Black Bellied President Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 — Is She Your Woman?

A trace of warmth floated up from the bottom of Shangguan Ning’s heart.

She knew that this was specially instructed by Jing Yichen, except she didn’t think that he was actually this attentive.

How long has it been since someone had looked after her like this? Was it a few years now?

She honestly didn’t have much of an appetite, but she still forced herself to eat a bit more. It was a good thing that the food was delicious, so she push through it without much difficulty.

By the time the bed tray was removed, she swallowed another dose of medicine and only then did she fell asleep.

Jing Yichen was at the dining table eating while listening to report from the maid, Aunt Wang, who had just served Shangguan Ning a moment ago.

“Miss Shangguan ate everything. She didn’t seem to be picky about food, ate a bit of every of the side dishes, drank the milk, and ate half a bowl of the congee.”

Jing Yichen nodded faintly. He knew that Shangguan Ning wasn’t a picky eater since the last time when they ate together for the first time; she had enjoyed the meal so much. Not only that, but she didn’t like to waste food either.

“For lunch, prepare a bit of everything, like chicken soup, fish soup, and pork ribs soup — make more dishes as well, see what she likes to eat.”

Aunt Wang dutiful replied with a ‘yes’ before returning to the kitchen with shock was written all over her face.

Just who was this Miss Shangguan? Not only was she brought into the villa by the Young Master, but she even caused the Young Master to fret like this over her food!

She’d served the Young Master for more than ten years; the Young Master in her mind has always been cold as ice. She had never seen him be concerned over someone to this degree!

It seems that it would do her good to do a good job of serving Miss Shangguan Ning. She absolutely, positively cannot provoke this holy Buddha.

After he was done eating, Jing Yichen made a call.

“Mu Qing, I have someone that needs a checkup here. The chauffeur will be picking you up in a while.”

Mu Qing, who was on the other end of the line, was evidently still asleep a moment ago before he was given such a rude awakening. He was just about to ask for the situation on the patient when all there was left of the call were the buzzing beeps after it ended.

He cursed with a ‘damn Ice Cube’ under his breath, but immediately got up and put on his clothes, not daring to delay even a second.

Ah Hu came in right after Jing Yichen ended the phone call.

“How’s the progress?”

“It was someone from the triads disguising himself as a police officer and made a deal with Guo Shuai; his bank account just received a million yuan the day before yesterday. It was probably the Red Night Triad who accepted the mission.”

“Red Night Triad?” Jing Yichen frowned. How did she provoke people from the Red Night Triad?

“Yes, Young Master, but when we contacted its Vice-Head, Hei Feng, over this, he denied it.”

“Prepare the car, we are heading to Red Night Triad’s headquarters in half an hour.”

“Roger, Young Master!” After giving his compliance, Ah Hu turned around to go make preparations.

Ten minutes later, a tall, handsome man came in, dressed in branded clothes yet still appeared somewhat sloppy.

“Lil’ Chen, I’m here!” The moment he walked through the door, he shouted at the top of his lungs. “Where’s the patient?!”

Jing Yichen came out from the room, his expression cold. “If you scream any louder, I’ll throw you out in the next second.”

Mu Qing promptly threw his dignity and integrity into the fire, quickly responded submissively: “Nonono! I was wrong; I was wrong, your esteemed Young Master Jing! Don’t throw me out, please! My grandpa’s still waiting for you to fund our hospital! I have to cling onto your thigh or else, the ol’ man will force me to marry that ugly girl from the Yang family!”

As he pleaded, he was literally about to throw himself over to hug onto Jing Yichen’s thigh.

Jing Yichen had long since been accustomed to his idiosyncrasy, so his eyelid didn’t even twitch when he listened to Mu Qing. Instead, he bluntly walked in the direction of Shangguan Ning’s room.

Mu Qing laughed cheekily before promptly following after Jing Yichen.

As soon as he saw Shangguan Ning resting within the room, he was stupefied on the spot. And it was only after a good did he rubbed his eyes, but seeing the person lying on the bed was still there, he finally confirmed that it wasn’t his hallucination.

Mu Qing was agape and tongue-tied, pointing at Shangguan Ning lying on the bed. “Your woman?”

“Not yet.” Jing Yichen appeared tranquil with no intention of wanting to give an explanation whatsoever.

