Black Bellied President Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 — Choosing to Sacrifice Her Again

Shangguan Ning was rooted on the spot upon hearing this, and a loud bang went off in her mind which was immediately followed by anger.

She was clearly the victim here, but how did things turn out this way?! It was no wonder that the school wanted to fire her!

Despite this, she could only be angry because she knew that the Chairman wouldn’t play tricks about this. It was definitely the work of the person behind Guo Shuai.

“Chairman, there’s a misunderstanding, I absolutely did not — ”

“Enough,” The Chairman brusquely cut her off before she could even finish. “You don’t have to explain. Your matter has brought a very bad influence to the school, but Deputy Mayor Shangguan already had it under control for you — the due compensation that ought to be paid has already been compensated on your behalf, there won’t be anything leaked into the newspaper, and the school won’t be needing you to compensate for the losses as well, so you’re on your own!”

Shangguan was both shocked and furious when she heard ‘Deputy Mayor Shangguan’. What does he mean ‘under control’? What does he mean ‘compensated on her behalf’?!

Although she hasn’t found out who it was that hired those people to frame her,  she believed that as long as she diligently goes to confront them, it wouldn’t take long to catch a mistake. If they were going to say she was seducing others, they should at least have the evidence to prove it!

Since she had started teaching at X University, the number of times she had talked to a male alone could be counted with two hands — where did the seducing part come from?!

Her father basically didn’t care for Shangguan Ning’s reputation. What he was afraid was that the incident might influence his government office position when it spreads, that is all.

Therefore, he hastily had the incident suppressed under control. As long as it could patch things up, he didn’t care who was in the right and who was in wrong.

Even though, he has the power to investigate the incident clearly, the probability that this event will push the Shangguan family into the eye of the storm is not small.

He was the Deputy Mayor and would be running for Mayor very soon, so he couldn’t afford to have even the slightest mishaps.

For the sake of his future prospects, he chose to sacrifice her once again.

Shangguan’s heart chilled as if it was immersed in ice-cold water. It was only after a moment that she calmed down and spoke hoarsely: “Chairman, let’s first set my affair aside. Why was Professor Zhao Anan dismissed? She was only rescuing me at that time; she didn’t intentionally harm the student. Moreover, that student definitely had a problem.”

Her?” The Chairman didn’t know that Zhao Anan was listening on the other side, so having heard what was said, there wasn’t a trace of politeness in his response. “With her attitude of a gangster all day long and not showing a hint of attitude as a teacher, the school has long since been dissatisfied with her! We’re done. I’m occupied on this side, so I don’t have the time to listen to your nonsense!”

The call ended with a — ‘bang!’ — which stuffed the words that Shangguan Ning still wanted to say back down her throat.

Zhao Anan was already gnashing her teeth in fury as she suddenly stood up. “I’m going to look for my brother, they’re too much of a bully!”

“Don’t, Anan,” Shangguan Ning pulled her to a stop. “Don’t go. This is my affair. I can settle it by myself..”

Zhao Anan hesitated. Although she has a carefree personality,  that doesn’t mean she was stupid. Just through a word or two of the Chairman, she could surmise that Deputy Mayor Shangguan was Shangguan Ning’s father. After all, the surname Shangguan was just too uncommon.

However, what did her father do? Could it be that he didn’t know that the victim was his own daughter?

Shangguan Ning knew that Zhao Anan should’ve guessed from this. To tell truth, she hadn’t wanted to hide anything, but it was that she would rather not have this kind of father. Since she was little, she has never received paternal love. What she did receive was only harm and exploitation.

She was honestly an idiot for actually still having the delusion that he would see her as his daughter at the bottom of his heart. She didn’t expect that he was still as cold-blooded as before.

Was her mother, who had loved him deeply that time, harmed just as deep by him as well? Was it only then that she had used the most bitter way to end her very own life?

Ever since she left the country, she has never returned back. To her, that place basically wasn’t her home — because ever since her mother died, she no longer had a home.

Shangguan Ning took in a deep breath, stabilizing her sorrowful emotions.

