Black Bellied President Chapter 44

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44 —- Carried Home By Him

Shangguan Ning knew that the mother-daughter duo wasn’t really here to check up on her. She was not at all upset after watching them swagger off. It was already a hard task for them not to directly start scolding her, but fake a smile today.

She put the pastries Lin Yu brought her into the fridge. She was just about to return to her bedroom to sleep when she suddenly noticed that her cousin’s Louis Vuitton bag had been left on the couch.

She immediately reached for the delicate handbag, grabbed her keys, and chased after them.

If she didn’t return the bag to Huang Xinyi tonight, she would certainly accuse her of stealing her purse tomorrow.

Shangguan Ning rode the elevator to the first floor and realized that there was no trace of the two. She immediately raced to the lower level parking lot.

When she saw that the brand new BMW was still there, she released the breath she was holding.

She passed the handbag into the car and spoke in a calm voice: “Cousin forgot her purse.”

As Lin Yu noticed that her daughter’s face had stiffened, flames seemed to shoot out of her eyes. She hurriedly nudged her arm, hinting at her to fake a response.

She clearly came to an agreement with her daughter at home, but she couldn’t even endure it for a minute.

A fake smile piled up on her face as she accepted the handbag for Huang Xinyi: “Aiya, she’s always so forgetful, when will she fix this flaw! Thank you Lil’ Ning. It’s cold outside, would you like to come sit in the car for a bit?”

Before Shangguan Ning could decline, Huang Xinyi started to shriek: “You’re not allowed to come in! Don’t even think about sitting in my car, it’s best if you freeze to death!”

Lin Yi immediately covered her daughter’s mouth, her tone was exceptionally polite: “Lil’ Ning, um….your cousin isn’t very sensible. I will apologize to you for her, don’t take it to heart. Her arm is still hurting. You’re the older sister, just be a bit more generous…..”

She talked endlessly without getting to the point. Huang Xinyi was unexpectedly quiet, no longer creating a disturbance.

Shangguan Ning’s doubts and suspicions grew and she slowly lost her patience.

It was extremely gloomy and cold in the underground parking lot. She only wore a nightgown and jacket before coming out, she had long been completely frozen.

“It’s already very late, aunt and cousin should get back.” Shangguan Ning hugged her arms as she responded faintly with a sentence. She waited until they drove away before she started walking back.

But when she reached her home and pulled out her keys to open the door, she suddenly realized that she couldn’t open the door!

She observed carefully, the lock was new!

Somebody had changed her lock while she left!

In a split second, Shangguan Ning understood everything.

Turns out that the purpose of her aunt and cousin’s visit was for this.

No wonder her cousin, who was never without a bag, had left her purse behind. No wonder she felt that her aunt was continuously stalling for time. No wonder her cousin for so quiet in the end!

How could they be so ruthless!

She repeatedly endured and accommodated them, but all she received was an even crazier retaliation from them.

Shangguan Ning’s entire body was trembling in anger. The irritation and bitterness in her heart had engulfed her, making her grieve and shed tears.

Didn’t her aunt want this house? Alright, she’ll refuse to give it! From now on, she won’t act courteous whenever her uncle gives her something. They’re so ruthless, then she’ll be even more ruthless than them!

But what about now?

She leaned against the ice-cold wall with disappointment, hugging her knees as she squatted.

So cold, so cold, her entire body had been frozen solid. The wound on the back of her head had only started recovering in the past two days but she had already come in contact with cold chills, which made the injury start to ache dully again.

What should she do? If she waited outside tonight, she would definitely get sick tomorrow.

Tomorrow was her first day at work, she couldn’t be late, and she certainly couldn’t be absent.

Her wallet, phone, and car keys were all locked in the house!

She couldn’t go anywhere. Was she going to freeze outside today?

What to do……

When Jing Yichen exited the elevator on the sixth floor, he saw Shangguan Ning hugging her knees as she curled up in the corner of the hallway.

He felt a wave of bitter pain in his heart.

He took big steps towards the weak figure, wanting to embrace her in his arms, never allowing her to be harmed again.

In the pitch-black, quiet corridor, the “ding” sound of the elevator caused the sound-controlled lights to automatically turn on.

Shangguan Ning followed the light and looked over towards the end of the hallway.

In the soft and warm light, a tall and straight silhouette headed towards her step by step. The sound-controlled lights in the corridor followed his steps as he approached. One lamp at a time started shining brightly over his head, shining all the way to her heart.

She looked like the hopeless, helpless, suffering Cinderella in the dark. The tall and handsome prince suddenly appeared, slowly drawing near her, bringing her warmth and light.

“Why are you here?” There was a strong nasal sound in Shangguan Ning’s voice to the extent that she sounded like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

Jing Yichen didn’t speak. With a cold expression, he took off his coat and wrapped it around her.

“Thank you, I….ah…..”

Shangguan NIng wasn’t finished. She cried out in alarm because her body suddenly rose into the air.

Jing Yichen picked her up and carried her horizontally. Without saying a word, he began walking towards the elevator.

His face was expressionless, but his entire body was giving off an ice-cold aura, colder than she had ever seen before.

She instinctively thought that he was furious, but she had no idea why he was angry. Without any better option, she nested in his arms obediently, quietly, and motionless.

His embrace was very warm, giving her an unprecedented sense of safety. Despite his stony expression, she still believed that there was some tenderness in him.

A corner of her already frozen heart began to thaw silently.

Jing Yichen looked at her adorable and peaceful appearance in his arms, the anger in his heart became heavier.

Why was she so naive, always resigning herself to adversity, always considering so much for others, yet never thinking for herself!

Oh how he wished that she was capable of being more selfish and loving herself more!

If he hadn’t sent people to follow her secretly, take care of her, and if he hadn’t immediately arrived after receiving A Hu’s news, would she have shriveled up in the corner, wearing a thin nightgown, for the entire night?!

Even with his topcoat in between, he could still feel that her body was as cold as an ice cube. Frozen to this point, why didn’t she go upstairs to find him?!

Didn’t he say that she could find him if she had any problems?!

Even if he wasn’t at home, the servants in the house would still let her in. They would also take care of her properly.

Was he really not worth trusting?

The rage in Jing Yichen’s heart ascended, his expression became increasingly colder.

He initially wanted to grow their relations slowly. He wanted to let her experience the romantic love story that other girls went through. After the two of them fell in love genuinely, they would get married.

However, it seemed that this plan needed to be altered completely.

He didn’t want her to suffer a bit of harm, no matter who it was! She was silly and soft-hearted. Staying by his side was the only way to ensure that nobody would hurt her.

Shangguan Ning watched as Jing Yichen’s complexion turned colder. She wanted to ask him how he knew that she couldn’t return home, but she swallowed back the words. She allowed him to carry her to the twenty-seventh floor and into his bedroom.

She thought that he would throw her down randomly, but she didn’t expect him to set her down on the bed carefully. His slender, strong hands took off her shoes and held onto her thin legs, stuffing them under the covers.

His look was ice-cold, his face was apathetic, but his movements were very heartwarming, he was afraid of hurting her.

Others had already given her enough pain. He won’t add onto her injuries.

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