“Did the sun rise from the West today?!”

“Go examine her!”

Seeing that Jing Yichen was about to flip again, Mu Qing quickly suppress the raging fire of gossip that ignited in his heart.

He simply felt Shangguan Ning’s pulse, pried open her eyelids for a look, and nodding in Jing Yichen’s direction.

Mu QIng’s movements were gentle, ergo, Shangguan Ning only knitted her brows slightly but didn’t wake up. She then almost instantly yet smoothly fell back to sleep.

Only after following Mu QIng out and sitting down in the living room, did Jing Yichen began asking. “So?”

Mu Qing endured again and again, but he still couldn’t hold it in. “Pretty is pretty, but you can find women prettier than her. How can you be this quick to offer yourself up like this?”

“I’ll give your grandpa a call right now saying that you’re willing to marry the eldest Miss from the Yang family.”

“For God’s sake, I’ll talk alright?!” The eldest Miss of the Yang family was practically Mu Qing’s nightmare, he didn’t dare to joke about this — not at all.

“Your woman lost a lot of blood and adding onto the injuries on her body; I reckon she’ll need three to five days of rest. The injuries on her body aren’t much of a bother, but you’ll need to be more attentive to the one on the head. Don’t let it touch water — better yet, just forget about the mandarin duck baths[1] or whatever for the next few days.”

“Although the foundation of her body is pretty good, I’ll prescribe some medicine for her, apply them externally as well as take it orally. She’ll be alive and kicking after resting for ten days to half a month. When that time comes, it wouldn’t be too late for you to have her turn from a girl into a woman.”

He could point out Shangguan Ning’s condition to the dot based solely on her pulse, he could even tell whether or not she was still a virgin. If an outsider were to witness this, they would undoubtedly be gobsmacked.

Notwithstanding, Jing Yichen only nodded his head as if it was nothing special.

Mu Qing came from an influential family that focused on traditional Chinese medical science. Old Master Mu is renowned Sino-foreign old Eastern doctor. Not only is his understanding of Chinese medicine first-rate, but he had also traveled to various Western countries when he was younger and had Western medicine studied to perfection. With Eastern and Western medicine combined, he had brought countless people back from the hands of Death.

The name “Magic Hand” resonated in the North and the South. The number of people that come seeking help every day were too many to count.

The Mu family established a private hospital — the Mu Hospital. It was built from the ground up single-handed by the Old Master. The people from the Mu family prospered, but Mu Qing was the most outstanding doctor among the younger generation.

He had learned medicine from the Old Master since young. Not only did his innate talent surpassed others, but he was also very much infatuated with medicine. The current, thirty-one years old, him has already carried his grandfather’s mantle. Each and every dubious or hard-to-treat cases that were placed in his hand wouldn’t be cases at all. As for small injuries like Shangguan Ning’s, he could treat it with his eyes closed.

It was because of this that Jing Yichen called him over. It was an emergency yesterday, he was afraid that heading over to the Mu family to pick up Mu Qing would waste time, so he directly brought over Jingsheng Corporation’s medical team.

Mu Qing was a genius since little, he only needed read the medical books — that other people had splitting headaches over — once, and he could already commit it to memory. It was because of this that he freed up a lot of time to have fun, but then he realized after he grew up that there was absolutely nothing fun for him to do anymore. All he had were heavy burdens and responsibilities.

Thus, the biggest entertainment in his life was gossip.

So Jing Yichen who had always keep a distance from the other gender, adding in an extremely weak beauty who had been racked with misleading injuries led to the equation of Mu Qing unable to contain his curiosity no matter what.

“Big Brother Jing…” Mu Qing’s eyes narrowed into slits as he spoke with a tender, loving child’s voice.

His address had Jing Yichen frightened to the point of that his eyelids twitched, almost choking himself with the tea that entered his throat.  

“Big Brother Yichen…”

“Someone come, have Young Master Mu send to the Mu Hospital!! Tell the Old Master that his grandson has a serious illness!”

“Jing Yichen,” Mu Qing instantly returned to normal and began to righteously denounced the other. “This doctor traveled thousands of miles to examine your woman, and this is how you treat me? Never mind that you don’t know how to be grateful, but what’s with biting the hand that fed you? Where is your integrity?!”


[1]鸳鸯浴: Those baths that (married) couples take together.

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