Seeing Zhao Anan’s indignant look, she was rather moved. Her, Shangguan Ning’s, life couldn’t be considered as an utter failure, at least, she still has this one good friend who stayed by her side.

She put down the phone and tightly held onto Zhao Anan’s hand, her voice apologetic. “It was all because of me that you got involved, otherwise, you would’ve been the one to fry the school’s squid[1].”

“Don’t blame yourself, Ah Ning. It has nothing to do with you. You heard it too, didn’t you? I have long been unpleasant to their eyes. I didn’t like to stay in that kind of prison anyway, so this is perfect. I can wholeheartedly  focus on running my Western-style restaurant.”

The two of them talked for a bit, and because Zhao Anan only recently started her business, there were still many things that she has to do, so she had to leave in a rush after getting several continuous phone calls.

Shangguan Ning’s body and mind were both very tired, so she unknowingly fell asleep.

Jing Yichen went in and looked at her before quickly leaving again.

“Ah Hu, did that surnamed Guo died already?”

“Nope still has one breath.” Ah Hu simply replied.

“Don’t let him die, yet,” Jing Yichen’s expression was ice-cold, matching the ruthlessly decisive tone of his. “We still can’t let anything happen to him at this time. Send him back and watch him closely. It’ll only do if he lived a life worse than death.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ah Hu answered before leaving.

After instructing him, Jing Yichen made a few more calls before starting to deal with the  business in his hand. There was still a week before he formally inherits Jingsheng Corporation, there were many things that he needed to attend to.

He was supposed to go meet with a few of Jingsheng Corporation’s big stockholders today, but with Shangguan Ning here, he strangely didn’t want to go out; therefore, they were all pushed to a later time.

Shangguan Ning slept until the evening, and when she woke up, her mentality felt much better — her body wasn’t as tired as before.

The effect of Mu Qing’s medicine was indeed very good.

She got up from the bed, heading for the living room downstairs. 

The surface area of this villa of Jing Yichen’s was extremely wide. There was a total of three floors, the interior was low-key yet lavish and has a wide-open field view with a beautiful scenery. 

Because it was closing into the nightfall, the bright red afterglow passed through the window and showered into the villa. There was a feeling of dreamlike beauty to it.

At the moment, there was only Aunt Wang and a cook within the villa. The cook was currently busying himself with making dinner while Aunt Wang was attentively wiping the white mark dining table in the living room and placing on it a vase of elegant and pure white orchid flowers.

Seeing Shangguan Ning coming down from the second floor, Aunt Want offered her a caring smile. “Miss Shangguan, why didn’t you rest a bit more? I would’ve delivered dinner up to you after it’s done.”

“There’s no need for that trouble,” Shangguan Ning returned Aunt Wang with a faint smile. “I’m already a lot better, not as delicate as before.”

“The Young Master said that if you feel bored, you can tour around the villa. Usually, the Young Master would very rarely bring someone here, but there’s a lot of interesting things to look at in the villa.”

However, Shangguan didn’t have the least bit intention of touring the villa. What she wanted right now was to leave and go to that ice-cold home to demand an explanation.

“Aunt Wang, where’s your family’s Young Master? I’m afraid I won’t be able to stay for dinner because I have something to do, so you don’t need to prepare my proportion. I’ll have to trouble you thank him for his hospitality for me.”

Aunt Wang was startled and hastily went forth to stop Shangguan Ning when she was about to leave. “Miss Shangguan, my family’s Young Master is in the study upstairs right now, why don’t you go personally to express your thanks and bid him goodbye?”

You must be joking, the Young Master very obviously placed on the girl in front of her in his heart. She wouldn’t dare to act on her own initiatives and let the person leave just like that.


[1]炒学校鱿鱼: (Colloquial Expression) To sack the school. The common one is 炒鱿鱼, which is directly translated to ‘fried squid’ but it means to fire someone.

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  1. Heh, Dark Emperor Husband isn’t going to let this go. He’s moving in the shadows, ready to destroy whoever bullies his wife. Old Man Shangguan, sorry to tell you, but… “omae wa mou shindeiru”.
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