made others develop an intense desire to protect them, just like Shangguan Rouxue.

Shangguan NIng’s height was 168 cm, she was considered tall in the female group. Furthermore, she didn’t know how to act spoiled and she didn’t understand how to dress herself up. From what Xie Zhuojun saw, she wasn’t the least bit feminine.

But the Shangguan Ning today made him stare blankly.

She held her head up high as she stood there, looking virtuous and arrogant. Her body proportion was unreasonably perfect, her slender and straight, pale and soft legs made his blood flow speed up.

Those graceful models on the runway were not any better!

Xie Zhuojun couldn’t refrain from being distracted, he felt that there was a major difference between the person in his memories compared to the person in reality.

Shangguan Ning did not pay attention to Xie Zhuojun’s look. She couldn’t believe that Xie Zhuojun, who was holding his true love in his arms, would lose his thoughts while staring at her long legs.

She had been injured with bruises and cuts all over after hearing his words “don’t blame me for putting aside our old affections.”

When had he ever considered their old affections in the first place?!

And he still knew that they even had old affections?!

She shook her reddening, aching hand that had slapped him, and spoke without a trace of politeness: “I don’t need your old affections, as long as you stop acting like a mad dog who bites random people, I’ll be extremely grateful! I arrived at this part of the beach first, hurry up and take your woman away from here!”

Xie Zhuojun and Shangguan Rouxue couldn’t help feeling startled, since when had Shangguan Ning become so tyrannical?

She even wanted to dominate this part of the beach!

Shangguan Ning had never taken note of Xie Zhuojun’s gaze, but the Shangguan Rouxue in his arms did.

She wasn’t concerned about the reasoning behind Shangguan Ning’s abnormal behaviour today. She was only concerned about Xie Zhuojun.

She trembled gently in Xie Zhuojun’s arms and cried out softly: “It hurts……”

Xie Zhuojun immediately shifted his gaze and spoke, heartbroken: “Lil’ Xue, bear with it for a bit, I’ll take you to get it wrapped up right now!”

As he spoke, he picked Shangguan Rouxue up horizontally. They were just about to leave when they had been stopped by Yang Wenshu, running towards them.

She glanced at all the blood that had flowed out of her daughter’s knee, and tears instantly began to stream down her face.

“Lil’ Xue, what happened? Why are you injured?”


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